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Far off in the woods surronding the movie set a seductive and cunning predator leered over her hunting grounds.
   She watched from the treelines salivating heavily it was like an all you can eat buffet.
 An abundance of busty and pregnant female humans all ripe for the taking.
  The beautiful busty she-wolf licked her lips in eager preperation for the feast to come.
   Oh this was going to be soo much fun!!!!
   If one looked at the female lycan from a distance one wouldn't think that she was the voracious predator that she actually was. At a glance one would think the massive meloned wolf was a goddess of love and lust in the living flesh. It was this same body that was both her greatsest attribute and weapon, she looked good and she knew it many had fallen victim to her charms and satisfied her hunger (both types of hunger) all throughout her life.
  She was of Amazonian height over 7' feet 2 inches tall and curvy and voluptous with a time-stalling hourglass figure. A goddess like body supported by thick and toned yet juicy legs ending in soft yet strong paws.
 Her fur was a light reddish orange color her underbelly ,paws and face having a lighter tan hue.
 Sitting at the top of her tall and smooth legs, were two massive lobes that formed an insanely toned bubble butt. Right atop her ass was her long well groomed bushy tail. Her midsection was soft and sexy just a hint of a gut and love handles meant to be manhandled as a lucky male thrust into her. But her greatsest feature were the ones just above her waist and stomach.
   Rain-Moon carried on her chest, the two most obscene breasts anyone had ever seen. 
 Two enormous tan furred breasts ending in pink gumdrop nipples jutted from her torso.
 Her giant globes side to side as she walked, simultaneously bouncing up and down. The mere size of her tits concealed most of her torso, and men (and some women) would be mesmerized by them. They protruded out two feet in front of her, defying gravity and hanging high on het chest
  Her long silky hair magenta hued hair reached to her shoulder and middle back adding to her supernatural beauty. And she wore no clothing lest one count the spiked braclets on her ankles, wrist and neck. She raised her muzzle in the air and sniffed taking in the scent of the feast to come. Her yellow eyes widened in glee and she licked her lips hungrily.
  "This will be fun maybe some of those girls can add to my tits!"
  Just then a rustling in the forest caught the attention of her super-enhanced hearing. Her ear swiveled to the direction of the noise and her head turned to peer behind her. She wasn't alone.
     She turned and jogged towards the source of the noise sniffing the air trying to locate the unwanted visitors position.
     Suddenly she found where the sound and scent were coming from and she growled in frustration.
   Just then she leapt into the bushes at the intruder one that quickly reacted and fought back.
  Another werewolf.
          Rain-moon and the other wolf wrestled around for a while when suddenly the other lycan got the better of her and pinned her to the ground with her arms over her head.
   As he leered down on her and growled ferociously Rain-moon couldn't help but feel a tiny sense of arousal beneath all her fear never before had any wolf male or female gotten the better of her. This lycan was obviously very powerful.
  Said male stopped growling when he realized how stunningly beautiful the she-wolf was. "You're a female" he said in a deep baritone voice.
  His piercing yellow eyes hovered over her voluptuous body and her huge breast. She giggled smarmily in his grasp. "Gee glad you noticed" she said in her naturally seductive accent.
  They gazed into one anothers eyes for a long while before she shimmed her hips which were placed rather intimately between the males legs. "Gonna let me up or were you looking to have some fun?" She purred sultrily.
 He blushed but raised an eyebrow.
 "Hmm so thats what kind of predator she is: a seductive temptress, best I remain on my guard dealing with this one'. He thought to himself.
  He complied and removed his muscle toned body from her plump fully figured one.
  As Rain-moon moved her body away from his her eyes scanned over her fellow lycan. His fur was midnight black as opposed to her auburn toned fur. His fur was so dark that even with her natural enhanced vision she would have a hard time picking him out in the darkness, luckily the moonlight shined on him like a spotlight.
  He wore no shirt and his rock hard abs and chiseled pecs bulged underneath his fur. His arms were longed muscled and powerful looking. Various scars were scattered in select areas all over his body atest to his obvious strength and power. He'd clearly seen many battles. He wore a loincloth like pelvic curtain that covered his groin and hip area with a hole in the back for his long tuft tail which was a great deal less bushy than hers.
  This male was quite ...the eye candy.
 "Why did you attack me?" He snarled aggressively.
    "Ara ara calm down handsome I thought you were prey or a peeping tom a girl can't be too careful can she?"
    He said nothing but growled softly.
   "Got a name?" She asked.
   "Tyro" he answered
  "I'm Rain-moon" she replied.
  "Hello Rain-moon and goodbye" he said turning and swiftly walking into the brush.
  "Hey!" She exclaimed following after him.
   The busty she-wolf followed after her fellow lycan to the edge of the forrest where the area the humans were using for their movie set was.
