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It had been over 2 years since Nicole and Jenny’s lives had changed forever. The first was Jenny who disposed of a sexist co-worker. Then Nicole herself had recycled her ditzy Asian secretary into her own son. Both women were having the time of their lives. The business itself become greater than either could imagine. They had occurred so much business that they opened another location across town. Nicole ran one, while Jenny did the other.
 The girls missed the time they spent together, but still managed to get together on weekends. This weekend would be special though. Both them and their respective families were going to the beach together. With both their children now 1 years in age, it was time they both get exposure to the mighty ocean.
 Nicole’s sister Amanda had just flown in from out west to finally see her little tike. She was so excited to be an aunt and hates that she never made it in before now. Amanda looked almost identical sister aside from being a few years younger and had dyed her hair dark purple. She was also smaller in stature, shorter than her older sister.
 All the families had convened at the ocean side. The husbands, almost child like themselves, were playing football in the water while the girls watched over the children. The ladies chatted, snuck a few drinks of wine in, and looked at the tykes playing in the sand. Amanda was having such a good time, she didn’t want to leave.
 “I really wish I could stay longer but I hate always leaving Dean. I hoped he would be able to make it out but he is always working. This wedding at the end of the year isn’t going to pay for itself” she tells the two other girls. Amanda looks at the children playing and smiles. “ I can’t wait to have one or two of mine own day. They look so cute playing together” she says as the look on her face goes to that of sadness.
 “ I’m really shocked you were finally able to have a child Nicole. I remember you telling me how you just felt cursed. Me and Dean have been having unprotected sex forever but nothing ever happened. You give me some hope” she says to her sister. Nicole feels bad for her sister and looks over at Jenny. “You know, I wasn’t able to do it by myself” she tells her.
 The two ladies go into details about how Nicholas came to be. Amanda is floored whole staring at the child. She can’t believe that her own nephew used to be the young Chinese girl who had always accidentally dropped her calls. The child looked at her and smiled with his big blue eyes, Nicole knowing they used to be smaller,darker, and belonged to a whole different being. A being who was a ditzy cute Asian girl reformed into an Caucasian boy.
 “I just don’t understand though. All of that came from a Latin American drink. And all you had to do was drink the red, then have them drink the blue, and add your DNA and along with the partner of your choosing” she says puzzles to the two as they smiled back. “ Yeah, that’s pretty much it. You just have to make sure you get that extra ingredient before the 12 hours after you discharge there previous blue prints . Or else you are just going to have a really heavy period” Jenny tells the younger sibling.
 Amanda watches as the two children scurry down to greet their fathers. “Is that how you got Justine also Jenny” she asks. “Oh no, I had her the old fashioned way. But I can assure you the stuff from my country works. Ever wonder why Nicole stopped complaining about that person named John” she says squeezing her heavy breasts together. Amanda watches as the two dads carry the children into the water. Her line of sight though is changed as she hears a commotion near them.
 Just before she could look over, a man landed stomach first right in front of them. He kicked up tons of sand on his landing and had gotten over the girls. “Dude what the fuck!” Amanda yells at the clearly college aged boy. He brushes himself off and just looks at them. “I’m sorry there sexy ladies, I thought I would have caught that a few feet away. A little sand never hurt anyone, you are at the damn beach after all” he smirks at them.
 The boy is fit, toned and muscular all over. He was a heartthrob by all means. Nice and tall, with sandy blonde hair and a beautiful smile. He throws the ball back to his two waiting friends. “You know, it’s not every day that an angel lands in your laps. You should be grateful” he says as he races back to his friends. Nicole is beyond pissed at this point. She wants to get up and go after them. Jenny however holds her back. She looks at her and says” You know, I think I might have an idea that could make this weekend the best we had in awhile” she smiles as the tiny Hispanic girl reaches into her purse.
 When Jenny had gone to her country 6 months back, she loaded up on many various magical properties. More powders to shrink and devour, more potions to regress and unbirth, and a special penis ointment encase they wanted to let one of the husbands in on the game. Her older brother had used it all the time to swallow street prostitutes with his cock, converting them into rich sperm to feed or impregnate his wife. Her own niece used to be a street girl turned into a nice hefty load.
