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The rushing of the wind through the trees caused Hiran'iblen to shiver, pulling her robes tighter around herself. One week in the jungles of Myrkr, proving that she was able to survive with just her wits and lightsaber, then Master Vao would let her continue on with her training. But first, she had to work on patience and meditation when in an unknown environment.
Hirani took another deep breath and tried to find her focus. The twi'lek female's light blue flesh glittered in the late evening sky

The light-furred,
shapely bunny girl glanced around the corner of the building before
turning, cautiously moving down the dark alley as the tips of her
ears bobbed with each light step. A noise from among the dumpsters
drew her attention, and before she could respond, a form leaped out
from amid the piles of trash and discarded debris of the city!
Letting out a
frightened squeal, the bunny girl turned to flee, but a forepaw
wrapped around her wrist and tugged her back towards the dumpsters. A

The night was growing
dark, but the crickets were not yet chirping. Up ahead they saw the
bandit camp. Each of the adventurers readied their weapons, creeping
closer through the woods. The encampment was just a few tents, with a
central fire and a single night-blinded sentry roasting some
unfortunate creature over it.
The trio snuck closer,
keeping to the shadows. Lanna stopped by one of the outlying trees,
taking an arrow from her quiver. The moonlight glinted off her long,
dark hair as she loo

A pink mouth stretched
wide, revealing a set of recently brushed and flossed teeth. With a
content noise, the mouth's owner finished her yawn and snuggled
further into her blanket. Cerulesta Silva listened to the fire
crackling away in the fireplace across the living room from where she
was curled up on the couch and turned back to the sketchpad she had
been working on.
Outside, a full moon
began to peek out of the clouds and unleash its glow across the
trees, silhouetting a figure approaching

The hoof-steps echoed from a distance. Raising a snout to the air, the reptilian scales shifted around the beast's nose as the scent of human reached it. Another adventuring party approached. It could smell horse. It could smell elf. It could smell human. No aroma of sweaty metal yet, so likely a group of casters or thieves. Many had come previously to the beast's territory by the river, but none had left.
The hoof-steps approached slowly. The intruders were taking their time down the f

The quaint building sat a few miles off the main roads, offering a secluded getaway for those who wanted to enjoy some time without the busy go-go-go lifestyle of the big city. A sign proudly bore the name "Doze & Dine" since the term "Bed & Breakfast" had been determined to limit the meal options the clients expected. A dozen large rooms offered clean linens, wonderful views, and soundproof walls to ensure that other guests frivolities would not bleed through and int

The vixen stood outside a house's front door, checking the address against the scrap of napkin in her paw.
She lowered her other paw from knocking and tapped her hindpaw impatiently. Her gut still gurgled as it processed her former employer into nothing more than fox fat.
The door opened at last, and Mr. Ferriday smiled down at the vixen. He stepped to the side and gestured for Raclette to enter his home with a broad sweep of his forepaw. His belly sagge

The gravel crunched
underneath the car's tires as County Police Officer Curt Burch turned
from the dirt road onto yet another, smaller dirt road. Barely more
than a bicycle path, a few hundred meters later it proved too small
for the police cruiser to continue. In the passenger seat, Officer
Heather Dawson laughed and turned to her partner.
“I told you we
couldn't offroad through the entire forest.” The blond poked her
head out the cruiser window to get a better look at their

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