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Sparky the chu - Official ref sheet 2018 By Sparky_the_chu -- Report

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Well, it's finally here. This is a very important upload, as it signals a sort of fresh start, not only for my fursona, but also for me as I walk into this year with the goal to take very important steps in many fields of my life.

So yeah! New Sparky the chu! I thought about doing this for a long while and only in the last months I managed to find the right way I wanted to follow for a total overhaul of the Pikachu who carried my furry life for more than one decade now.

This new design pretty much represents how my style has evolved through the years, as well as what I learned on character design, as I wanted to go for a look that had more of a "main character" vibe and also made Sparky a bit more playful-looking and simpler, yet more striking than the old design was.

I admittedly am very nervous as I don't know how people will take this sudden change, but I also look forward to see what you all will think about it as well as all the things I'll be able to do with this new fursona design.

This new year I'll try to spread myself around with art, try to furtherly improve my work situation as well as getting more organized and less afraid to show off what I can do. it's also why I decided to open my twitter to the public, in hopes to be a bigger part of both the macro/micro and vore community, now that I also can draw my own art again. I feel like I found a new kind of energy and I hope you all will look forward to what I have in store and you can help me to improve furtherly ^^

Feel free to comment or ask any question and also make sure to follow me on twitter if you haven't already, as it's where I update people on what I may be doing more often:

I also ask you to consider tipping even just one dollar to my patreon as every little bit will help me to be able to draw more often, be more of a job:

Hopefully in the next months I'll overhaul the whole Patreon page so it has a better design too X3

And one last thing: thank you so much for supporting me this long. It's something I'm always grateful, every single day. This community really pulled me out of a dark place and more recently it really helped me to slowly make it out of a financial crisis, so I couldn't be happier to be part of it. Thank you again, love you all <3

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Posted by DireZyre 3 years ago Report

AAAAAAAAH anthro chu so cute!~


Posted by CarnivorousVixen 3 years ago Report

I wanna stick my tongue in that sheath and lick around


Posted by Gelus 3 years ago Report

So nice, I had to fav it twice.


Posted by thatoneguyintheback 3 years ago Report

I love him! Don't be nervous at all ^^


Posted by DirtyMac 3 years ago Report

Ain't he a cutie? X3


Posted by Kaheiyattsu 3 years ago Report

Eeeeeeeat meeeeeeeeee chuuuuu


Posted by blackwolf09 3 years ago Report

That is one sexy chu


Posted by lonelypaintbucket 3 years ago Report

oh my gosh what a cutie patootie <3 i would love to massage those paws of his


Posted by deathkingofthedead10 1 year ago Report

i know this sounds weird, but can i use the feral form from this reference sheet to make a fan made yu-gi-oh card? I'm just wanting to use it for roleplaying, nonprofit of course. If i can't, then how much would a commission be for an artwork for a fan made yu-gi-oh card (Not sexy or with any vore, of course. Just want a cute artwork for that. Specifically with the feral form being 100ft Tall in the design)?


Posted by Sparky_the_chu 1 year ago Report

Mmh, regarding commissions unluckily my queue is currently full, but I should clear a few slots within one month!


Posted by Sparky_the_chu 1 year ago Report

Oh, and the price would depend by the level of quality you seek. Like, for example, I'm assuming you'd want an inked pic, but regarding colors, were you seeking flat colors (like above) or full shading ?


Posted by deathkingofthedead10 1 year ago Report

Flat colors. I'll just wait then. Thanks


Posted by deathkingofthedead10 1 year ago Report

can you please message me when you are able to take commissions?


Posted by deathkingofthedead10 1 year ago Report

Any luck on commissions slots? Will there be room in a few months or so?


Posted by furadict 5 months ago Report

wanna be smooshed under his fluffy balls :3