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Candy boy 3 By acsmine -- Report

(please start reading from right to left panel because it is adopt Japanese manga style.)

they were lived happily ever after.
this is the last part of Candy boy.

I could show you more manga, If you support me.

I hope see you later to more fun story.

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Posted by lovevore 1 year ago Report

I thought it would end in Oral vore for once. Otherwise good comic :3


Posted by azza3695 1 year ago Report

Acsmine the un birth specialist


Posted by lovevore 1 year ago Report

Yes, I know :3
Let me dream ! >:3


Posted by extreme0089 1 year ago Report

Welcome back we missed you, good work as always :D


Posted by vorefanatic314 1 year ago Report

Really great comic, probably my favorite yet! That tease of oral vore was amazing in part 2. Would love to see an alternate ending with him being swallowed!


Posted by akinata 1 year ago Report

i would love to see an alternate ending with oral vore too


Posted by linkever 1 year ago Report

This is so good!^_^
Thank you very much!


Posted by Altimos 1 year ago Report

Oooh, very nice <3 <3 <3


Posted by bonberjean 1 year ago Report

You shouldn't rely too much on google translate in comics/manga... but I could understand the dialogue most of the time


Posted by Edward 1 year ago Report

I did correct the last two pages, so it's just right to do it again I guess.

1ths:But I haven't said anything about my wish yet!
2nd:But I know what's your dearest wish
3rd:You want to go inside me, right?
4th: This time I'm going to swallow you whole!For real.
4th: Oh,I was wonder what's this fluid, it does smell sweet


Posted by Edward 1 year ago Report

5th: Sweet? Oh, he thinks it smells sweet❤️
6th:Besides, it's so slippery that feels kinda strange.
7th:If you get in trouble while inside me, you should get out right away.
8th:I'm really in the mood for something erotic, but first I gotta change this position, like this he won't be able to go all the way inside.


Posted by Edward 1 year ago Report

9th: His entire body is almost inside of me
10th:Well...better...!!! This sensation is actually very pleasant!
11th:Wow, what the heck!I'm inside her!I don't know what's gonna happen to me from now on, though.
13th:I think I'm going deeper inside her. It's slippery and somehow tight, but it feels really good.


Posted by Edward 1 year ago Report

16th: This sensation!I can feel us both being connected!
17t: Even though I can't breathe, it's not affecting my body at all. What a mystery...
What's this?When did it got attached to my body?
18th:So, how does my insides feels like?
19:I'm gonna do homework now.
How about skip that homework? You must be tired anyway. And isn't it too late for that?


Posted by RandomSpectator 1 year ago Report

Nice to see that we didn’t have to wait till next Halloween for this to be finished.


Posted by Endierlord 1 year ago Report

I missed Andromeda


Posted by azza3695 1 year ago Report

Acsmine, long time fan lol, the style is something no one else can do from what I see