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Hello! I'm a novice writer who is only good at writing vore-related content. I love feedback and I always read comments, so please don't hesitate.

I'm a U.S. citizen born and raised who only recently got into the vore community. I write stories so that one day someone can bring them to life. My specialties are same-size, oral, and non-fatal vore.

If you want to find more of my work, visit my gallery over on Deviantart.
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Yuuna Murasaki
Ever since she was little, she’s lived with her mom who gave birth to her at a very young age. She spent the first few years of her life living in a run down apartment on the outskirts of Zenith City living off minimum wages. It was hard for a child, but she was happy. One day when Yuuna was 10, her mother returned to the acting scene and finally made a name for herself. They bought a house in the suburbs, but her mother rarely came home anymore. Yuuna lived alone in the hou

It was a peaceful morning in the vore paradise of Ex Machina City. In the northeast sector, there was Saint Azure University. It was one the best institutions for science majors in the world. Despite being located in a city where predators thrive, only a small percentage of its students and staff there are predators or capable of vore. Ironically, the university hosts one of the most prominent researchers of vore on the planet. Her name was Professor Estelle Zenith, a 26-year-old prodigy and

After the sacrificial ceremony came to a close and the priestess returned to her temple, Shiro and his group explored the area around the Amaterasu shrine. There were many food stalls with Japanese concessions and even some games. They ate and played until the evening, where they returned to the inn each with souvenirs to spare. It was a little bit before dusk as Shiro, Tsubaki, and Rachael were playing a card game in their room when Haruka came in with a worried expression.

The masked maidens slowly lowered the woman into the priestess’ gaping mouth as it stretched wide to accompany the woman’s head. The priestess was completely relaxed allowing her servants do all of the work. It was a sight to behold. Now getting the shoulders past her lips, the priestess still shows no sign of struggle or effort. She was clearly well experienced when it came to swallowing prey. Her throat was bulged and distorted as the woman’s torso passed through it. Her midsection st

It is said that long ago when the dinosaurs went extinct and humanity rose from the ashes, mankind split into two races. The humans who evolved into who we are today and the “devourers”, later known as predators, who fed on these humans and every living creature they could get their hands on.
The predator race looked exactly like the other humans, however they were born with a special trait. They had the ability to swallow their prey whole and alive, but they mostl

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I plan to continue doing these FAQ stories, however the next one will be based on the most frequently asked questions about specific characters. So if there's a certain character you would like learn more about, comment their name below and what you would like to know about them.

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Posted by TinyHero 3 months ago

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Most likely Rika Blazeheart, Yuuna, Shiro, and Lily Graz, simply because they all seem like school related characters x3


Posted by TinyHero 4 months ago

Planning an RP with someone, and was wondering if we can use your OCs for it? Mainly student, teacher, or even principles as well?


Posted by TyrantTerry 7 months ago

Thanks for the birthday gift.


Posted by SpaceHump 8 months ago

Why thank you for the watch.


Posted by SkyTheDragones 10 months ago

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No prob


Posted by Bright 11 months ago

Thanks for the watch.


Posted by linkever 11 months ago

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No problem, I love your stories, especially "A Day in His Girlfriend Belly" and "A Day in Her Childhood Friend Belly".

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Posted by Modern45 11 months ago

Thanks for the fave :)


Posted by lllll1337 11 months ago

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You're very welcome~! ^^

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Posted by CajunCreeper1 1 year ago

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Your welcome


Posted by CaptainVader 1 year ago

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You're welcome! Love your work :)


Posted by LizardWizard444 1 year ago

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np, I luv your stories

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