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Robin and Beast Boy walked in to the titans tower to be greeted with a very thick Raven. They looked around and didn't see any of the other girls anywhere.
 "Raven where is Star, Terra and Jinx" said Robin
 "Do you not recognize them, they are right here" said Raven
 Raven squeezed her big tits and slapped her ass that jiggled. Robin and Beast Boy were confused until they were ensnared in a cage.
 "What the hell Raven" said Beast Boy
 "My tits are gonna be huge when my stomach finishes you two" said Raven
 Raven stripped the 2 boys of their clothes and rubbed their bodies. They tried to struggle but tentacles came from the shadow cage and stopped them. The tentacles brought their dicks out of the cage and Raven got on her knees.
 "How about one last orgasm" said Raven
 Raven started to jerk beast boy off and then wrapped her lips around Robin's member. The boys moaned and Raven went to work, she alternated between sucking and jerking them off. Beast Boy cummed in her mouth first and she used all her sexual might on Robin. He screamed and eventually filled her maw with cum. She gulped the seed down and licked her lips.
 "Its time to feed, how about Beast Boy first" said Raven
 Raven got on her back and the tentacles lifted him in the air. Raven spread her legs and Beast Boy was lowered down. He was to tired to fight back so his feet slipped into Raven's vagina easily. Raven moaned and the tentacles pushed him in fastet and deeper. Robin watched in horror as his friend slowly went inside Raven's pussy. After a few minutes Beast Boy balled up in a special sack, burning cum was all over him. Raven rubbed her big belly and wanted him gone, Raven started to masturbate and Beast Boy screamed. His form on the outside slowly went to a round nothing while Raven rubbed herself. Finally she cummed and the remains spilled out, most of Beast Boy was only cum but half of his skull squeezed out as well. Robin started to tear up but soon he was lifted up, Raven got on her knees and looked up at him.
 "Churning Beast Boy to cum was fun but my stomach wants you" said Raven
 Robin was quickly wrapped in tentacles and was lowered to Raven's gaping maw. His feet touched her tongue and then he felt them enter her throat. Raven steadily gulped Robin down, she went up his skinny legs and reached his fat cock, Raven wrapped her tongue around it and made him cum again. She swallowed it down and let the tentacles go away. He went limp and let her eat him. Raven's belly started to expand out with Robin. Robin muttered something but at that second he saw day light while on Raven's throat. She closed her mouth over his face and gulped him down. Raven traced his head to her stomach, it grew out and went to a human form. Robin sat in the digestive acids and cried. Raven laid back on the couch and rubbed her belly.
She burped and lots of air was lost for Robin. He started to pant for air and smacked the walls.
*gurgle glorp*
His skin hurt and the walls kept cramming him closer, Raven felt more of Beast Boy cum in her and rubbed herself off again. Robin was slowly broken apart, he let out a final scream and the only noises left were snaps and gurgles. Raven moaned and cummed the rest of Beast Boy out. She felt her belly which was much softer, Robin's skull pushed out at her and she laughed. It disappeared into her gut and she fell asleep. The rest of Robin was churned up into mush. Her belly was much rounder and gurgled louder then ever. Finally it shrank down and Robin became fat on her body. Hours later a fart woke Raven up, she looked at her tits and Robin was barely there. She then groped her ass and realized Robin is just ass fat.
 "Where you belong birdie" said Raven
 Raven went to the bathroom where a giant pile of shit and cum was already there.
 "Hi girls just dropping a boy off" said Raven
 Raven flew over the previous pile and pushed logs of Robin onto Starfire's brown skull. He plopped on top and was lighter then the rest. Raven grunted as a 5 foot log coiled and plopped on top. Raven shit all of Robin out, his skull came last. Raven then left the giant pile and went to the couch and thinking who should be next.
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Raven and The Boys By Coolwoman -- Report

This is a 2nd part

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Posted by karn 4 months ago Report

I love combination between sex and vore, good work.


Posted by Coolwoman 4 months ago Report

Thank You