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Salvation for the Vorish Sinner[SoftVore] By ijp290

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This story captures the marriage ritual and mating procedures employed by the Marra, a dinosaur-like creature collaboratively imagined by myself and God during the Rick and Morty-like fantasy adventures we've shared throughout most of my life. They're my babies, and are very precious to me, so please be respectful and take these ideas for yourself. If you want to use them, you'll have to cut me in at the very least, since they are my copyrighted IP--though if you're wanting to make artwork or write stories not for profit, I only ask that you consult me for accuracy in your portrayal.


This story is meant to capture the Marra mating process from the marriage ceremony through to the egg laying. It's easily their most unique feature, one that I'm quite thrilled with to say the least!

Like hydrogen atoms fusing into helium in the Sun's firey core, Marra mate by fusing together through Vore. Their fusion changes the resulting parent physically, psychologically, and spiritually, while also yielding 7-8 fertile eggs.

Marra are the joint property of me and God, whose input and inspiration was essential in crafting the species and their world. (Thanks for the help, God; Love you forever.)

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Posted by Eldachoon 8 months ago

Quite an interesting and enthralling read. If I may offer one suggestion the opening prologue provides something of a terminology overload. It was hard to take in all the info necessary to understand what was going on on every level.

In concept however, this was an intriguing bread with a refreshing take on the idea of permanent digestion.


Posted by ijp290 8 months ago

Any specific terms that I could definitely for you?

Thanks for the feedback! There's a lot in the world I've built which is hard to convey, and I really didn't intend to give much of a buildup to establish context; I just wanted to record my design for how the Marra mate.


Posted by Eldachoon 8 months ago

The most consistently returning one was parallel. I worked out from context it was comparable from talking, but It wasn't quite clear what's different about it.

I do think you should do more with this setting. I always like to encourage things I see potential in.


Posted by ijp290 7 months ago

Parallel is a form of digital telepathy that carries intentions, thoughts, and memories concurrently with the singing of the individual Marra. It's an aspect of their pseudo-hivemind nature. there's no singular entity over the Hive, but each Marra's consciousness mingles selectively through the use of Parallel, and through an internet-like construct called the ENIC. In the ENIC, each Marra is like an individual web server.