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art is a... snack i guess By Mamerui -- Report

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Tags: Akatsuki Belly bulge blushing pred Deidara Endosoma M/M Male Pred Male Prey naruto shippuden nonfatal digestive stuff Onomatopoeia Oral Vore Same Size Soft Vore tobi Edit

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I was re-watching Shippuden because I have always secretly been a Naruto fan all along and I've always loved the AKATSUKI so here's Deidara as pred.

he ate tobi. yes, he lets tobi out because he secretly has a soft-spot for him and would never really actually kill that doofy dork. he just wants his art to be taken seriously and his talent to be recognised

i am absolutely torn up about deidara's death

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Posted by Kitti 6 months ago Report



Posted by Mamerui 6 months ago Report

thank u my queen....


Posted by Superirondude28 6 months ago Report



Posted by Belloc 6 months ago Report

Deidara is so GOOD. I love him. Great work on this. The perspective is a lot of fun.


Posted by Emanresu 6 months ago Report

Maybe this will expand his creative outlets.

Vore is art! *Noms Sasuke*


Posted by Mamerui 6 months ago Report

i would have preferred that outcome to their fight ;_;


Posted by SirVile67 6 months ago Report

Geijutsu wa bakuhatsu da!



Posted by DeVouRerYT 4 months ago Report

vore isn't just a fetish.
it's an art form