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Jill's sister JULIE comic By BIGBIG -- Report


Finally its here! I want to thank you all for waiting this long.
Julie, Jill's sister and her voracious persona is introduced through this comic
This is my Longest and most detailed comic so far I hope you'll enjoy.

If you have any questions do ASK.
Let me know what do you think of it

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Posted by veender 3 years ago Report

Well worth the price of admission!


Posted by blank 3 years ago Report

Very Worth the price and then some!!!!


Posted by MidNightOwlArt 3 years ago Report

Trying out a new bulge style BIGBIG? I like the new detail bulges but something just seem off about them though.
I think it the face being seen inside the belly the faint black lines on some parts when the belly is still round in shape and those hands in the middle of comic.

I still like the look of the comic just the bulges i need to get use to if your keeping this in future comics never like crazy detailed bulges but i’m just one guy i’m sure there are hundreds of others people that would buy this in a heart beat.

But that just my opinion your free to draw whatever way you like. ^__^ continue to be a awesome artist BIGBIG.


Posted by mibankai1171 3 years ago Report

Awesome as always


Posted by Dango 3 years ago Report

Happy to support your work! And that lady with the bangs is definitely a new favorite of your character c:


Posted by Callen 3 years ago Report

hey man you got the uncensored version


Posted by BIGBIG 3 years ago Report

What do you mean?


Posted by Callen 3 years ago Report

you know the one without the white blotches covering there tits and pussy?


Posted by BIGBIG 3 years ago Report

Oh. Well to get that (and the full comic XD You need to buy it. Then you'll get a download.


Posted by Callen 3 years ago Report

ohhh okay cause last few times you would put out ones without white blotches, so thats a shame


Posted by Ghostlurker7041 3 years ago Report

This is probably my favorite comic of yours so far. All the belly details and poses are just awesome!


Posted by threk 3 years ago Report

I'm with MidnightOwlArt, I absolutely love the comic and think the art's great, your colour work is as amazing as ever, but the bulges look slightly odd. Ramble incoming.

Personally, I love detailed bulges where you can see just how confined the prey is, your Hinata Uzumaki piece being a perfect example. However, the extra outlines make it look just a little bit too detailed; the more detailed the outline of the prey, the thinner it makes the layer of belly seem, almost like they've been vacuum shrink-wrapped in clingfilm. When the girl is being unbirthed in this one for example, there is obviously supposed to be an at least somewhat thick layer of pudge between the prey and the outside world, but instead of just the bulges and shapes of her limbs showing through in the shape/shadows/colour of the belly, you can see the creases on the soles of her feet through the pred, and it makes it look like shes covered in a layer of latex rather than under a layer of muscle, fat, etc. Hell, on the panel just after her feet are being inserted you can see the HAIRLINE on the first prey to be eaten.

So yeah, sometimes less is more, but it's cool to see different artstyles from you and again, great comic.


Posted by BIGBIG 3 years ago Report

I think it looks nice. Personal choice of style.


Posted by threk 3 years ago Report

Just what I felt, it's your comic after all and it still looks great :)


Posted by JCDenton 3 years ago Report

Wow, it looks like the best of your comics.

Just a minor technical detail: try to avoid large strips, use more pages. This will be much friendly on mobile devices.


Posted by Yidra 3 years ago Report

This looks so hot...


Posted by Sriseru 3 years ago Report

This was incredible! ^w^

Also, thank you so much for including some unbirth! It's always such a treat to see you do UB! <3


Posted by JohnnyF102 3 years ago Report

Hey bigbig


Posted by JohnnyF102 3 years ago Report

When I bought it I had a problem downloading it and my tries went to zero when I bought it


Posted by BIGBIG 3 years ago Report

Do tell me your email address with which you purchased the comic with. You can go ahead and us PM's or just write to me via my email "[email protected]"


Posted by Groblek 3 years ago Report

Nicely done! I bought it for the unbirth scene, and wasn’t disappointed. I particularly enjoyed the “forgotten” character at the end, that was a fun touch.


Posted by BIGBIG 3 years ago Report

I did forgot to send it to my proofreader >_>


Posted by Wolfknight130 3 years ago Report

Omg the unbirth scene alone was worth 9 bucks. The whole comic is such a steal at 16 bucks (plus tax) and I loved it.

Highly recommend it if you're still on the fence about buying it.


Posted by blackmichi 3 years ago Report

Oh man this looks so good. Beeing poor really sucks. ^^'


Posted by ILLEGAL ALIEN 93 3 years ago Report

I just bought and read the comic and it was freaking amazing and I am really curious to know if there is going to be a sequel that shows what is going to happen to the surviving girls ?


Posted by BIGBIG 3 years ago Report

Yes there should be a sequel. Though right now its indefinite what is it going to be about.


Posted by darc22005 3 years ago Report

Def going to purchase this when I have the funds for it. Looks like a fantastic comic


Posted by JamKat 3 years ago Report

ooooh, looks really interesting!


Posted by pokebreeder25 3 years ago Report

will you ever do a hardvore comic?


Posted by BIGBIG 3 years ago Report

probably not.


Posted by Wolfknight130 2 years ago Report

This is your best work yet, I like the distortions and detail in those close up shots, in and out of the mouth.

Worth every single penny I spent on it ^^

If you're into graphic detail (not like hard vore) and you like BigBig's style, buy it. I whole heatedly encourage interested parties to buy this comic ^^


Posted by BIGBIG 2 years ago Report

Thanks ;)


Posted by Wolfknight130 2 years ago Report

No offense, but I feel this is gona be your best comic for a while. This has everything I like from your work and style. ^^