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The Royal Masseur By Rothar -- Report

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He placed his hands gently against the the large female’s behind. He felt unsure about this, as he occasionally turned his head to look at the raptoress to make sure she was actually alright with this. After all, she had been laying with her rear exposed like this when he first entered and kept suggestively stroking her privates with her tail during the whole time he sat and tended for her feet. He was honored, that she had chosen him worthy of touching her like this, when he was first told he was going to be allowed to tend for the Pharao’s own sacred pet he felt his heart racing. He had only ever heard people talk about her before this, sitting next to the big man himself as was her duty after she had been sent by the gods to be his guardian spirit, protecting him from anyone wanting to cause her harm. She was unlike any creature he’s ever seen, her skin felt like that of the snakes that lived out in the dunes, her size was of that of an hippo, though granted. Not as fat. her body though was like nothing he’s ever seen. Sharp claws walking on 2 legs but hunched over, with 2 arms at front.
His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the raptoress moving upfront, as she had turned her head to look over her side at the man by her hind, probably wondering why he stopped.

He couldn’t dare to look her in the eyes, instead he turned his head forward to look at her rear. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves, as he then proceeded to move his hands over to her tailhole, placing his hands on either side of the hole, not wasting any time he dug the thumb from his left hand into the ring of muscles, shortly followed by the index and middle finger from his right hand. By this point she’d begun purring, obviously seeming to enjoy it. After having dug all 3 fingers in good he began to pull them towards each side, to his surprise her butt was surprisingly stretchy, and he needed little to no effort to spread it. The second he spread her butt open he was hit with the strong, almost intoxicating musky scent of her innards, before he knew it he already had his face buried in those warm moist folds. He quickly pulled back, as he feared he might have upset her highness, but just as he pulled back he felt something bump into the back of his head. When he turned around to check what it was he saw that it was her tail, bent over and being only only inches away from him, it soon began to gently pushed itself against his head as he looked at it as it hover in front of him, he soon realised that it was gesturing for him to get his face back against her spread tailhole “So she do like it” he thought to himself. Not wanting to disobey her he placed his head back down against the tailhole, licking at the innards as he dug his hands further in, and as he did her butt only widen. He managed to fit his whole arm inside of her without any trouble, yet.. he felt like he wanted to go deeper.
Surely it won’t harm if I reach in just a little bit further. Right?

The work as a royal masseur is a very sought-after job in the palace, considering you get to serve such a higher worth being. Luckily the position is often open since they all seem to vanish almost as fast as they get hired.
The fact that Ciara has been gaining weight since the disappearances started is merely coincidental.
- - - - - - - - - -
This is a commission from the artist Kanevex on Furaffinity:
I've been holding off from posting it here since vore is only implied.

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Posted by JacktheDragon 1 year ago Report

I gotta say this is a wonderful piece of art.

Also great story too.


Posted by MirceaKitsune 1 year ago Report

Oh wow... what a view :o