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It was a dark night in Gotham City. The masked vigilante Batwoman also known as Kate Kane to her friends and family lept from building to building to Ace Chemicals. She got a lead from Batman that Talia Al Ghul was making a super weapon there. On the way Kate stopped some other crimes such as robbery and murder. Her head hair flowed in the wind with each jump and finally she reached Ace Chemicals. Kate squatted down, her thighs bulged from her tight suit, her ass was small but it was for women not men and her tits almost snapped from her suit. She looked down to see 3 goons, a scientist and Talia Al Ghul, Kates stomach rumbled and a snack was needed after this affair.
 "Hurry up more scientist or your gonna stew in my belly like the others" barked Talia
 "Alright alright calm down Im almost done" said The Scientist
 The scientist was a late 30 year old women with short black hair, Kates eyes were on Talia though who also had a latex suit on but her cleavage was showing from eating the other scientists which distracted the goons. Kate jumped down to meet the goons.
 "Hiya boys" remarked Kate
 All 3 goons rushed her with crowbars and bats but missed as Kate flipped backwards. Kate nut shotted the first goon and roundhouse kicked the next sending him across the warehouse to be knocked out. The next goon hit Kate but was throat shotted and knocked out. The goon on the floor had kick in the face and was out cold.
 "You must be Batwoman" said Talia
 "The one and only" replied Kate
 Talia took 2 swords out and threw one to Kate
 "I heard you are okay with killing" said Talia
 "I'm not opposed to it" said Kate
 Kate picked up the sword and both women got into fighting positions. They ran at each other with force and hit swords. Clank clank clank echoed as the swords hit each other, Batwoman kicked Talia in the stomach sending her back a bit and Talia flipped toward Kate and the swords met but both held their ground.
 "After you I defeat you Im gonna digest and shit you out on the curb" said Talia
 "Not if I do it first" said Kate
 Kate tripped Talia and knocked the sword from her hand and put her sword to Talias throat. Talia accepted defeat.
 "Miss scientist you are free to go" said Kate
 "Thank you so much" said yelled the scientist
 The scientist ran out leaving Kate and Talia alone. Kate looked up and down Talias body and licked her lips. Kate hasn't eaten all day and Talia was looking yummy.
 "Take your clothes off" barked Kate
 "What no" said Talia
 "NOW" yelled Kate
 Talia sighed and got on her knees, she grabbed the zipper and slowly unzipped her suit, her tits plopped out and her beautiful slender body made itself known. Talia moaned and made a show of undressing herself. Her pussy was wet as the zipper stopped, Talia stepped out of her suit now fully nude and knelt back down.
 "You ate many people, your thighs and assets tell me that. Now its you who is gonna stew in my belly." said Kate
 Talia shrugged
 "I thought it was gonna be that dumb clown girl or Batgirl but you will do just fine" said Talks
 Batwoman grabbed Talias head placed it on her stomach. Talia heard the groans that awaited her. Batwoman finally grabbed Talias arms and lifted her toward her gaping mouth. Kate placed Talias head on her tongue and licked her face. Talia cringed but didn't struggle for the fact she accept her fate as food. Kate pushed more of Talias head toward her throat and swallowed. Talia had a fantasy being in someone's belly and its finally coming true. Her face was imprinted on the outside of Kate's throat. Kate opened her mouth wider to fit Talias shoulders in her mouth and gave another gulp. Kate gave another swallow and had to open her mouth even wider for Talias giant tits which were fatter from the scientists she ate. Finally the two melons were in her mouth and finally in her throat. 2 giant bulges went down her throat and it was time for the easy stuff. Batwoman slurped up Talias flat belly and Talia started to enter Kate's stomach, Talia looked down and saw a small pool of stomach acid waiting for her. Kate's belly had Talias face imprinted and started to grow bigger with each gulp. Kate tilted her head back and lifted Talias legs in the air and then rested her hands on the growing belly. Kate had to open her mouth very wide to fit Talias fat curvy ass in. It was worth it though because when she did the best flavor happend. Kate's sexual instincts kicked in and she started to eat out Talias pussy. Talia moaned inside Kate's stomach and wanted to finger herself but since half her arms were in Kate's belly she wasn't able to. Finally Talia cummed and Kate swallowed her ass down. Kate slurped her Talias thick thighs and then her legs closing her mouth over Talias feet. her belly already big held half off Talia inside. Before swallowing her feet Kate looked down and saw a human outline from her black suit and finally gulped down Talias feet. The last bulge disappeared and Talia balled up completely in Kate's belly
 "Buuuuurrrrrrppppp- excuse me"said Kate
 Talia was upside down in Kate's belly with her forehead in stomach acid, she felt the belly pulse and squish around her and drops stomach acid land on her. Talia fingered herself and Kate rubbed her belly. Kate walked out of Ace Chemicals licking her fingers, she heard moans and gurgles from her belly and smiled. Kate walked on the sidewalk until finding a good alleyway to rest and digest. Talia started to feel her skin tingle and the stomach walls push against her more and the gurgles got louder. Kate sat down in the dirt and rubbed her belly and gave a belch here and there. Inside the stomach acids already were halfway up Talias body, Talia passed up from lack of air skipping the feeling of being ripped apart. Kate didn't care and just wanted Talia to be ass fat already so she could fight crime again. The acids finally reached the top of the stomach and a loud groan startled Kate. Talias skin melted off with only her organs and muscles remaning but those in time her gone too. Her skelton pieces floated and were mostly only mush. Kate pushed against her belly feeling very little physical pieces and was pretty satisfied with it. Talias remains started to filter into Kate's intestines. As Kate's belly shrank her ass expanded just like she wanted. Her belly only the size of a 9 month pregnant woman Kate stood up and spanked her new ass and thighs.
 Kate farted and started to unzip her suit. Her beautiful tits hung and her belly was a little big. Finally she took her whole suit off and squatted down with her new round ass. She was sure as hell going to the lesbian bar that morning. Kate pushed and a long thick log snaked from her ass and hit the ground. A few more similar ones with small bone fragments piled up before and large object came next. With a little more effort Talias skull dropped into the pile but more shit fell on in. Finally Kate was done and wiped with some nearby newspaper. Kate looked at the big pile and saw shit coming out of Talias skull eye sockets and jaw.
 "Another menace off the streets" said Kate as she got dressed and walked away from her pile.
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