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Greetings. I'm a guy that likes specific things and isn't afraid to put in some work to make those things if no one else will.

I prefer non-human, no reformation and a strong setting and plot.

As of right now. I'm writing stories based on what I feel like, though as long as I can see people are watching I do intend to keep doing this.

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The twins were in the middle of a spirited conversation about a man they both had an eye for. Not a shock at all for Lily. They had always been envious of one another. “Ladies. It’s your turn.” She spoke.

The twins looked up from their conversation with a grin. “They scarfed Gaerthe down that quickly? They must know we’re up next.” One of them remarked. Lily had long since given up trying to remember which of them was which. Th

Lillian drove up to the clubhouse. Up on a hill some distance out of town. She disliked driving for the carpool. But that would just have to be another annoyance in a week full of them.

"You ready girls? I heard they put some newcomers in the pool." She asked as she looked around. Her car was quite full today. Her friend Mary was in the passenger seat. The backseat saw a tomboyish redhead sitting somewhat uncomfortably between two shapely Latino tw

A boat docked at the small lizardfolk town of Choones. Like most lizardfolk villages. It consisted of many floating buildings. Made from wood and leaves and tied together with vines. Anything more fanciful would lack the buoyancy their dwellings required to achieve the unique free-floating state.
On the boat was a party of adventurers returning from their latest grand adventure. “Arra. You sure you don't want to come celebrate in town with us?” The group's draconian bard as

Snake visitor eager to tour the dyeworks
Establish dyeworks. Process of both normal and luxury dyes.
Introduce the ‘main ingredients’
Go trough the process of processing the dyes
Not all dwellers of the jungle were hunters and foragers. Some created the famed luxury goods that foreign merchants traded their exotic goods for. Lizards and their pearls. Lynxes had Furs, Monkeys had Silks, and Luna moths… They had luxurious and high-quality dyes.
The moth cl

Stardate 11th of march. 2215?
Amelia looked at her watch annoyedly. The aliens she was supposed to meet with were late. She checked her papers again to occupy her mind while she waited. “Incident report. Ambassador De Man has gone missing. Representatives of alien species X:01 have been summoned to explain the circumstances surrounding his disappearance.
The door on the other side of the room slid open. The chitinous aliens walked in and took their seats. They

Every tribe in the jungle had its own territory. That this territory needed to be protected from intruding went without saying. How this territorial sovereignty was maintained differed from tribe to tribe
The monkeys generally simply terrorised unwanted intruders until they could no longer bear to stay. Stealing or sabotaging their campsites and pelting them with fruits and other, more unmentionable things. They weren’t too keen on harming people for something a

The steamspire arena. A place where the people of the city could go to distract themselves of the daily grind within the city walls. A place where monsters and demi-humans fought for fame, wealth and a chance at freedom.

In the underworks, two new arrivals were being briefed about today’s fight. Both of them had been taken from the wilds by the arena’s hunters. And now one of them could find a chance at a new life. All they had to do was go into

It had been a few weeks since the sacrifice festival. Things had quieted down somewhat. The names of the four brave girls that had gone for their tribe had been committed to story and memorial. Scouts at the border of Lynx and Lizard territory saw something worth reporting back to the tribe. A snake priest that had seen fit to grace the area with their presence. A back and forth was quickly established between the approaching priest and the tribes. He had come to negotiate a treaty to end the

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Salvation for the Vorish Sinner[SoftVore]

By ijp290

  1. Salvation for the Vorish Sinner[SoftVore]
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