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Greetings. I'm a guy that likes specific things and isn't afraid to put in some work to make those things if no one else will.

I prefer non-human, no reformation and a strong setting and plot.

As of right now. I'm writing stories based on what I feel like, though as long as I can see people are watching I do intend to keep doing this.

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Redgaze slammed a claw on her desk.

How could her brother have been so idiotic? So careless? She had been scrambling all day to build a case for his defence. She had hoped to get at least a day or two. But now the idiot had already gotten himself caught.

She had noticed immediately what her brother was holding when he arrived that morning. Her eyes were experienced at tracking what people were holding behind their back… The

“Can you believe it Moon?” The white dragon spoke up. Sundown and Moonrise had spent the day in a state of subdued shock so far. Their dear half brother dead… And now his elder sibling likely to be the perpetrator.

“I cannot Sun. Not at all.” Moonrise answered. “Steel’s an idiot, a brute and a drunkard. But he loved his brother too much to ever even consider doing such a thing… I’m telling you. There’s

Lady Stormruler laid alone in her quarters. The cushions, sized for two dragons her size, felt oversized for her alone. Her anger had subsided, replaced by a hollow sadness. First her husband. Now her youngest… How many more before this terrible time had ran its course.

She felt a squirming in her stomach. One of the wyverns was moving again. Stormruler wondered if she had chosen well in making the punishment for their failure swift and ruthless. It h

Tenderfoot looked around the dinner table. Things were tense. Lady Stormruler was away in her chambers. The twins were tensely keeping to themselves. Steelclaw was busying himself with martial training in the courtyard. Seemed he needed to blow off some steam. Tenderfoot wasn’t quite sure where Redgaze had wandered off to. Not anywhere in the palace she knew how to reach. A secret room perhaps? It seemed like something the councilor would have. A little corner of the palace all to herself.

Steelclaw rose from his slumber uneasily. Last night had not gone as smoothly as he remembered. Mother and siblings refusing to commit to a favoured claimant, the bastard walking around like she had any right to be here. He had given up on trying to curry favour pretty early into dinner. Instead demanding a generous stream of wines.

Dragons were quite resilient creatures, but even they had their limits. The hangover from several barrels worth of wine was one such

Redgaze was perched on her estate’s roost. She was a red dragon like her mother. Wings and chest decorated with jewelry from all over the world. A goblet of wine in her hand. She was considering the past few months. Her father, found in his chambers. The court physicians were stumped. He had been as healthy as he’d ever been. No signs of illness in the court.

She had been her father’s chancellor for long enough to recognise foul play when she s

Whispers in the darkness. Silence. A wispy disembodied feeling.

I feel like I’m dreaming. My body is but a faint wisp. My eyes are heavy… But I have some shred of instinct left. A sense I could wake up in a body if I tried hard enough.

I crawl my way up from the dream. My body has a sudden weight to it. I open my eyes.

The world sounds extremely clear, and my eyes feel strange. I look

Stingray eats Mary.

Mary had always had somewhat of a gentle manner about her. She walked to the poolside calmly yet gracefully. Her dark blue swimsuit, though modestly cut, brought out her motherly aspects quite well. Her generous hips and voluptous breasts. And they also served to smooth over some of the things she was more self-concious about. Her chubbiness most of all.

Her husband told her almost daily she was good the way sh

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As with many on this site no doubt. I have an interest in RPGs. I've made an RPG server of my own. The focus is quite definitely on being an adventurer. Though I have defined a role in tbe rules for people that'd rather come play sideshow characters

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