 The ladies talked it over while their husband watched the children play on the shore. They came up with a great game plan. Amanda had been staying in a hotel near both of their residences. That would be the location of their wild adventures. They walked to the shore and convinced the men to take babysitting duty for the night. They had multiple vehicles and the two men got along very well. They would most likely get the tots to sleep easy. Both Nicole and Jenny remember to pump the night before so they had plenty of milk back at the houses. Seth and Steve agreed as the loaded up the tykes and said their good byes.
 “You three girls enjoy yourselves and don’t drink too much. I don’t know about you Steve , but my body doesn’t produce milk and we only have enough in the fridge for tomorrow afternoon. So you need to sober up before then unless you want this little boy to starve” Seth stated as Steve nodded his head in agreement. “Yes yes we know. We won’t be really drinking at all. Just catching up and maybe order a romantic movie at Amanda’s room since you refuse to watch them.
 The husbands and babies drove off as the girls walked back to the shore. It was time they tried to catch some fish. The type of fish that was young, dumb, and full of cum. Their gorgeous bodies were going to be the perfect bait. The three ladies spotted the boys on the beach having a few beers. Jenny was the first to speak.
 “Aren’t you boys a little to young to be drinking?” She says as she looks down at the three men. The one from earlier, the rude boy who covered there blanket with sand was the first to speak up. “And what would it mean to you if we were” said the man who introduced himself as Josh to the group. “Well if you boys really like to party, my sister Amanda has a hotel room back near the city” says Nicole as she eyes up the hunk of man-meat in front of her.
 Josh always had a thing for older women. He loved the idea of rocking a lonely housewives world with his stunning young body. He licks his lips as the other two boys proceeded to stand. The first was named Luca. He was just as equally fit as Josh except he was clearly of Greek origin. His olive colored skin glistened in the bright sun. “And it’s a pleasure to meet you Miss” as he leaned in and kisses Jenny’s hand. She smiled back at him, knowing this was her target.
 The last boy was a little more shy. His name was Derek but that was only what he went by. He wasn’t as built as the other boys. He was the only true minority in the group. The man named Derek had moved to America from India around 5 years ago. His head was full of dark shaggy hair and he grew what little mustache he could muster. “Its nice to meet you Derek” said Amanda as she shook the boys hand. He wasn’t as mean spirited as the others. But eyed up Amanda’s body. He hung with them for a reason.
 After sitting with the boys for awhile the group agreed to meet up with the ladies later this evening back at the hotel. It also wasn’t far from the local campus the boys were attending so they could gladly make it. Amanda reached into her bag and handed Josh her extra room key as the trios split ways. As they walked, Jenny knew they were staring at there butts. She could sense that gaze better than anyone.
 Later that evening, the girls were preparing the room for their later endeavors. They each decided who would get who. Both Jenny and and Nicole prepared the drinks before hand , mixing the powder in with a light beverage ,as Amanda stared at hers. Eventually, she knew this is what she needed to do if she wanted to be as happy as her sister was. She waited an hour before the time they were sit to arrive before drinking with red liquid.
 An hour passed and the girls heard that knock on the door. Jenny, being extremely smart, had asked them to take the back entrance as to not be seen on any cameras. Nicole was the one who opened the door and was shocked to see what was in front of her. Not only was it the trio of beach boys, but they brought a plus one. “ I hope you don’t mind, my friend Justin wanted to tag along” said Josh as he passed her entering the room.
 Jenny started to stress a bit. The girls hadn’t planned on the extra head coming to the party. Lucky for her, she had enough powder left, but she didn’t know if her or Nicole’s stomach could handle it. This was a different formula as opposed to the one she used on John. This one, once the consumer was devoured, would help speed up the digestion processes once the stomach acids soaked up the blood stream of the victim. What once would take around 3 days would now only take around a few hours .
