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The lunch bell had rung not long ago. Shiro and Rachael were walking down the crowded hallway towards Dr. Tachibana’s office. Most of the students avoided contact with the girl as they were either witnesses from their class or simply overheard the commotion. Rachael, still reeling from the traumatic events in Ms. Leslie’s class, nervously hid behind Shiro as they walked. Eventually, they both reach the nurse’s office and Shiro knocks on the door. No response.
“She’s not here?” Shiro says. They peek into the window to see Ms. Leslie and one other teacher lying unconscious in the beds.
“So Ms. Leslie wasn’t the only one…” Rachael says.
“Mr. Yukimura?” a womanly voice said from behind them. “What brings you here?” Shiro turns around to meet the brown haired, blue eyed, Dr. Minami Tachibana, the school nurse. She appeared to carrying a small bag, presumably her lunch. The doctor then notices Rachael partially torn clothes, the dried tears on her face, and faint marks on her wrists. “A-Are your alright, Ms. Gordons?” she panics. “Please, come in.”
As Dr. Tachibana tended to Rachael’s minor injuries, Shiro explains to her the situation in detail including how Rachael was nearly eaten.
“So the demon giant has returned, huh…” the doctor says as she finishes bandaging Rachael’s wrists. “It’s unfortunate that Ms. Leslie here went through something like that during her first semester. Mr. Tanaka as well.”
“I-Is she going to be okay?” Rachael asks.
“Don’t worry, she just needs a little rest.” Rachael sighs in relief.
“Excuse me, doctor,” Shiro asks, “what exactly do you know about Lily Graz?”
“Let’s see…” she started, “I can’t say I know her very well since this is only my second year working here. Though last year there was a conspiracy about Ms. Graz digesting ten students in a single day.”
“Ten students!?” Rachael said in surprise. Shiro did indeed know some predators who could eat twice that number, but he had never heard of another high school student with such capabilities.
“Normally such a thing would warrant criminal charges, but there was so little evidence to the claim that Lily was let off with an expulsion, but apparently that wasn’t the case…” Rachael’s body began to tremble. “So how did you get involved with one such as Lily Graz, Ms. Gordons?”
Rachael hesitated to answer, but Shiro assures her with a gentle smile. She took a deep breath and told the doctor her story.
“It started about a year ago. My dad was a serious gambler since before I was born. Eventually, his debts caught up to him and my mom got really mad at him. My dad decided to get a loan from some big shot gangsters and he owed nearly 10 grand. My mom and dad fought almost every night over this debt and...and…” Tears began streaming down her face. “...I couldn’t stand it any longer. At school, I heard rumors of a super tall and rich junior girl who had repeated a year. I thought that if I could befriend her, she could help my parents with their debt.”
“Is that why she tried to eat you?” Dr. Tachibana interrupted, “Because you faked being her friend?”
She shakes her head. “Not at all. I thought we were actually real friends. She told me she’d take care of my dad’s debt so she told me that in exchange, I would give her ten dollars whenever she asked for it.”
Shiro then thought back to earlier when Rachael tried to give Lily the money. “So then why did she try to eat you?” he asked.
“I don’t know. I haven’t seen her in like half a year. She used to be so nice…”
“What do you mean she used to be nice?” the doctor asks.
“Well...I’ve just never seen her so...evil.”
“Okay, but what about your dad’s debt?” Shiro asked. “Was that ever solved?”
“That’s the strange part. My dad got an odd letter from the gangsters’ boss saying our debt was void.”
“I think I heard about something like that on the news once.” Dr. Tachibana inputted, “It was something about a crime organization in the Nightlight district being wiped out in a single night. Whatever it was, it seemed to have cleared your father’s debt.” She then noticed Shiro occasionally at the clock with a subtle nervous expression. “You’re actually going to meet her, aren’t you Mr. Yukimura?”
Shiro nods. “If this won’t end unless I meet her, then what choice do I have?”
Rachael then grabs his hand and pleads. “Please, Shiro, you can’t go! will-”
Shiro puts his finger to her lips. “Don’t worry about thing, Rachael. I promise you, I’ll return.”
Rachael’s heart would skip a beat hearing his confident and comforting words. “Y-You promise?”
Shiro smiles to her and says, “Of course. You’re very precious to me. I will never abandon you.”
Her heart sped up as she was overcome with a very warm sensation. Never had she felt this way before. She looks to Shiro’s gentle smile and her chest tightens. “What is this...feeling?” She thought.
“Doctor,” he asks, “can Rachael stay here for the rest of the day?”
“Sure, but what about you?” Dr. Tachibana asks concerned.
“I’ll be fine. I’ve made it a point to never break my promises.” The bell rings again, signalling the end of lunch. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow, Rachael. Get some rest.” He leaves the room to head to his next class.
Rachael laid down in the open bed and strangely thought about Shiro. “Come back safe...Shiro.”
Hours passed as the afternoon classes finally came to an end. Shiro could hardly pay attention through any of them as he was too preoccupied thinking about how to deal with Lily Graz.
"Hey, sweetie~" Shiro looked up to see his tall, violet-haired girlfriend, Yuuna, and his twin sister, Suzumi. "You ready to go? The three of us haven't gone home together in awhile."
"Uh, um...sorry, but I have a meeting with the dean. Go on without me."
"What did you this time, bro?" Suzumi teases.
"N-No, it's nothing..."
"'re not involved in something dangerous, are you?" Yuuna asked with a concerned look on her face.
"I told you it's nothing to worry about. I gotta go, bye." Shiro then exits the classroom.
"...Liar..." Yuuna says under her breath.
It was about 3:28 pm. Shiro had made his way to the abandoned warehouse behind the main school building where he would come face-to-face with the Demon Giant of Zenith High School, Lily Graz. Outside the entrance, a man wearing the school’s uniform and glasses, likely from Lily’s gang, stood in front of the door. Little did Shiro know, this encounter would change his life forever.
To be continued…
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Part 3 of me and  TyrantTerry's collab.

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