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City Under Seige By AngelicChaos -- Report

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Zel'Vanni is a huntress unlike most you may know. She's more like a scavenger, really. She searches for tiny settlements out in the forest, then collects the inhabitants to sell for a profit. Today, she just found the biggest city she has ever seen.

This image is related to my upcoming story, 'A Twisted Tail'

The art is a commission produced by DranixParemoon over on FurAffinity -

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Posted by NekoYuki 9 months ago Report

Looks like a really well drawn pic, the lamia looks great and I adore the details

Also at the same time though it just strikes me as so weird and Jarring that a city is just in a forest. That’s me being weird though. The mix of nature and then the concrete is, I think striking may be the word? Not a criticism it, just visually looks very strange when RL cities usually cut all the trees near them down.


Posted by AngelicChaos 9 months ago Report

Well, the idea is that the micro races build their settlements and cities in places that are hard to reach or easy to miss by the larger races.


Posted by Dragonjaj 9 months ago Report

Im a bad person imagined her in hull plates with battle ship guns along her coils and arms


Posted by AngelicChaos 9 months ago Report

No Snek Battleship Yamato plz


Posted by jackson22222 9 months ago Report

So if she sells them instead of eating them, what does she normally eat?
And what are some of things her buyers do with them?


Posted by AngelicChaos 9 months ago Report

Well of course she takes her "cut" from her finds. As for what other people do with them. Well, I suppose you'll have to wait and see. I'm making slow progress in the actual story, but progress nonetheless.


Posted by Umhuebr 9 months ago Report

Interesting spot to build a city, eh.
Must also add Zel has quite a serene look on her eyes, wonder what she's thinking.


Posted by AngelicChaos 9 months ago Report

That she just hit the jackpot, and is going to feast like a queen tonight.


Posted by Nalzindar 3 weeks ago Report

I think the naga and the premise here are fantastic, and I hope to read the story behind this awesome picture soon.
But, hehe, I can imagine she is giving the people in this city the fright of their lives ; )
How many do you think there are living down there?


Posted by AngelicChaos 3 weeks ago Report

Mmph~ well thank you for the feedback. Though Im not exactly the best of writers, so this whole idea kind of took a backseat. But... maybe now is a good time to give it another try.


Posted by Nalzindar 3 weeks ago Report

Better late than never, and don't be afraid to write anything, you might very well be better than you think ; )