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You probably know me somehow. I love video games and anime. Futaba Sakura is best Persona girl, and best girl in general.
My icon was drawn by my wonderful friend:  melrue

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James and his brother kyle weren’t exactly the best Pokemon trainers. They did their best, and caught a surprisingly decent team for trainers as inexperienced as they were, but their passion and love for the Pokemon shined through their lack of know how.
“Did you see that Butterfree?” Kyle laughed as he dragged the long stick he had found at their last stopping place, letting kick up dirt and clack against the rocks in the path.
“Yeah, I wish I could have caught it…” James said,

The five teenage girls all sat on the kotatsu, their bodies completely nude and the size of paper dolls. The TV was blaring the gaudy advertisement for the local Junes, with bright cheery suns dancing from side to side as products on sale were shown off.
None of the girls truly knew what was happening, as they had only awaken from their seemingly deep sleep moments ago. It was a thud, almost like a thunderous clap, as wood and glass were slammed together.

“This was a mistake…” Nita huffed to herself as she glanced around at her living room, filled to the brim with more than a handful of girls with bulging guts hanging lol, and some that were lacking a full gut, eyeing those who had been lucky enough to snag a meal. “Michiko… Seriously? I just went and ordered another pizza because you keep eating any pizza girl who comes to the door!” Nita glared at the smirking, pale and freckled faced of the purple horned and fat tailed dragon gi

Every young person's dream is to become the greatest Pokemon trainer in some way or another. Whether that be helping out defenseless Pokemon, travelling the world in search of new species, or just wanting to be the greatest champion, everyone wants the adventure and challenge. This is the story of a young boy who never dreamed of greatness, all he ever wanted was a friend.
Danny blew out the candles to his birthday cake, his mom and best friend clapping as he nervously let the

The breeze was cool against the back of each of the girls necks as they stood in the grassy fields, the stone ruins on one side, and the gigantic magical school on the other. The sky was almost completely void of clouds, save for the odd straggler here and there still lingering around even after the cold morning air had warmed up to be a pleasantly warm day, a wind blowing down on the giggling girls anytime the sun started to heat up their black witch uniforms.
Atsuko was wavin

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Thank you all for enjoying my stories <3 I don’t plan on going anywhere, but I appreciate how patient everyone is, especially if certain stories aren’t to your liking. Thank you for sticking around :) I hope I can continue to write stories you all enjoy and love.

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