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Hottie inside a body 9 By ClarAya -- Report

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This hottie seems be trying out a new method of foreplay via vore with her partner, and its getting good results

P.S. she gets out :)

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Posted by Loudsilence 1 year ago Report

Always nice to know they get out okay!


Posted by RandomSpectator 3 months ago Report

I agree completely. In a more pragmatic sense it also means that you can reuse the same characters as many times as you like. It can also open up a large amount of possibilities of why someone or something was eating someone else beyond feeding, ranging from foreplay (like this), to the predator feeding off of fluids released during an orgasm and the “stomach acids” are actually an aphrodisiac, to reproduction. (A tentacle monster using an ovipositor to place eggs into the womb of it’s “dinner partner” who is then released either before or after the eggs hatch and the larva are re-inserted so that the larva can be distributed a great distance, sort of like putting seeds into fruit), and more.

For me I prefer to leave out any digestion beyond clothing, or the prey is left as a sapient blob of goo until they are let out. The most I would go is that the person is (temporarily) deconstructed, left in a mind-meld (as in their thoughts are communal, what one thinks, the others also all think at the same time) with the one that ate them and others that were eaten. And can be reconstructed and let out whenever they/the host/the collective mind-hive decides to (not that they wouldn't come back for more).

If it must be that someone dies after being eaten, Just have them emerge as a ghost (transparent, possibly with wings and a halo but a tail where the legs would be) and go to grab a new body from a closet in their home.

(the description of a possible appearance of someone's ghost is based off of this:


Posted by RandomSpectator 3 months ago Report

We should see more of her and her partner. (I like the idea of "reusable characters/prey/victims")

Also is she getting off in there?