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Hello! I'm a novice writer who is only good at writing vore-related content. I love feedback and I always read comments, so please don't hesitate.

I'm a U.S. citizen born and raised who only recently got into the vore community. I write stories so that one day someone can bring them to life. My specialties are same-size, oral, and non-fatal vore.

If you want to find more of my work, visit my gallery over on Deviantart.
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After a very successful night, Jack went to his usual stomping grounds, in a popular bar. He was celebrating a big and recent success and invited everyone he knew! But he was also celebrating the downfall of one of his rivals, who sought to expose him and his more shady dealings. Right now, Jake felt invincible!
Jack could see a beautiful woman sitting at the bar. She wore a scarlet dress, which seemed very tight on her busty and quite sexy curves, that matched her fiery red ha

The lunch bell had rung not long ago. Shiro and Rachael were walking down the crowded hallway towards Dr. Tachibana’s office. Most of the students avoided contact with the girl as they were either witnesses from their class or simply overheard the commotion. Rachael, still reeling from the traumatic events in Ms. Leslie’s class, nervously hid behind Shiro as they walked. Eventually, they both reach the nurse’s office and Shiro knocks on the door. No response.
“She’s n

It was 10:46 am. Our protagonist, Shiro Yukimura, was sitting in Ms. Leslie’s art class with Rachael. The teacher was going about her lesson about vore in modern art. Rachael was focused on the lesson, taking vivid notes. Meanwhile sitting next to her, Shiro seemed rather distracted. He was thinking about his classmate, Sophia, who vanished during homeroom. The whole class just thought the dean ate her, but Shiro knew better. He had a bad feeling. As he thought, there was a knock at the cla

Shiro and Suzumi quickly put on their yukatas, Shiro wearing the blue one and Suzumi with the violet one, with a little assistance from the shrine maidens, Yasako and Ruri. They were then led through a long hallway. Many different swords were mounted along the walls with a person’s name inscribed in stone under each one. The polished wooden floor that creaked from every other step, the torch-lit lamps that illuminated the hall, and the dusty air. The inner shrine seemed more traditional and

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I'm currently looking for an artist who I can commission for a detailed and colored reference sheet of four of my newest characters (one whom was already introduced in a recent story). If you're an artist or know a good artist willing to help me with this at an affordable price (no more than $50), please let me know.

Thank you.

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No problem, I love your stories, especially "A Day in His Girlfriend Belly" and "A Day in Her Childhood Friend Belly".

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I love your story

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