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May's Malicious Spa By TheVoreEngineer

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Lillie has been very successful since she's left Alola, setting her sights on Hoenn next, but May is worried about the competition she'll bring. How will May overcome Lillie, and how can we shoehorn a fetish into a short story for control!? I know! You let a fetish artist like myself have a go at it, and you have a recipe for instant success!
[Warning success only occurs if you enjoy vore; otherwise, you're out of luck.]

A pokemon story, not only that but one including Pokemon waifus! Cue the waifu wars in the comments or some junk. This story does present quite a few firsts for me, however! This story is the first time I've written an F/F story, so all you all female fans should be happy (Sorry male pred fans, one day.) This story is also the first time I've attempted to use an already written story as inspiration, for that story check the usual thanks at the bottom of the description. Another first is that this story is both also a preparation story, as well as a story with some spicy yuri, which may be horrible since I'm not acquainted with writing that stuff (yet). Hopefully, the story tickles your fancies.

This story had two significant elements that were difficult. The first was word count for once. After checking, it took around 3.5k words actually to reach any vore content. With a story like this, with more sexual parts in between, I'm less concerned, but the other difficult element was the inclusion of scat. I know myself, I am okay with it, but some people aren't fans of it, so trying to come to a conclusion that pleased both parties was hard. I feel the method I used ultimately is a bit hamfisted, but it works ok for now.

Thanks to...
 masterchaos for creating the inspiration for this story, "May's spa" (
 Lampton for the image of May in the thumbnail and permission for the usage of their picture, "May" (

All characters depicted in this work are under the sole ownership of Nintendo, Game Freak and the Pokemon company, along with any affiliated corporations or developers.
Onwards to new seas and stories,
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(20/06/18 UPDATE: I've gone and added a couple of links to the description, either come to join me on my discord server, or financially support me through ko-fi, either is enough. I've also changed fonts [Not that most will notice] due to noticed poor visibility on Eka's. Have a good day everyone)

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Posted by Cobbly 7 months ago

I'm kinda wasted right now, so I might be wrong, but you really need to learn to end a sentence

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Posted by TheVoreEngineer 7 months ago

No, you're probably right. I do have an issue with run on sentences some times, and reading back it seems that's happened a bit in this story, it is for sure something I need to work on. Thanks for the feedback!

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Posted by BardicLasher 7 months ago

This is really good. Hope to see more from you like this in the future!

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Posted by TheVoreEngineer 7 months ago

Thanks! I'm hoping to make more things too, which seems to coincide with what you want, huzzah.

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