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Longtime lurker. I write occasionally, and going to try to do more work very soon. Highly into Unbirth, cock vore, digestion, and gender change. But my tastes are very wide so it won’t always be those. I also like to write with different ethnic groups represented in my stories.

I enjoy seeing people from around the world seen in the communities works of art and tales. We are a big group from around the globe so I like to express that either as predator or prey. Even if it seems a tad racey, I will never cross the line using offensive words need be it. Everything is in context for my works and all to drive the plot home.

Feel free to messages or comment on any of my stories you like. I enjoy feedback greatly and it helps drive my passion to create my content. Enjoy!

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really should of let her pee first. It’s all dry and sticky now.”
Tom yelled down the hall . The man cleaning up the bathroom floor
didn’t mind though. Two days ago in this same bathroom, he watched
as his wife Nancy swallowed a young woman by the name of Ashley. It
was her urine that he was cleaning up. The young girl pissing herself
as his wife prepared to ingest her. Tom walking in to assist, helping
her swallow the poor girl’s legs. Legs that would melt and became
part of his

was a cool crisp Autumn day in rural Vermont. That time of the year,
thousands of tourists came to visit the beautiful state. The
mountains were painted orange and yellow. It was beyond surreal to
see this, hence why Matt and Ashely were currently traveling through
the state.
couple in their late 20s, were very excited to finally visit during
the Fall months. They had traveled from Boston, looking for a
relaxing getaway from the hectic city life. Matt, 27, was driving
while Ashely, 28, s

this your first time?”. That was the words that entered the ears of
Jack. The man took a moment to think it over but he knew the answer.
You see Jack had just arrived in Thailand a few days prior. It was on
business for a tour of a factory the company he worked for had
purchased. After days of all hustle, it was time for some pleasure.
The man looking to blow off some steam for a few hours before his
last meeting and then plane ride home.
first time I’ve paid for sex? Yes, I

“Last call” was the two words that echoed through the room. That room being the hotel bar, and the night coming to an end. Once again for Katie, it would be another waste of an evening. The girl in her late 20s had hit up this spot since her local bar was under construction. She didn’t know anyone here, but was bubbly and tried to open up to as many people as possible. Katie had been having a rough time as of late.
  At the beginning of the year, her long time boyfriend and her h

Marcus usually hated the bus. On most days, he would of rather stayed home than ride this thing to go anywhere. But today was different. He didn’t mind the ride today. The 30 year old man had only his destination on his mind. That being to visit an old friend. An old friend Marcus had feelings for.
 The friend in question was a woman named Jodi. She and Marcus had gone to high school together. While nothing romantic ever sparked from their friendship, the man always had feelings for the g

Johnathan loved his job. He loved his job because it’s what he always wanted to do. The 50 year old man had spent the last 30 years being a photographer. He had traveled all across the world taking photos of everything from wildlife to combat in the field. John had been published in many magazines and various forms of media around the world. But the man never won an award for any of this work. He hoped this trip to the jungles of the Congo would change that.
  It was the second day i

“Oh my god stop it!” Screamed a livid Amanda. She had just caught her 4 year old daughter coloring on her walls. The little girl had known better but had done it anyways. Amanda knew kids would be kids as she sent Angel to her room and started to clean the mess. She was back to her busy crazy life as a West Coast mom.
 The 34 year old woman had a ton of responsibilities currently and felt like she never had time for herself. Her not even being able to fly out to see her new niece and fr

Almost a year had passed since the mystical South American drugs had been used in America. Last time being used to help a desperate Haitian trans woman turn into a beautiful Ebony goddess. Jenny Mendez and the now Destiny Foxx had rid the world of a directionally challenged pale redhead. Everything that made her a beautiful thick southern girl given to Miss Foxx to make her a fully functional woman. The PAWG’s femininity digested and absorbed to help Destiny make her own.
 After that Jen

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to post a quick update. This week, I have posted two brand new stories that I had been working on for a little while. I personally feel they are some of my best works. I started taking my time with the content and don’t doubt what I send it to publish in the gallery. One of them being a prequel to International Affairs and the other a whole new story involving a cruel couple. The later of the two already giving me ideas for a sequel which I may have finished in the next week or so. I also am working on some things involving animals, famous celebrities, and different types of vore. I look forward to sharing them with you all in the future. Until then, enjoy :)

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