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You probably know me somehow. I love video games and anime. Futaba Sakura is best Persona girl, and best girl in general.
My icon was drawn by my wonderful friend: https://aryion.com/g4/user/melrue

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Nurse Joy stood at the main counter, overlooking the Pokecenters front entrance, a small content sigh escaped her lips as scanned her view across the buildings ground floor. The soft hum the healing station and nearby PC’s giving off a mechanically sooth tone to the now quiet afternoon, the only other noises being the occasional pidgey chirp or wondering trainer talking with some friends. Joy had spent the entire afternoon cleaning up the surrounding, now thankfully pure white waiting room

Stacy was the definition of perfection, the type of girl who your parents would be more proud of than their own son, even though she wouldn’t want you to feel that way. Stacy was the type of girl every guy in American dreamed of marrying one day and starting a family with. Stacy was tall, smart, athletic, good looking: The whole package. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon, with the sun shining calmly through the upstairs window of Stacy’s room. While the light would usually wake most people

The sun outside Autumnfield High was a calm one, students were making their way to their various academic courses spread out over the campus, and the day was nearing its completion. The mixture of humans, and the lesser creatures known as furs intermingled, most furs however tried their hardest to just keep their heads down and to their own species, as like on most days: a good deal of their friends or siblings were already digesting away in a various horrific manner inside one of the humans.

Alan stood there, shaking slightly due to the cold breeze swirling around him, the nip from the mountain air chilling him to his thin skinned bone. Alan was thankful he didn’t have to shield his eyes from any shining sun as he looked up at the slowly descending airplane, but he would rather have that than get frostbite. Alan’s imagination went all over the place as he thought about what sort of person would be arriving and taking the position of his insanely wealthy boss.
Alan ha

The sisters laid there, paralyzed, their legs and arms painfully constricted together by sticky, stinging kelp, their limbs bent backwards so they were high in the air behind their back, the rest of their body arched. Placed in both of their now extremely sore mouths was a shiny red apple, propping open the usually noisy caverns open, while also filling the role of a sinisterly sweet ballgag.
Both of the squid pop sensations were completely stripped of their usual attire, exc

It had been a few days since the invite for the biggest tournament arrived into the velvet red hands of the thief of hearts, and the gang still couldn’t believe it even had happened. Joker, their leader had been invited to battle against some of the greatest fictional icons in Futaba's favorite hobby: gaming, and the short, orange haired geek couldn’t be happier. Well, that is until she realized that Joker was constantly getting hit on by the numerous ladies of the competition. Samus Aran

light from the slowly rising morning sun reflected off pooled beads
of precipitation that clung to finely woven webs and grass alike.
Although the area surrounding the small cottage was a place of great
conflict, violence and bloodshed, the morning was, oddly pleasant.
The only sounds that had been truly audible, were those of the
morning songbirds, and the babbling creak slowly taking leaves and
fish down the stream. A single man stood adjacent to the smooth,
industrial wooden door of the c

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