 All Jenny and Nicole both wanted was to tighten up their bodies after being pregnant a year ago. She started to feel her butt sag a bit while Nicole was finally going after that breast lift she wanted. Both of their assumed prey would also make good rich milk for their children to feed on by this time tomorrow. Both ladies had been pumped dry and these boys would give them enough nutrition to produce a suitable amount of milk that would last for the coming days. Nicole also had to sadly shave during the birth of Nicholas. She wanted that big bushy crotch back that her husband craved. While hairy, her prey would get her to her desired length.
 All four of the men entered the room as Justin spoke for the first time. “God damn you must have it real good. I’ve never seen such a fucking big hotel room” he said as he downed the beer he carried himself to the room. Jenny told Nicole to keep the boys busy while she got another drink for rude man. Once he was tiny, her and Nicole would then decided her got the desert. She was hoping it wouldn’t be her though.
 Josh laid down on the bed and stared at Nicole. He wanted her so badly. “Just to let you know, I look at a ton of MILF porn but you will be my first. Tell me, is everything still tight down there” he said smiling to her. Nicole wanted to scold him so badly, that isn’t the way you talk to a mature beautiful lady. She fixed her composure and smiled back at the boy. “It certainly is. My husband doesn’t have the goods like you most likely do” she said telling the bold face lie.
 Luca laughed while looking over at Jenny’s ass while she mixed the 4th drink. He loved Spanish girls. The boy knew he could use his Greek charm on her once she came back. He wanted so badly to shove his face in her plump booty. “You about done over there sweetie” he said at Jenny. “Almost dear” she said wiggling her hips, teasing the boy.
 Derek stared out the window, quiet as a mouse. “Yeah, the view here is incredible” was all he could muster up. He turned around to see Amanda smiling at him. She proceed to walk to him, touching his shoulder. He shivered as girls barely touched him like the other two. “Oh I have such sights to show you dear” she says as the boy turns around. All her jitters now gone, she knew she was going to commit to this.
 Barging out of the bathroom was Justin. He didn’t even ask if he could use it. The boy even left the door open as he took a piss. Now Justin was nowhere nearly as attractive as the other boys. His body was sloppy, his hair unkept, and his manners out the window. Justin was a total pig. “So I only count 3 women here tonight and four of us. So who is doing double duty” he chuckled as the boys laughed. “Dude don’t be such a dick. I told you not even to come and you did anyways” said Josh.
 Before another stupid statement could come from Justin’s mouth, Jenny was done and handed each of the boys drinks. All of them had looked the same except for Derek’s which was completely blue. Josh and Luca downed them quickly .Before Justin could, he ran back in the bathroom to pee again. He placed his drink on the table and rushed off. Derek only sipped on his getting half of it down.
 After just a few moments, Josh and Luca started to feel light headed and laid down on the bed as Derek felt a little tingly himself. Busting out of the bathroom came Justin who spilled over his drink once he reached for it. The girls had a sheer look of terror as they witness their means of disposing of this foul man soak into the carpet. “Party foul” he said laughing as he took the cup from Derek’s hand and finished it. The women now concerned.
 Justin stood there for a moment as Derek proceeded to lay down on the floor. “Your such a pansy du..” he muttered out as he himself found himself floored. Both boys on the bed paralyzed as they slowly shrank in size. Before they knew it, each man was about a tad over 2 feet tall. The men on the floor started to convulse as they regressed in age.
 “So this is going to be a problem now” said Jenny smirking at the boys as they travel back through puberty. It didn’t take much of the formula to start the process, and she always used more just in case. Both Derek and Justin now buried in their own clothes as 4 year olds laying on the floor very confused. Josh and Luca could only watch in fear that the same had happened to them, not knowing they had only just shrunk until looking at each other.
 “I mean, we have two options here” Jenny said to the girls. “ The first is Amanda can go through with her original plan. We would just let the other continue to regress outside of the womb. Eventually, he would loose the ability to breath on his own and suffocate. After that his body will continue to regress as he becomes nothing but a splotch of blood and whatever moronic sperm he was made from. Although you only have the room for tonight and it takes about 30 something f hours for that point to occur” she says looking at the now babies on the floor crying.
