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Gaia's Gigantic Gut By StygianRook -- Report

So, I've had a couple of wet-, I mean, weird dreams involving Destroyer and Gaia, her older self. In one dream, the two were basically pretending to be a family, except Destroyer's concept of pregnancy was a bit wonky and Gaia always had a huge craving for T-Dolls (T-Dolls are basically androids). In another dream, Gaia was devouring a ton of T-Dolls and then she absorbed/reused the scraps from her victims to produce more Destroyers, all inside her belly, making her a literal baby factory (the Destroyers were all fully grown but you get the idea, heh). Kinda funny seeing someone being their own mother, daughter, and sister at the same time lul.

But either way, Gaia had an overwhelmingly massive belly in every iteration, so naturally, I was compelled to make that happen. And seeing how little Girls' Frontline vore art is in general, that's all the more reason to do it. Thinking about doing something with Ouroboros next.

Oh and apologies if the details seem a bit hard to see here on Eka, try zooming in a bit.

Gaia and Destroyer are Sangvis Ferri units from Girls' Frontline.

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Posted by QuinnCrystal 11 months ago Report

Would love to see something with Ouroboros, especially with Cube+ going on right now


Posted by Blarginated 11 months ago Report

Now that's my kind of titanic gut. Bonus points for huge boobs pushed up by said gut.


Posted by SomeGuyHere 11 months ago Report

Oooh fuck! Some GFL? Hell yeah!!

Gaia is one of my favourite SF units, super unexpected too see art of her, super nice!

I'm really enjoying how great Gaia looks with those huge breasts and belly, and her removing the panties from her mouth along with the huge belly, you've done a great job!


Posted by StygianRook 11 months ago Report

Thanks! Yeah, Gaia's underrated af basically everywhere.


Posted by SomeGuyHere 11 months ago Report

We bullied her as Destroyer, then as Gaia in Deep Dive. About time she got some payback. Definitely underrated, oof.


Posted by BananaMelons 11 months ago Report



Posted by Artist-san 11 months ago Report

I wanted to critique this but I'm actually speechless.


Posted by pbysteria 11 months ago Report

Good to see some GFL love.


Posted by StygianRook 11 months ago Report

Always got room for more gfl vore.


Posted by TenaciousTinkerer 11 months ago Report

Ayy some GFL stuff, that's pretty good to see, nice job!


Posted by algog8 11 months ago Report

Feed her an army


Posted by StygianRook 11 months ago Report

She just ate an army lul


Posted by algog8 11 months ago Report

That looks like just a squad


Posted by BlueIce 10 months ago Report

She's gonna become a great mom


Posted by BasedDarkBum 10 months ago Report

God damn, everything about this is fantastic! Not too familiar with the source material but I'm loving the dialogue. Always good to see more love for pregnant preds!