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Safe in the womb (XRAY) (stream request) By BIGBIG

Late happy new year to everyone!
Sadly I wans't been able to work much lately.
Life's been very busy.
I do hope Ill be able to catch up soon ;)
Stay tuned.

non-X-ray version >

Please note that I only take request in "request streams"
They happen randomly and people are chosen also randomly through it.
You get notifications via uploaded image (that contains info about the stream) when they happen.

Request for Lordpumpkin of their persona, safe, inside Zuzana's womb.
Can't tell the same about the ladies above in the gut.

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Posted by DMDracoMoondragon 2 weeks ago

Love how it looks like she's about to polish off a full Cornish game hen in a single bite. Lol

Awesome work as always, BigBig. ^^


Posted by LowProfile 2 weeks ago

she's clearly swallowed at least eight entire human beings whole and alive very recently, plus one that she stuffed up her snatch. i think she can handle a single broiled chicken ;)


Posted by DMDracoMoondragon 2 weeks ago

Yeah, you're probably right. Lol


Posted by AdjectiveNounCombo 2 weeks ago

I like the cooked chicken as a reference for scale. You realize how much bigger she is when you see that.


Posted by reaperz 2 weeks ago

Love the skulls in the intestinal tract :3


Posted by Royal_Starlord 2 weeks ago

The guy in the womb is probably wondering what that extra movement above him is. :///V


Posted by Potatomaximus 2 weeks ago

i think he's well aware ;)


Posted by StickyGlobule 2 weeks ago

Its not safe i dont think.


Posted by LowProfile 2 weeks ago

probably. she's either saving him for later, or he's not gonna stay looking like that for much longer :P


Posted by UnknownPerson9876 2 weeks ago



Posted by twitchystitch 2 weeks ago

Oh dear me that is PRECIOUS~

There's an interesting juxtaposition between that guy being cradled in her womb like that, all snug and safe and happy, and the ladies being digested right above him?

And bonus points for Zuzana going full MILF here... after a fashion! I'm pretty sure it counts if she gives a guy a possibly permanent stay inside her like that? If so, it's likely to ratchet up her appetite to new extremes, which might be an ominous thought!


Posted by Raesetsu 2 weeks ago

I'd love to see more pics with the imprints of skulls in the intestines. This pic is great!


Posted by JCA 10 days ago

God ! I love this one ! :)


Posted by DxDnaruto 6 days ago

Damn, I wish I could be in Zuzana's gut too :)