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2-4-6-Ate By EmissaryOfRainbows -- Report

I managed to finish a story for vore day this year, at the very last possible second! Well, I shouldn’t say I finished it, as this was a collaboration.

I couldn’t have finished this without the help of my friend (, they did a fucking excellent job on their parts.

Anyways, this story is about Chris, a young adult in his final days of high school who, despite being rather cute, has an off-putting personality and a real vindictive streak.

After one of the school’s cheerleaders rejects his affections, it pushes him over the edge, and he decides to get revenge on her by devouring her in front of everyone during the big game. How will he accomplish this? Well, Chris just happens to be the school mascot, so he stuffs her into her suit and then devours her without anyone noticing! Unfortunately, an enclosed suit means that there isn’t anywhere for the resulting gas that comes from churning up his victim to go, and his costume turns into a hot-box of his own stink.

Yeah, this one’s a bit strange, but I hope you all like it!

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Posted by Kelly 4 years ago Report

Amazing story as allways emi ! Seen it this morning on your tumblr ~ Just the right amount of filth ~


Posted by Kelly 4 years ago Report

Going over this again I have to say this is one of my favorite storys on here ~ Amazing work emi !


Posted by lonelypaintbucket 4 years ago Report

damn, this is really hot <3 wish i could've been that cheerleader :P


Posted by EmissaryOfRainbows 4 years ago Report

Chris has an appetite, I'm sure Veronica won't be his only victim.