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[QL] Ellie in a Teacher's Belly By TheVoreEngineer

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Welcome to quick lewds! If you want a build up, characters that matter or actual tact and nuance, then you're in the wrong place entirely! Quick lewds is a series of quick stories, somewhat like quick sketches that artists would do, just getting straight into it! Enjoy!

~~ Elly and the Teachers Belly ~~
New Lampton picture "Accidents Happen" (, in his school setting, with a teacher with a bloated belly, and no Elly in sight. I'm going to say; we might have a clue who's stewing away in there now. It's not anything official, and it's left to interpretation, but screw it, I've always been a massive fan of Lampton's school setting, and I'll be damned if I don't get a story out while it's topical. So follow Elly as she does everything right, and inevitably gets gurgled anyway, because what other fate does she face beyond being eaten or getting her friends eaten, even though she did nothing wrong. Read in amazement as the inevitable, and everyone's favourite Blonde gets nommed.

 Lampton is the inspiration, makes fantastic art, I doubt anyone reading my stuff hasn't heard of him. Still, he's the one to thank/blame this creation, so go check him out, again.
Page 1 of the comic "Bully" was used for the thumbnail (

Written in: 1 hour 23 minutes
Yep, Quick Lewds is officially the 'take an image and expand' series now, ah fuck it; this is fun anyway.
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Posted by Lampton 8 days ago

Wow, very nice! :o
Really made me want to work more on the school setting, been meaning to flesh it out for ages.

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Posted by TheVoreEngineer 8 days ago

and so the cycle of creative influence continues...
In all seriousness, I'm glad you like it, been a big fan for a while. Plus, I'm down to see more of the school setting.

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Posted by Bright 7 days ago

Lovely story. I enjoyed reading it.

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Posted by TheVoreEngineer 7 days ago

Glad to hear you liked it Bright!

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Posted by Andie 6 days ago

Nice work you should make another of lamptons comics into a story such as sister and then you could add what happens after what the comic doesn’t show Just a suggestion :)

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Posted by TheVoreEngineer 6 days ago

I mean, I do like Lamptons stuff a great deal, but I do need to show love to other artists too, ya know? (and also finish things for paid clients, you know, so I can eat something that's not rice...)
I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the story though!

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