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Americanization [1/3] By Asaneman -- Report

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“Nggh… mmmphh!

“Really? That’s all you have to say?” Lieutenant Vixen clicked her tongue at the brown bear wedged inside her shapely rump. “Typical. You get your one chance to talk your way out…” She flashed a thin smile. “But even that is too far over your head?”

The bear resumed his weak struggle to keep what little of him remained unclaimed by Vixen’s body. But what hope did he have, lacking the presence of mind to move her tail and regain coherent speech? Already, his arms, waist, and legs were trapped in the vice-like grip of her hot, uncompromising bowels… Vixen bit her lip as a thick, wet shlurrrp claimed his shoulders, sparks of ecstasy rocketing up her spine and exiting her mouth in heavy, pleasured breaths. This, in turn, only spurred her newest captive to resist with more vigor. The Lieutenant laughed at his newfound sense of urgency. He’d need more than mere limp tickles to her greedy intestines to gain leverage. Even he had to understand that. “Y-Yes…” Vixen murred, bucking her hips, lavishing in the ursine's whiplash as he spread her plump cheeks out, only to be yanked right back in, sinking farther still into her tubes.

Glrrrrbble! The wet jostle below made Vixen blink. Her eyes turned stern at the reminder of the buttsnack's two lackeys, both too dumb or too drunk to understand their situation and Vixen's so-far thankless task. They couldn't register their captain frantically squirming in her ass, either! So, the burden fell to Vixen to repurpose all these louts into useful military assets. These bears had to sink down, through her slick, fleshy throat, marinate in her ravenous, bubbly juices, and be pumped through her winding depths before they could proudly rise as part of her toasty buns and stacked breasts. All things worth their weight in purpose and message… unlike the slouches currently weighing her down.

“You really should be setting a better example for your men,” she called, halting her musings with a swift kick to her oversized gut. He had a different look on his eyes now, beyond simple panic. Must've sobered up enough to realize exactly where he was… and where he would soon inevitably be. His limbs were far too deep to be of use, though; in fact, Vixen shivered in delight as his arms and legs wrestled with her intestines, forcing stronger contractions that overrode anything he could offer. “I'm glad I expected so little of you, meat,” she called, swatting his head with her tail. “And you still disappointed! You should be ashamed…”

He muttered something unintelligible, courtesy of her mighty asscheeks smothering his head. “Hmph. In deference to your undoubtedly undeserved rank, I’ll give you this one moment to enjoy the sun and the fresh air. Frame it square in your mind.” She slowly rocked her hips, flexing her muscles and suckling on what little of the bear’s head protruded from her butt. “Got a good picture?” Vixen whispered, disappointment coloring her tone. “It’s more than a worthless sack of fur like you deserves. But I know how to deal with your kind. You and your sad little platoon are all mine.” She uttered a low chuckle. “But don’t worry. You’ll all be much more than simple brothers-in-arms very soon. Enjoy the ride…”

SHLURK. Her knees trembled as the pitiful obstruction finally overstayed its welcome and succumbed to her perverse hunger. Her lower melons smushed together and wobbled for seconds thereafter, a testament to the sheer prowess and experience a barely-sober bear could never hope to overcome. Vixen rested her head against her palm and sighed. So many other things she could be doing with her time, and she ended up elevating these ingrates. At least they’d be good for this one thing… nothing to complain about there. She traced along her breasts with a single finger, testing the give with a few gentle pokes. “I’ll need to make an arrangement for you two… heh heh…”


First panel of a commission for  Basque`! Corresponding write up done by  PoncoCykes, thanks again!

You can view this as a follow-up of sorts to this, where after taking care of Geumsaegi she moves on to bigger game. There's bear characters depicted in the early parts of the show, and she's taking care of them in the best of ways!


Lt. Vixen, Bear © SEK Studios

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Posted by LoriParaP 1 year ago Report

I love this! You do this character so much justice

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Posted by ATailDesired 1 year ago Report

She's just showing him her fox hole~

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Posted by Anesthetic 1 year ago Report

Those are some strange shoes.

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Posted by darc22005 1 year ago Report

These three images, absolutely fantastic Asaneman <3

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