 “And what would the second option be” asked Nicole. Jenny smiles as she looked at the younger sibling. “Well Amanda, how do you feel about twins” she laughed looking at the soon to be mother. Luca and Josh still couldn’t move, pondering what their own fates would be. Amanda agreed to taking both the boys into her. She guessed if she was going to do this, she might as well go big. She was sure Dean wouldn’t mind if they finally got pregnant with two babies. They had the money to do so.
 Amanda got naked and laid down on one of the beds as Nicole had moved both Josh and Luca to just one. The first one to enter would be Derek. The little brown skinned baby cried as Nicole helped slip his feet into her sisters waiting vagina. Her fluids coating the boy as he went in with ease. If he had any memories of what a pussy looked like, he would of popped a boner staring at her neatly trimmed landing strip. She wasn’t the hairy one like her big sister. When he got up to his lips, it looked like he had finally grown the mustache he always wanted. Nicole pushed the rest of him in as they waited for him to settle in her womb.
 Justin on the other hand was extremely fussy. The chubby white trash baby thrashed about, being hard to handle. His feet wouldn’t stop kicking as Nicole tried to insert them. Jenny walked over and asked to help. She couldn’t take the crying anymore. Her own child had stopped doing this months ago. She turned the boy around and started to insert him head first. Amanda moaned as she had an amazing orgasm when the boys crown hit her g-spot. More of her juices coated the child and made the journey quicker. Before she came down from her climax, he was tucked into her womb to join his friend.
 “Looks like someone enjoyed this more than they think” said Jenny as Amanda’s face turned red. She laid on the bed rubbing her massive stomach as the babies moved around. The other two turned their attention to the boys on the bed. Josh and Luca had just watched their friend get devoured by Amanda’s vagina and they couldn’t say a word. The best friends proceeded to undress as they began to torment the boys.
 “You see, I despise men like you two. Always thinking that we are nothing but objects. We are proud mothers you know” said Jenny as she was completely nude laying down at the edge of the bed, followed by a just as naked Nicole. “And married women at that. Our good men, our husbands are the only ones who can get there bodies. And you are nothing but meat to make them more attractive to them. You see these?” Nicole says while grabbing one of her friends tits. “Our children drink from these” she finishes as Jenny grabs one of Nicole’s breast also.
 “You are going to help us provide milk for them. Once we swallow you whole that is. Our big strong Mummy tummies will break you down and send your nutrients to our mammary glads were it will become milk for our children to grow big and strong. The rest of you to will give us the desired lifts we crave. You Josh will perk up my friends breasts. Feeding a child takes its toll on these” Jenny said as she jiggled Nicole’s breasts.
 “And for you Luca, that ass you were staring at so lovingly early will be one of your resting places. You love big Latina booties so much, now you will get to be part of one forever” Nicole says as she turns her friend around, slapping the Spanish bubble butt. “ And whatever is left of you two, will be turned to our waste to be dropped off in that bathroom over there and some at our homes with real men waiting to fuck us”Jenny told the scared boys.
 At that moment both women moved up closer to the men. Their eyes widen as they come face to groin with the big women. Jenny vigorously starts to rub her clit next to Lucas mouth and Nicole starts talking again. Her own hairy pussy resting near Josh’s nose. “ I guess if you like mature women so much, you would know we get awfully hairy. You will be used to make this bush get longer and thicker. My husband has missed it soo much. It gets me soo horny knowing that part of you will be plucked from his teeth next time he goes down on me” she says to the boy.
 This was enough to send Jenny over the edge as her pussy squirted all over Luca’s face. She laughed as leaned back off of him. “You taste that Luca, by the morning I’ll be full of it again. This time with a certain Greek flavor. My husband loves when I ride his face and he drinks it all. It makes his own cum taste even sweeter the following day after it goes through his body. I’ll look forward to swallowing and digesting part of you again” Jenny says as both move to the end of the bed.
