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2 weeks before Black Cat is digested by Spider-Gwen
 Black Cat jumped as Spider man followed her close by with his webs. Black Cats tits jumped in the air with each leap distracting Peter when finally he hit and pipe and was knocked out. Black Cat also known as Felicia Hardy went back for him, her plan worked perfectly. Felicia picked up Peters body and leaped away. She got to her apartment she has been squatting in, pictures of Wilson Fisk were scattered everywhere. Felicia placed Peter on the bed and starred at his body. Felicia always wanted to do things to Peter, he was hot under his suit. Black Cat took one of her claws out put it to Peters head and dragged it down his suit cutting it open but leaving Peter unscathed. The suit came off nicely and Black Cat tore it open showing off his abs and big cock. Felicia grabbed the zipper to her suit and zipped it down sexually squeezing her thigh to satisfie her anticipation for the moment. Finally her suit came off and her big tits plopped out and her pussy was dripping. Felicia grabbed Peters cock and stroked it trying to get him hard, finally he became hard and Felicia wrapped her mouth around it and sucked him off. Felicia got bored of that and went to the main event. Felicia got on top of Peter and sat on his cock and started to ride him. Finally Peter cummed in Felicia without knowing. Peters dick went limp and Felicia was bored. A new thought raced through her mind as her stomach grumbled. Black Cat licked her lips to the thought of eating Peter whole and thats what she did.
 "Well Parker it seems your destiny is to be my food" said Black Cat
 Felicia grabbed Peters ankles and placed his feet in her awaiting maw and sucked on his feet. Peter finally woke up to the wet feeling on his feet and saw Felicia with both his feet in her mouth and at that moment she swallowed and her throat bulged.
 "Felicia what the hell are you doing!" yelled Peter
 Felicia couldn't talk so she giggled and gulped more of him down. Peter tried to grab the bed frame but was unable. Peter then started to struggle and try to get out. Felicia was just chilling and slurping his legs up. Felicia got to his thighs and slowly got those down her throat, in fact her throat bulged more since she got to thicker parts of his body.
 "Please Felicia don't eat me I have a life and a wife come on don't do this" said Peter
 Felicia ignored his cried and got his ass and cock in her mouth. For one his cock tasted fantastic and two this was her first time eating ass. Felicia already had a piece of his man meat and gulped it down so she could tilt her head bring Peters body into the air. Peter moaned as his dick went down Felicias slimy throat and loved it at this point. Peter stopped struggling and accepted his fate, Black Cat happily gulped his abs and arms up just so his head remained. Black Cat held onto her belly filled with Peter and finally swallowed his head ending Spider Man once and for all. Peter balled up in her belly and got back to his realization that he was gonna get digested. Black Cat burped and rubbed her squirming belly. Peter punched and kicked the stomach walls but nothing was working and only acid was coating his body. Black Cat let out another belch and crash on the bed. She observed her belly as bulges appeared as he struggled to get out which only made her belch and nothing else.
 "Come on Peter your time is up. You are food and later you are gonna slide out of my ass just like you should be" said Felicia
 Peter couldn't let that happen and kept at punching the walls but was getting tired. The acids started to pool up and burn him. His skin was red and Peter started to cry and think of his wife MJ. Black Cat also thought of MJ and thought eating her will save a police report. Peter was finally submerged in stomach acid and drowned. Her belly gurgled and churned as Peter was ground up. His body melted into mush within 30 minutes and Felicia squished her belly and felt nothing. Soon his remains started to travel through her intestines and her tits got bigger and her ass was uber fat.
 Black Cat admired her body in the bathroom mirror before and wet fart came from her ass. Felicia sat on the toilet and squeezed. The tip of a thick turd appeared and the rest slithered and splashed into the bowl. More shit came with little bone fragments until finally his skull was pushed out but not before it was buried in shit. Black Cat finished up and wiped. Felicia then flushed Peter down to his new home the sewers.
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Prequel to Gwens Night Of Revenge

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Posted by LuaKitsune 3 months ago Report

XD Awesome!!