     The male wolf sat on his haunches and stared off at the movie set in the distance.
  "Something on your mind?" She asked.
  "Yes the same thing on yours" he said "feeding"
  Rain-moon's eyes widened then narrowed "What, you intend to feast on those humans?" She asked.
      "As a matter of fact yes" he says without turning around.
    In the blink of an eye Rain-moon lunges at him and he reacts even quicker dodging her attack with an evasive leap of his own.
   Both wolves flash back their fangs rear their gums back aggressively.
  Rain-moon was now ready to fight she didn't care how handsome this male was or how strong he may be. Pregnant prey was rare and here was an abundance of pregnant females all in one place she was determined to gorge herself on all those human bimbos. She'd fight hard for the right to this once in a full-moon feast!
    "Look here most of those female humans are expecting and their at the peak of their pregnancy and their flavour!" She snarls.
    Suddenly he chuckles in an amused manner. "I'm well aware of that who do you think impregnated them?"
   Rain-moon stopped baring her fangs and her jaw drop in awe.
    "It was you?!" She said incredously "You knocked up those humans?"
   Tyro chuckled "You couldn't smell my lycan essence on them?"
   She blinked in surprise and then shook her head in awe and disbelief.
  "And what now, you plan to consume them all?" She asked.
    "Of course but I'm only digesting the the ones I don't intend to keep as mates" he replied with a wry smirk.
   "How many did you impregnate?" Rain-Moon questioned.
  "More than a couple" he responded in reticent tone.
 "Can't spare a few?" She asked "A girls gotta eat too"
   "Then find your own prey" he said "Nothing worse than a scavenger".
   Rain-moon sighed and shook her head. "Males, born with no natural inclination to share".
 "Please don't bore me with your misinformed misandry" Tyro said with a chuckle "Or have you no respect for the rule of the hunt?"
   "Oh I've respect for the code of the predator handsome" the busty she-wolf said. "I'm just disappointed you won't take me up on a little wager".
  "Wager?" Tyro parroted raising an eyebrow in curiosity he was never one to refuse an honest
      "Thats what I said" She stated with a mischievous smile.
   "What did you have in mind?" He asked.
    "A little game of cat and mouse with your little breeding harem" she said." A scavenger hunt if you will"
  Tyro merely raised his eyebrow again.
  " I wager than I can stomach more girls than you before midnight tonight" Rain-moon
    Tyro grinned toothily before licking his lips "Mmmmm I must say Rain-moon you've piqued my interest, very well then I accept your challenge" he replied
   "Excellent!" She exclaimed with a toothy grin of her own
    "So tell me gorgeous, what spoils will the winner collect?" He inquired.
  "Winner gets the loser HOWEVER they want!' She exclaims licking her lips.
   Tyro stood up on four legs "Very well then we have an accord" he gazed up at the radiant full moon. "Its the 9th hour of the night, meaning we have 3 hours til midnight should be plenty of time wouldn't you agree?" He said.
  "I do agree" she said with a nod
  "Very well then Rain-moon I shall you again at midnight"
   With that the male wolf sped into the bush leaving behind a grinning she-wolf.
 "Piece of cake!" She said giggling
  'That fool took the bait hook line and sinker!' She thought to herself.
  Now not only would she get to feast on an abundance of pregnant prey she'd get the male who inseminated them as well.
  It was such a pity he really was quite handsome maybe he would make for a good lay... before he made a goof snack..
   As Tyro ran off he couldn't contain his laughter. "She truly thinks she has me in a trick bag" he said to himself. But he was no fool he hadn't been born yesterday. The one thing Rain-moon didn't know was that he's already marked the females he planned to keep and one of then was going to assist him in the capture of the others. She had been such a good servant she would have to rewarded appropriately.
    As Tyro neared a door to the movie studio he caught the scent of chlorine and heated spring water there was a jacuzzi nearby.
  The door was locked but that didn't matter to a werewolf with the strength of 50 Olympic weightlifters. Tyro simply snatched the door out its frame and tossed it into the woods. Before he entered he decided to shift into his human form hiding in plain sight was crucial to success. Besides none of is baby mamas had seen his wolf form yet. No need to frighten them prematurely, although he would likely be mistaken for an actor in a costume for the movie he could not afford to take the chance too much was at stake.
       As Tyro entered the building she heard the sound of someone walking and talking on a cell phone, he quickly hid inside a closet just in time to a busty and curvy female human with green hair and a pink bikini walk by towards to jacuzzi. Tyro had fucked this one yet but opportunity had just presented itself. As she turned the corner he exited his hiding spot and licked his lips.
 "Yummy yum yum, first catch of the day" he said. Letting his instincts guide he dashed away from the closet determined to find a scenic route to the jacuzzi before his prey did.
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