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Regina was feeling a tad down. Not about herself though. She had everything she could of ever dreamed of. A loving husband, her handsome 5 year old son, and recently a new promotion at her job. The 28 years old wife and mother reason for sadness was because of her friend at work. The portly man in his late 30s named Fred, had been through a lot in his life. Getting divorced and having no children, it would always cause him to be down at work. Asking girls out in the office always ended up in a p

had been a busy few months at a quiet Bed and Breakfast out in the
middle of nowhere Vermont. While the Inn had only seen three guests
during its operation, those guests might have checked out but never
left. The first two finding forever homes in the house’s waste tank
and on the bodies of its owners. Both their young youthful bodies
restoring those of the once elderly couple. The two Caucasian
sightseers melting away in their bellies. Giving the now Terence and
Naomi more years and newer

really should of let her pee first. It’s all dry and sticky now.”
Tom yelled down the hall . The man cleaning up the bathroom floor
didn’t mind though. Two days ago in this same bathroom, he watched
as his wife Nancy swallowed a young woman by the name of Ashley. It
was her urine that he was cleaning up. The young girl pissing herself
as his wife prepared to ingest her. Tom walking in to assist, helping
her swallow the poor girl’s legs. Legs that would melt and became
part of his

was a cool crisp Autumn day in rural Vermont. That time of the year,
thousands of tourists came to visit the beautiful state. The
mountains were painted orange and yellow. It was beyond surreal to
see this, hence why Matt and Ashely were currently traveling through
the state.
couple in their late 20s, were very excited to finally visit during
the Fall months. They had traveled from Boston, looking for a
relaxing getaway from the hectic city life. Matt, 27, was driving
while Ashely, 28, s

this your first time?”. That was the words that entered the ears of
Jack. The man took a moment to think it over but he knew the answer.
You see Jack had just arrived in Thailand a few days prior. It was on
business for a tour of a factory the company he worked for had
purchased. After days of all hustle, it was time for some pleasure.
The man looking to blow off some steam for a few hours before his
last meeting and then plane ride home.
first time I’ve paid for sex? Yes, I

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vorecat87's Blog - April Update Posted 9 months ago

Hello everyone! Hope that during this time that everyone in the community is safe. Recently I have decided to also upload my stories up DA. I figured it would be another place to share my work and also work on other non-vore projects. I’ll still be posting here obviously but check it out and maybe some of my other TG content will impress you as well. I also knew I said the last unbirth story was my final for a bit, didn’t work. Everyone stay safe and we can all get through this together!!


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Posted by PhantomWolf 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the fave and the watch

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Posted by Straxacore 1 year ago Report

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Hahaha no no. I'm not well at all. But I'll live. But if you want to make me feel better... read and like more stories :D. Also I should have more coming soon


Posted by Straxacore 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the fav :D


Posted by Paradox 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch^^


Posted by Straxacore 1 year ago Report

Oh Thank you for the watch. I've started that story I mentioned. I hope you like my stuff. You have good taste in writers :D


Posted by ecufan360 1 year ago Report

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no problem i really like the pregnancy in your stories either way there great


Posted by Nalzindar 1 year ago Report

Thank you for the watch^^

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