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During the dark of night, the suburbs of Zenith City are a very quiet and peaceful place. However in the area surrounding the eastern port, the night is when this city lights up. It’s known as the Nightlight district. An isolated section of the city, a lot of land owned by no one. It became a hub for crime and underground deals, a place where the homeless can find shelter in the plethora of abandoned buildings and structures, as well as home to many popular bars and clubs. In this abandoned town of darkness, there is one who fights for justice.
Freelance detective, Julia Lorenzo. 31-years-old, American, female, single. She has short golden brown hair and dark ruby eyes. Taking after her late father, Julia has dedicated herself to becoming a detective who fights the injustices of predator crimes.
She walked into a small two-story building, the first floor being a cafe called “Cup of Eden”.
“Ah, detective. Good evening.” the male bespectacled barista greeted her, cleaning mugs from behind the counter as gentle jazz music played quietly over the radio. The chairs have all been stacked on the tables for closing procedure.
“Hey, Larchen. You closing up shop this early?”
“Yeah. It’s Sanae’s birthday and the wife wants me home before bedtime.”
“She’s turning 7 already? Reminds me how old we’ve gotten.”
“Perhaps it’s time for you to find a husband. It’s not too late.”
Julia chuckles. “I don’t think being a housewife suits me.”
The barista sighs. “Suit yourself but you aren’t getting any younger. I’m out of here so lock up when you’re done.”
“Thanks.” she says as the man leaves the store and drives away in the car parked in the alleyway. The man’s name was Larchen Lancer, the owner of the cafe as well as a long time acquaintance of the detective. She had rented out the space upstairs which she uses as her office.
Julia heads up the stairs to her office and notices light peeking out from the door which was slightly parted open. She was sure she turned off the lights and locked up before leaving. Drawing her switchblade, which she always keeps in her coat pocket, she slowly approached the door careful not to step on the creaky areas of the wooden hallway floor. Now just outside the door, she could hear the sounds of people talking inside. Upon hearing a familiar voice, she relaxed and sighed while hiding away her blade. She opened the door and announced, “I’m back.”
“Oh, welcome back detective!” A man with light brown hair and wearing a full police uniform said while saluting her return. The man was very short and looked like he was no older than someone in his late teens.
“How the hell did you get in here?” Julia asked pulling out a cigarette.
“What are you talking about? You gave me a copy of the key in case you were out…”
“*sigh* Whatever. So what brings you here today, Fylar?” The young officer’s name was Dempsey Fylar, a 25-year-old rookie who has only been out of the academy for about a year. He’s commonly tasked to offer his assistance to detective Lorenzo’s cases and make arrests or call the ZPD for backup or support.
“Actually, I brought someone who specifically requested you for a case.” It was rather unusual for Julia to receive cases from clients in person. It’s usually over the phone or email.
“It’s nice to see you again, Detective Lorenzo.” A man’s voice said from behind her. Julia turned around to see a man in a business outfit. Her face turned pale when she recognized his face.
“M-Mr. Yukimura!” she stuttered, “w-what brings you all the way out here?”
Dempsey had never seen Julia get so flustered before. The man was pretty tall, had short snow-white hair and deep violet eyes. Apparently his name was Shoichiro Yukimura, the CEO of a small company named Seraphine Pharmaceuticals which specializes in manufacturing products like medicine, accessories, and clothing for predators. He’s a very important figure in Zenith City and one of the biggest contributors to the city’s growth, however his name and face rarely appears on any news outlets. Dempsey couldn’t help but wonder what kind of relationship this man has with detective Lorenzo for her to be so nervous.
“Actually I’ve come here with a case for you.” Shoichiro hands the detective a folder. “You see a former employee of mine has been going around stealing my company’s newest prototype medicine.”
Julia glances through the folder’s contents. There was a profile of a woman named Veronica Sattleford, a former researcher at Seraphine Pharmaceuticals who was recently fired for erratic behavior and showed signs of insanity. “If she’s just stealing drugs then shouldn’t this be something you would leave to the police? If you already have a lead on the suspect then there’s no point hiring a detective.”
“Unfortunately, that’s not an option for me. The medicine being stolen is not any ordinary drug. It’s a special medication that temporarily makes a person immune to the effects of digestion.”
“Mr. Yukimura,” Dempsey inputs, “I don’t mean to be rude but a fantasy drug like that just cannot possibly exist.”
“...And that’s how I plan on keeping it for the time being. If a formal police investigation were to proceed, the drug’s very existence could endanger not only my company but my family as well should word spread to the public.”
Julia sighs and lights her cigarette and says “...I understand, but why bring this to me of all people?”
“It’s because I believe I can trust you with this case, detective. Besides my goal isn’t just to stop these robberies. I would like you to investigate why the medicine being targeted specifically and for what purpose they’re being used for. For the moment, it doesn’t seem Ms. Sattleford has leaked any info about the drug to the general public or the underworld just yet.”
“How are you sure she hasn’t already sold the drugs to some other company?” She says exhaling a puff of smoke.
“Ms. Sattleford might not have the most sound judgement at the moment, but I know for a fact she had her own selfish purposes in mind when she conducted her research.”
“You’ve always had way too much faith in people.”
Shoichiro chuckles. “Perhaps you’re right. Anyways, I must be taking my leave. That folder contains everything I can provide regarding the case. I wish you luck, detective.” Shoichiro leaves closing the door behind him.
To be continued...
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Julia Lorenzo, a freelance detective in the Nightlight district, is given a special case by an old acquaintance of hers.

This is my first attempt at writing a mystery themed vore story. This story will be told across multiple chapters.

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