 Amanda smiles as she watches her big sister and friend begin to devour the two rude boys. The ones in her stomach starting to kick less and less. After a minute or so, the last of the boys enters their tombs and all three ladies have full tummies. “ Well it looks like I’m not the only one who enjoyed that also” she says as the girls laugh rubbing their own stomachs.
 Over the course of the night the women chat and flip through channels. It only takes an hour before both Luca and Josh expire. Nicole and Jenny dance around to pop music in the room. Their bellies sloshing around with remains of the beach brats. Amanda is still to big to move around so she just sings along. After awhile the girls tire out as the settle down for the evening. Amanda and Nicole share a bed while Jenny sleeps solo. It’s like old times for the two sisters, side to side, only this time with two big bellies touching each other.
 During their slumber, the boys in Amanda continue to regress. Her body feeding off the them, preparing her for the pregnancy at hand. The other two men, now goop, are reassigned to their new duties. Luca was being used to add to the already amazing butt of the Latina. Other proteins were used to strengthen her tight muscles back to before her child. Nicole was most certainly getting the breast lift she wanted as fats disturbed in her chest.
 Both men however would meet the same desired fate together as majority of their nutrients were being processed as milk. By this time tomorrow, some of them would be in their respectable places, in the belly of the two friends children or in the fridge. Even those proteins would meet their end in separate diaper genies and their children’s bodies over the following days.All the alcohol they consumed was also filter out and would leave the girls as piss in the morning.
 When the sun rose up, Amanda was the first to wake up. She looked down at her own belly to see it had reduced in size. While still big, she looked to be around 6 months pregnant with twins. Her sisters was almost completely gone, now replaced with massive milk jugs. After that she went to the bathroom where her body expelled what she processed from the boys. She was pissing and shitting away their history.
 The other two got up quickly after and proceed to fight over the bathroom. Amanda was glad she got their first. After about an hour, all the morning duties were done. Nicole coming out of the bathroom last. “ oh my god this is so amazing. Look!” She said to the others. They could see her now hairier cunt. They weren’t so impressed but Seth would be floored later in the day. They helped Amanda pack her things and they kissed her goodbye before she got in a cab to the airport.
 “Now remember, by tomorrow night you need to have sex with Dean or else this was all for nothing” she told her sister “This is way quicker acting than your sisters. What you took what was stronger than what Nicole took. Their DNA should be out of your system by tomorrow morning” Jenny said to her. “I’ll make it out west to see you when the babies are born” she told her sister as they hugged goodbye.
 Nicole was the first to make it home. Seth already up with the baby watching television. “Did you have a fun night with the girls? Did you sister make it to the airport ok” he asked her. She answered him yes and that she was waiting for her flight. She grabbed her son off the ground and held her to her chest. “ I bet someone is hungry, yes the are” she says exposing her improved bossum as the big eyed boy latched unto the nipple. His tummy filling with the milk made from the man they used to call Josh. After he was done, she laid him down for a nap.
 She took her husband to the bed room where the passionately kissed while their child slept. As she undressed, Seth noticed that her vagina had gotten fuller with hair and it made the man wild. They proceeded to have wild sex, although keeping the noise to a minimum. From behind, he also noticed her ass had got more wiggly. He pulled out of her and started to tongue her tight hole. She moaned as pleasure as his spit opened her up. Nicole knew what he wanted and she had no problem making him happy. The blonde milf still had some Josh remaining in her colon. Seth’s big dick would loosen her up for later and his cum would lube it up to slide out quicker.
 When Jenny got home, she pretty much followed in the same pattern. Feeding her child the Greek nutrients from the source and pumping the rest for later in the evening. Once Justine’s nap time came, they two made love. She kept her promise to Luca, and came into her husbands waiting mouth as he held her now tighter ass with both hands. She smiled at him patting him on the stomach and fondling his drained balls. Jenny would get her second taste of Luca later tonight in bed.
