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Hi there!

I'm a writer, I will take commissions, and I adore commentary and suggestions. Send me a message!

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So, I know some people like games.

I figure if some people like games, and some of those people also like things like werewolf/human vore, and non-consensual sex, and role-playing games, and role-playing games where you can just eat the questgiver and then fuck his wife instead of concerning yourself with protecting some sheep… then you’ll love this!

The Howling!


Fiona Nightingale was a well-known ranger in the lands, having led a good number of rescue missions against the less civilized slave-taking gnoll tribes and helped in a few of the larger conflicts against the orcs and trolls that had cropped up over the years. Tula Starfall was a Draenei spellcaster with extensive healing knowledge, accompanied by her rather rage-driven warrior of a sister Ryari. Tiana’s darker attire and elven skin blended in with the shadows as she quietly fiddled with a

A scream echoed down the hallway, seeming to ripple between this plane and the next as the crash of metal against metal reverberated throughout the tower. A large draconic head lifted up, turning towards the other balcony-lair.

“That seems like a concern, dear Sister. I would expect you can handle it? I am far too busy to deal with this myself…”

“You are worthless, Theralion.” Valiona, the other member of the dracon

The full moon hung low in the sky, barely clearing the treetops on the horizon as the girl approached the next house.

“You’re too old to trick or treat, grow up!” was what her sorority sisters had said, but that certainly hadn’t stopped her from donning a witch costume and taking off for the outskirts of suburbia, grinning jack-o-lantern, partially filled with candy, swinging from her hand.


The ship creaked as it slid through the water towards the most recently located island. Flynn Fairwind had given the trio instructions to gather more Azerite to help power the Alliance warfront versus the accursed Horde, and that's what they were here to do. Gerril Softpaws, the large black-furred worgen, stretched and let out a large yawn as he checked his potions and equipment. To one side, the night elf huntress Mishianna 'Mishi' was bending and stringing her bow. A gray-furred wolf snoozed o

Mr. Ferriday leaned back in his chair, looking at the three females standing on the other side of his desk. The large werewolf placed his paw on his chin, gaze roaming up and down their forms. Two catgirls, one with light red hair and fur, the other with darker brown, flanked a dark-haired elf. The trio looked back at him as gestured to the catgirl on the right.
“You three are here for a job as my assistants. You've been offered as such by your respective owners, and if I don't think you'l

Cridon let out a guffaw and his twirled his staff about, ending his move with a gout of flame towards his fellow worgen. The other mage, a dark gray wolf-man by the name of Garrich, slammed his spellblade into the fire burst, a sparkle of ice shards emanating from Garrich's weapon as his icy barrier flashed into being just in time, shunting off the attack.
“Well, looks like we're still matched, brother!” Cridon took a step back, relaxing his pose as he leaned against his staff. The w

Lyanna looked at the cover of the book that had shown up in her mailbox. Some muck had stained the item, rendering part of the title illegible, but “Tome ---th---ybrid Beast. Requi-----evel----0” was still visible. The night elf ran her fingers through her turquoise hair, finally deciding to open the book and see what information lay inside. Flipping past diagrams and pictures of myriad feathered wildlife she knew could be found throughout Azeroth, she stopped at one picture. A griff

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No problem!


Posted by Winny 1 year ago Report

thanks for the watch. ^^


Posted by CassyInko 1 year ago Report

I ate the elves, I ate the cookies, and I spilled the milk! D:


Posted by ReptileKing23 1 year ago Report

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You're welcome


Posted by VoraciousShapeshift 1 year ago Report

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It was good story, I love werewolves!


Posted by Stanku 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch! Your writing belongs among the select few on this site which truly appeals to me. It seems like we share a thing or two in common in regards to preferences. If you ever feel like doing a story trade or just have an idea to share, let me know!


Posted by VividLucidity 1 year ago Report

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And it's lured you right into my profile page, mwahaha! Well, uhhh ... this would be a good point to put an evil laugh, if my profile page was a trap or something. Which it isn't. Soooo ... hi I guess?


Posted by VividLucidity 1 year ago Report

Why thank you for that watch. I'm guessing it's predators of the amphibian / dinosaur persuasion that brought you over?


Posted by TitaniumChelle 1 year ago Report

Thank you for the fave! Glad you enjoyed :D


Posted by Tyslan03 2 years ago Report

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It was an awesome story, keep it up!


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Thank you for the favorite.


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