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the natural order of things (COMIC - 3/3) By tangent -- Report

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all gone... but not without affection <3


this reads upper left - down, then upper right - down... sorry for the dumb layout, wasn't really thinking when I did this, haha. finally finished it up though. there just is not enough belly humping/absorption out there! someone had to step up to the plate... enjoyyy

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Posted by Shadie 1 year ago Report

Aww, so sweet. What a happy ending, huff. Where's the hot, hungry lion man in my life?


Posted by deathknight 1 year ago Report

Quite sad for her least she is..well around on him....


Posted by Xharyuk108 1 year ago Report

.......... <3 he did it because he love she so much <3 <3 <3


Posted by Thefoxcyan 1 year ago Report

He couldn't stand being without her, so he made her part of him


Posted by MidNightOwlArt 1 year ago Report

This comic is amazing!
The second part is my fav and it just a amazing vore sequence.
Also poor girl she only wanted love... :(


Posted by Indighost 1 year ago Report

Fully agreed! Never enough belly humping! ♥♥♥♥


Posted by Shadie 1 year ago Report

In a world where there are equally sapient predators and prey, I have to imagine such things arising. Someone with a predatory instinct dealing with another being both a fellow person, and a potential meal at the same time. I can only imagine that things would get tangled up inside- creating a bizarre sort of affection that a herbivore couldn't comprehend. Lust, intimacy and hungry, predatory desire rolled together, creating a new sort of interpersonal relationship that only makes sense to the carnivores.

This has been "Shadie Overthinks Things", tune in next time I ramble incoherently on some awesome artists comment section.


Posted by tangent 1 year ago Report

YES shadie & thank you for that very coherent assessment of the situation, haha

this is exactly the sort of thing I thought of when drawing this. too many similarities when dealing with sexual consent in real life, and what it means to hurt another. a world as clear cut as herbivore vs carnivore makes thinking about it all a little easier... <3


Posted by Shadie 1 year ago Report

I'm happy to hear that! I tend to spend a lot of time thinking about that sort of thing, so I'm glad someone could relate to it.

By the way, this furry stuff may be relatively new/weird for you, but you do an excellent job of it. ^w^


Posted by charlesdeleroy 1 year ago Report

Wicked ol' preditorz.


Posted by SilentAnon 1 year ago Report

How sweet, for him anyway. Imagine being a predator and having to see the very thing you eat everyday. It was all a matter of time I guess!


Posted by Moebius 1 year ago Report

This is just amazing <3 A great follow up to a great comic


Posted by Readasaur 1 year ago Report

What did he mean in that last panel?