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Longtime lurker. I write occasionally, and going to try to do more work very soon. Highly into Unbirth, cock vore, digestion, and gender change. But my tastes are very wide so it won’t always be those. I also like to write with different ethnic groups represented in my stories.

I enjoy seeing people from around the world seen in the communities works of art and tales. We are a big group from around the globe so I like to express that either as predator or prey. Even if it seems a tad racey, I will never cross the line using offensive words need be it. Everything is in context for my works and all to drive the plot home.

Feel free to messages or comment on any of my stories you like. I enjoy feedback greatly and it helps drive my passion to create my content. Enjoy!

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Johnathan loved his job. He loved his job because it’s what he always wanted to do. The 50 year old man had spent the last 30 years being a photographer. He had traveled all across the world taking photos of everything from wildlife to combat in the field. John had been published in many magazines and various forms of media around the world. But the man never won an award for any of this work. He hoped this trip to the jungles of the Congo would change that.
  It was the second day i

“Oh my god stop it!” Screamed a livid Amanda. She had just caught her 4 year old daughter coloring on her walls. The little girl had known better but had done it anyways. Amanda knew kids would be kids as she sent Angel to her room and started to clean the mess. She was back to her busy crazy life as a West Coast mom.
 The 34 year old woman had a ton of responsibilities currently and felt like she never had time for herself. Her not even being able to fly out to see her new niece and fr

Almost a year had passed since the mystical South American drugs had been used in America. Last time being used to help a desperate Haitian trans woman turn into a beautiful Ebony goddess. Jenny Mendez and the now Destiny Foxx had rid the world of a directionally challenged pale redhead. Everything that made her a beautiful thick southern girl given to Miss Foxx to make her a fully functional woman. The PAWG’s femininity digested and absorbed to help Destiny make her own.
 After that Jen

Jenny Mendez, the bubble butt Latina mother was hard at work at her own dog walking company. She still worked for Nicole, but was operating the second branch that opened up after the company had major success. She sat at her desk while her 3 year old daughter played with the dogs in day care.
 Her phone buzzed as she received a text from Nicole’s sister Amanda out West. Jenny smiled as she looked it at. It was a photo of her friend’s sister with her head next to her own bosses big belly

Amanda sat in her kitchen enjoying her morning coffee. It was a bright sunny day on her side of the country. She always made sure to be the first up each morning. The woman took the peace and quiet to enjoy her morning dose of caffeine. It wouldn’t be too long before her husband and daughter would awaken and she would have to start breakfast.
 Over two years had passed since her child came into this world. The little girl with her blonde hair and green eyes was her world. It was hard to

It had been over 2 years since Nicole and Jenny’s lives had changed forever. The first was Jenny who disposed of a sexist co-worker. Then Nicole herself had recycled her ditzy Asian secretary into her own son. Both women were having the time of their lives. The business itself become greater than either could imagine. They had occurred so much business that they opened another location across town. Nicole ran one, while Jenny did the other.
 The girls missed the time they spent together,

Jacob was bored. He had spent the entire morning trying to keep cool in his apartment before going to work later that night. The man in his mid 30s paced around his house trying to find something to get into. Nothing was on tv, no one responded to his texts, and even members of his own family wanted nothing to do with him. They even deleted him off of social media because of his racist views and bad choices in politics. Jacob was a single man, living alone in his studio apartment. No relation

It had been a wild few months for Nicole, the manger of the top Dog Walking company in town. Just a year ago, it seemed like her business was falling apart. But for the past 5 months it had made a complete turn around. Her new assistant Jenny Mendez had really shaped up the company since taking the role. After the “termination” of one of the worst employees, things started to fall in line. Morale was up, money was coming in, and she had a staff that was stellar..almost. Nicole couldn’t be

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I just want to thank everyone once again for liking my stories. I’ve been trying a little bit of things and trying to get more diverse in my ideas. However I really been focused on my now dubbed “Mendez Medicine” series of stories. My latest entry already posted earlier today. Unbirth is one of my top favorite genres and I’m glad the series has been a hit. I have a few more chapters planned for the overall story. A few like my last being wider in scale. I also apologize if my stories don’t hit as back to back like they have been over the past week. I’m going to take more time with them, making sure they have less spelling errors and more continuity. I look forward to seeing more comments and suggestions, your feedback and suggestions fuel my passion!

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