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Hello everyone!! I'm just another fan of vore who decided to contribute to the wonderful community in any way I can.

My works will always be free, available for everyone. If you'd like to see something specific or has any criticism to share, please do so in the comment section below!

For any commission or request, please contact me via discord, at Booker #6049

While I don't yet have a concrete schedule, I'll do my best to post sizable content of the highest quality I can manage, at least one post a week. So again, if you have anything to say, please do so, even a thumbs up helps keeping me motivated.

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Closing the metal door behind h

im, Phil stretched his sore limbs,


the cold breeze of the dark alley

pass through his latex jumpsuit

, his short cut blond hair dancing with the breeze.

Reaching into his pocket, he picked a golden lighter, the only valuable possession he had, bringing it cl


Wess didn’t need any more incentive to dive right in. The musky scent

of Scarlett’s throbbing cock was definitely having an effect one Wess’s mind, blocking any

non-sexual, making her laugh in her deranged, hyena pitched way. Her blue hair smelled like Scarlett’s balls, her dotted fur slowly coating itself in the sweat

Living condom/boyfriend Part 3






completely speechless

, trying to figure out their predicament. What the hell happened anyways? Their minds were rushing, tryi

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Scarlett was a shy, pretty nerdy vixen. Her favorite things to do were playing videogames and watching Netflix all day long. She had red fur and golden eyes, 7 feet tall and most importantly, and was a futanari. Scarlett had a 14 inches long d
ick which caused her to be very insecure about her own body.
 Scarlett had a boyfriend though, he was maybe the only close friend she ever had that truly cares for her. Other man laughed at her chubby body and said mean things about her gender. Woman

Creeg's birthday party was totally different this year. Astry took him and all their friends to a stripclub, and surprisely none of them complained about it.
  Creeg was using his usal T-shirt and jeans. Ana had a long green dress. Sylph was using a lot of make-up and a tiny red skirt. Astry took her most sluty suit, a black, torn sleveed shirt and the smallest black skirt ever seen. Amelia was wearing her lab coat and under it was a blue dress.
 Ana didn't know why there were so

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The party was great for most of the group. Astry almost drank till she can not walk, Sylph danced with one part dragon, his name was Marshall, his scales were golden, he was strong, and unlike many of his kind, managed to use the wings to fly.
The only person who did not get to have fun was Creeg. Astry did not warn him that would have only reptiles at the party, then the cat boy thought hr could find a girlfriend of his specie, but all he got was a nest of snakes.
Creeg and Astry had to come home together. Sylph stayed with Marshall, then the blue cat had to help Astry to not fall while she walked.

They are inside the apartment. Creeg was lucky to have fixed the elevator on the day before, otherwise he would have to carry Astry until the fourth floor.
[ Continued ... ]

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