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Sonya and Sam By dokudoku -- Report

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So I recently collabbed a pair of characters with  Spen1045. the idea was simple, make a cuck couple for all kinds of lewds to be made and drawn when I have the time or if a commissions ever lead to something.

The following is their bio, as written by  Spen1045.

Sonya Conner is a teacher who has quite the reputation surrounding her and more than a few rumors as well. She's the talk of the town, but only from gossip. Her many titles include "the virgin killer", "the nymph" and "the town bike", yet everyone knows her as Mrs. Conner, the wife of Sam Conner.

Sam works at an accounting firm. He met Sonya after posting a single's ad and got a tall, thick lioness as his first response titled "come to mama <3". They have been in a relationship for quite some time, but to call it a marriage would be a stretch at best.

The two began a very sexually rampant relationship that continues to this day. However, it was established very early on that Sam was less a lover and more a pet to Sonya, even after they tied the knot. To Sonya that meant that their relationship wasn't going to be exclusive to just themselves, especially for her.

What makes Sonya and Sam's relationship the subject of so much gossip is Sonya's rather promiscuous behavior and Sam's acceptance of it. She makes it clear she's married, yet she is all too happy to have as much sex as she pleases with anyone that suits her fancy. While Sam may be her husband, the term is simply a title they both accept as a technicality.

Sam himself has gained a few titles for himself as well. "Cuck" and "pussy whipped faun boy" are just a couple of the many he's earned. Though the more technical title for him would be a swinger since he has indulged in his own extra marital affairs from time to time, all to Sonya's amusement. However, such things are few and far in between and frankly, Sam likes the idea of being a cuckold, though he'll never fully admit to it.

Ultimately, Sam and Sonya's relationship is an odd one to say the least. A shy, timid and submissive faun getting together with a seductive, assertive and unapologetic lioness is one thing. However, a couple where the husband is no stranger to being cucked makes for many an interesting story and situation for both husband and wife.

Sonya and Sam belong to me and  Spen1045

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Posted by RexLou 2 years ago Report

I really like both the relationship and design of these two. Sonya looks so strong, large, and experienced with years of being a seductress under her belt, and Sam, while obviously an adult, looks small, submissive, and nearly girlish with his wide hips and small chest. They are a great contrast in appearance and personality, and seem like one of those worst but somehow perfect couples.


Posted by dokudoku 2 years ago Report

Thank you! I am glad they came off that way. It was what I was looking to show with the two.