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Mr. Ferriday leaned back in his chair, looking at the three females standing on the other side of his desk. The large werewolf placed his paw on his chin, gaze roaming up and down their forms. Two catgirls, one with light red hair and fur, the other with darker brown, flanked a dark-haired elf. The trio looked back at him as gestured to the catgirl on the right.
“You three are here for a job as my assistants. You've been offered as such by your respective owners, and if I don't think you'l

Cridon let out a guffaw and his twirled his staff about, ending his move with a gout of flame towards his fellow worgen. The other mage, a dark gray wolf-man by the name of Garrich, slammed his spellblade into the fire burst, a sparkle of ice shards emanating from Garrich's weapon as his icy barrier flashed into being just in time, shunting off the attack.
“Well, looks like we're still matched, brother!” Cridon took a step back, relaxing his pose as he leaned against his staff. The w

Lyanna looked at the cover of the book that had shown up in her mailbox. Some muck had stained the item, rendering part of the title illegible, but “Tome ---th---ybrid Beast. Requi-----evel----0” was still visible. The night elf ran her fingers through her turquoise hair, finally deciding to open the book and see what information lay inside. Flipping past diagrams and pictures of myriad feathered wildlife she knew could be found throughout Azeroth, she stopped at one picture. A griff

The rayshield flickered slightly over the pit dug into the floor of the warehouse. The redheaded human female known to the galaxy as Moira lay naked, eyes closed, on the edge of the floor overlooking the pit, one hand outstretched towards the pit, the other between her legs with two fingers slipped inside of her sopping wet pussy. Within the pit, a pair of rathtars were trapped. One of the creatures had a set of legs still poking from its maw, tendrils wrapped around the ankles. The rathtar seem

Ensign Katerina toed through a pile of rags until she found a decent sized one, and picked it up. Pulling a roll of duct tape off her utilibelt, she added the scrap of cloth over a newly opened hole in the patchwork repair job she had done all over the airship.
As a proud member of the Royal Air Fleet, she had gone out on this re-supply mission with a normal crew of 6, a week-long voyage that was supposed to make a half-dozen stops along the edges of neutral territory, ensuring that the gun-runn

Darth Malice looked out the viewport at the red mountains and jagged terrain of Korriban as the small transport landed gently on an open patch of rust-colored sand. At a faint gesture of his hand, Moira, the redheaded girl who had been kneeling beside him, got to her feet. A thin blue robe barely covered her body, and the carved name 'MALICE' on the flesh of her left breast was easily visible. There was still reddening around the letters from the Sith Lord's recent work with the laser scalpel.

Private Arasien, a young Devaronian wearing the security uniform of the Galactic Republic, read over the datafile that had just popped up on his screen. “Ma'am, looks like we've got one active in this system. Human, appearance mid-30's, dark hair, yellow-tinged eyes, about 160 cm. Calls himself Darth Malice.”
The Twi'lek leader of the team, a Jedi Knight by the name of Tildee, nodded. Her light green lekku twitched lightly in a betrayal of her otherwise calm appearance at the mention

The rushing of the wind through the trees caused Hiran'iblen to shiver, pulling her robes tighter around herself. One week in the jungles of Myrkr, proving that she was able to survive with just her wits and lightsaber, then Master Vao would let her continue on with her training. But first, she had to work on patience and meditation when in an unknown environment.
Hirani took another deep breath and tried to find her focus. The twi'lek female's light blue flesh glittered in the late evening sky

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