 Amanda waited at the airport for her flight home. It was long one.Eight hours until she could get back on her coast and finally be in her own bed and wait for her fiancé. Looking pregnant got her some major perks though. She was able to board the plane first and even got better seating. During the flight her stomach got smaller as her body drained it occupants. She would make many trips to the bathroom, expelling the waste of the men.
 After finally reaching her house almost 12 hours later, she would finally get to relax at home. She ran a few errands after her flight. Her bump barely noticeable under her loose shirt. She walked around her abode imagining what it will be like with children in it. They would most likely need a bigger place. She went to sleep with the 2 inside her now around 4 months each.
 She woke the following day,her body had finished processing the two for the next step. Her cervix expelling the genetics of the two boys. Justin’s trailer park DNA and Derek’s Hindu culture coming out of her in a creamy substance. Their parents would be so embarrassed to know their eggs and sperm cells would end up in a purple haired ladies toilet rather than at a high paying job. All the embryos inside needed was a father.
 While waiting for Dean to return from business, she received a text from him. His flight had been delayed and he wouldn’t make it till later in the evening. Concern grew over Amanda as she knew that time was precious. If her fiancé couldn’t complete the task, she would expel them next as a bloody mess and all of this was for nothing. As the day went on she got more and more concerned as more white fluid exited her cervix. She had no idea what to make of it. When night fell she was ready to call her sister in a panic when she heard door open.
 “Honey I’m home” said the sharp dressed business man. He was tall, tan, a head full of brown hair, and green eyes. Amanda wasted no time greeting his husband. She tore off his fancy outfit and proceeded to ride her fiancé hard. It took what felt like forever for him to climax as Amanda kept looking at her watch. Finally he came deep inside her, flooding her womb with his genetics as her cervix took it all it to bake the her future inside. It would remain closed for the next seven months.
 The next day, she bought a home pregnancy test that came up positive. The couple was extremely happy to finally start a family. Dean has assumed it was from all the sex previous to her visit out east. Only during the ultrasound did they learn the surprise. She wasn’t having twins at all. The photos revealed only one child in her womb. She followed up with Jenny who called the person she got the chemicals from back home. Since the full conception was done at last minute, the two boys inside merged to become one embryo. The rest of the discharge was the remainder off there cells split off from the fusion.
 Amanda was actually relived to know that she was back on track with her original plan. She did want to me a mom, but wanted to start out small. Over the next couple months she talked with her sister daily as the couple made up a baby room. Dean quick tracked the wedding and she had a small ceremony outside the court house. During one of her follow ups, they learned that their child was going to be a little girl. She smiled and in her head laughed.
 Those horny men were together transformed into a danity girl. All that testosterone flowing in them taken by her body and reformed as estrogen to be placed in the well mannered woman she would raise. That big dick energy they thought had with their units refigured to what would in years to come be developed into what they wanted to stick it into. She held her husbands hand and smiled.
 More time had passed and the two were in the hospital as Amanda went into labor. After many hours, her daughter who they named Angel would come into this world. She had stands of blonde hair on her head, a fair complexion, and her fathers green eyes. She FaceTimes her sister and Jenny who were together at the time to show them the first look at her child. They made their own children, now nearing two,wave to the baby. Both of them now able to speak said Hi and Nicole promised to make it out there the following month.
 With her baby held in her arms, she rocked Angel to sleep. Dean was passed out on the chair next to them. She smiled she placed her daughter between her legs. She then remembered something Josh had said before he now resided in her sisters tits and nephew’s bones. “It’s not every day an angel lands in your laps”
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So this is my biggest story so far! I wanted to follow up on the adventure of the best friends Jenny and Nicole. This time, they are joined along with Nicole’s younger sister Amanda visiting. The families go on a beach trip where Jenny has plans to make it an ultimate girl’s trip.

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Posted by wiseguy288 7 months ago Report

Another brilliant story. Interesting twist at the end, definitely fitting though. I can't wait to see more


Posted by vorecat87 7 months ago Report

Thank you very much! I enjoyed writing this one I think the most out of the previous ones. Jenny and Nicole have been a blast to write. I look forward to adding more stories with them, Amanda, and bring others into their little universe :)