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You probably know me somehow. I love video games and anime. Futaba Sakura is best Persona girl, and best girl in general.
My icon was drawn by my wonderful friend: https://aryion.com/g4/user/melrue

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The low, red light cut through the heavy foggy smoke that surrounded the patron seating of Crossroads, the clouds curling around the floor, the gold curtains softly shimmering in sequence with the low jazz playing on the radio. The best way to describe the bar was elegant sleaze. There was clearly order and an odd charm, but like many a bar in Japan’s lowly red light district of Shinjuku, there was an odd air of discomfort and untrust. The drunken mumbles of salary men, and the high pitched

Doctor Death
Tae sat behind the front counter of her small, back alley clinic, her strapped high heels resting up on the desk, a passive look on her face as she awaited a text back from her little guinea pig. Outside of a few bits of chatter from the residents of the area doing their daily tasks of shopping and cleaning, along with the local kids chattering, the day had been quiet and relatively calm. This was the usual though outside of the odd patient here and there c

The naked girl was sitting over in the corner of the dark, foul smelling room, tears were rolling down her eyes as she hugged her legs and body close. The girl heard loud scraping and other crying and screaming sounds ring out from the other side of the metal door trapping her inside the room she was currently residing in. The girl, like most other people of the world, was your average Pokemon trainer. She had been exploring the Petalburg woods after hearing a report of some legendary Pokemon

Lenard sat there in awe at the giant female form in front of him, a big stupid smile streaking across his face as he took in the entire sight of Penny’s body, starting with his gaze going from her thighs and pussy, up to her breasts, soon followed by seeing her face. A kinky smirk was plastered on Penny’s face as she slowly shifted her knees so that her comparably gigantic body was positioned right above her shrunken boyfriend. “Like what you see?” Penny said, with a wink, as the Tiny

Dylan’s and Tori’s lust filled moans snapped Stacy out of her grim fantasy of ending her life, her skin crawled at the thoughts that had just invaded her head. Stacy felt broken, she wanted to die, but there was still this sad sense of… Hope? No, it wasn’t hope, but something was keeping her alive. Stacy just sat there, her eyes red after the past hour of crying, they finally stopped with a heavy sob as she wiped her gunk laced face.
Stacy truly thought Dylan had loved

Nurse Joy stood at the main counter, overlooking the Pokecenters front entrance, a small content sigh escaped her lips as scanned her view across the buildings ground floor. The soft hum the healing station and nearby PC’s giving off a mechanically sooth tone to the now quiet afternoon, the only other noises being the occasional pidgey chirp or wondering trainer talking with some friends. Joy had spent the entire afternoon cleaning up the surrounding, now thankfully pure white waiting room

Stacy was the definition of perfection, the type of girl who your parents would be more proud of than their own son, even though she wouldn’t want you to feel that way. Stacy was the type of girl every guy in American dreamed of marrying one day and starting a family with. Stacy was tall, smart, athletic, good looking: The whole package. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon, with the sun shining calmly through the upstairs window of Stacy’s room. While the light would usually wake most people

The sun outside Autumnfield High was a calm one, students were making their way to their various academic courses spread out over the campus, and the day was nearing its completion. The mixture of humans, and the lesser creatures known as furs intermingled, most furs however tried their hardest to just keep their heads down and to their own species, as like on most days: a good deal of their friends or siblings were already digesting away in a various horrific manner inside one of the humans.

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Hey everyone! Radmann here! I just wanted to say if you enjoy my writing, but can't commission me, but still want to help me out, I have opened up both a Ko-fi and Patreon account! These are to help me maintain my work environment and such so I can keep writing stories everyone enjoys in a timely manner! These are in no way required at all of course, these are just here if you enjoy my writing, and want to help me out a little (since every cent helps!) If you are only able to support once here and there, my Ko-fi is: Ko-fi.com/radmann and if you can support a bit more than that a per-month, my Patreon is: https://www.patreon.com/radmann

These are sort of bare bones for now, but I just want these to be an...
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