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Vore Mistress (with STORY) By BIGBIG -- Report

fan fiction written by  D3adZ3d

Hairy mistress. PTG... maybe?

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 7 months ago Report

Offical buttplug sounds like a coveted position


Posted by MrQuarantine 7 months ago Report

Watching you create this was quite the treat. It turned out amazing as always.


Posted by JCDenton 7 months ago Report

That details. Looks like a photo.


Posted by FaerieDevil 7 months ago Report

Love the angles in going on here! And nice job on the weightiness of her breasts and puffy nips. Though the belly isn't my favorite type I have to give you kudos for the well rendered fleshiness in this one.


Posted by GenesisTerra 7 months ago Report

You know, mixing D/s and vore is a gorgeous thing... and your amazing work made it even more gorgeous! The flow of the three poses is wonderful, and the atmosphere of this piece is fantastic. Love it! ♡


Posted by JohnnyF102 7 months ago Report

Damn this one art piece is really detailed


Posted by braxe 7 months ago Report

man, i want to BE her... but also one of her subs


Posted by Maneater1987 7 months ago Report

Ohhh yes :). Can we please see a shot with a man half way in her maw??? Please???? :D


Posted by Lindinle 7 months ago Report

When girls like her get pregnant what happens to any sons that are born?


Posted by BIGBIG 7 months ago Report

Up to your imagination ;)


Posted by JamKat 7 months ago Report

oof. Dom pred, nice


Posted by D3adZ3d 7 months ago Report

I love everything about this! Dat belly! Them tits! That booty! Prey handheld in front of her as she lazily and casually openopenss her mouth with a little bit of drool dripping from her tongue and lips! Masterpiece!


Posted by BIGBIG 7 months ago Report

You're welcome to get inspired ;)


Posted by knt27 7 months ago Report

Hell yeah... femdom and vore. The perfect combo for my tastes!


Posted by Edward 7 months ago Report

I know I'm late, but I gotta ask: Ho long does it take to finish a masterpiece like this?? I have noticed that from a few years back your style was simpler with a highdr post rate, and now it's miles better though the post rate dropped quite a lot. I'm not complaining, been in love with your work ever since I entered the portal, just want to know how time consuming it is to produce high quality material.


Posted by BIGBIG 7 months ago Report

Pieces like this usually take 6 to 8 hours daily. This one took 3 days because there where three figures.
The upload rate didn't dropped because of how long it takes but mostly because my life got much busier. Im also at a milestone right now where I want to take on projects that will be worth my time instead of just producing art on a conveyor belt that have low value for me.


Posted by Edward 7 months ago Report

Oh, I see. Regardless of time, I'll always love your stuff and all you've contributed to this community, thx so much for your work.


Posted by RhinoSalt 7 months ago Report

Amazing sense of depth, dude.