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Futabas Hunger Part 1 By radmann -- Report

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Futaba hungers... And gets an the idea of killing two birds with one stone: Gaining better assets, and eliminating any competition she might have for Jokers affection. While she waits for the main course of Ann to arrive, and unlucky Makoto is in the wrong place at, the wrong time...

I had a lot of fun writing my first vore story for the site. I want to keep improving my stories, but I think this is a nice starting point for sure! I hope everyone enjoys it!

A huge thanks to FORDY ( for doing up the thumbnail and for proofreading through the story to double check for any problems!

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Posted by radmann 1 year ago Report

Comments are loved and appreciated! So leave any you might have!


Posted by universius 1 year ago Report

This site really has a problem with attracting traffic. I can't believe it took me three weeks to find this.

Pretty nice story, especially for a first post, a lot better than the usual tripe. The depictions of cruelty and swallowing were done quite well. I don't have any major complaints except that it felt a bit short on the tail ends of the consumption itself, which you gave great detail. By this, I mean the foreplay was a bit lazy (direct confrontation and swallowing without discussion, fight, or deception) and the ending was left open, though this is Part 1 after all.

You clearly have writing talent, so I hope this dead period doesn't discourage you from continuing. I'd love a sequel, and most of all, just for you to make the longest and most involved story you can without it becoming boring or redundant.


Posted by radmann 1 year ago Report

Ah, many, many thank yous! No, I have not been discouraged from writing at all! I actually plan on making a part 2 to this, and many other Persona vore stories (among many other vore related writings).

This was very nice to read, and I am glad you are looking forward to the sequel! In terms of longer stories, I love character development (especially if said character is going to get digested into mulch) so that will be coming as well!

I do really want to have more foreplay, as there is a lot of cruel fun to be had with that.

In terms of the dead period, I was mostly working on my other (main) hobby which is video making.


Posted by blazeveritas 1 year ago Report

i cant wait for part two


Posted by radmann 9 months ago Report

Hehe, even though it has been a while, I haven't forgotten about this story or the part 2 that will be coming.


Posted by blazeveritas 9 months ago Report



Posted by madsci 10 months ago Report

Dream Futaba <3


Posted by Deviantfan16 9 months ago Report

When's part 2?


Posted by radmann 9 months ago Report

The hope is to start on it in the near future!