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Kai's Cuisine By Asaneman -- Report

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The freezing weather only worsened, and Kai could hardly believe that stubborn Oki would not listen to reason and return Kutone to its rightful place. Nobody could tell if what the other Oina was doing was helping or possibly even worsening the situation, but no one could change his mind or get him to budge. As the Oina, retaining what warmth she could using her wolf form, got closer and closer to Oki’s encampment towards the southern portion of Kamui, her heartbeat quickened. Would Oki even listen, or would he threaten violence like he had with the last one sent to bring him home?

No, it wouldn’t matter: Kai came here on her own to try and bring him home. If he wouldn’t come home willingly, she had an idea for how to bring back Kutone, if nothing else. The girl hoped it wouldn’t come to that, but it would be far worse were Oki to fall, despite his great strength, and the sword lost to the demons. Kai’s attempts at entering the encampment unseen proved futile, as the moment she was within hearing range; she heard her name called.

“Kai? What do you want?!” His tone was harsh and frustrated. “You should not be here!”

Kai approached slowly, looking around for any sign of the demons that might approach. Surprisingly, they were far off in the distance, minding their own business, or perhaps waiting to ambush more unwary folk than herself or Oki. “I’m here to bring you home, Oki.” Kai’s tone was as sincere as can be. “You and the sacred blade, if you’d be willing to listen to me. The elder did not send me.”

“You should not have come on your own regardless,” the muscular blue wolf emerged from his home and glared at her. “I will not come back until Kutone glows once more.”

“Please, Oki. What is there to be gained from staying out and constantly fighting the demons?”

“Kutone feasts on the blood of the demons it destroys, even if it takes killing every last one infesting our land to bring it to full power, I will do so.”

“What if you fall to them? The sword will be lost!” Kai whimpered, walking up fully to Oki and sitting in front of him next to a small fire.

“I will not fall.” Oki was unmoved. “Not even the twin demons atop the peaks will be able to survive the fury of Kutone’s full power.”

“Please, for the sake of the village, Oki.”

“What I am doing is for the sake of our village! Whether the elder or any of the others agree with me or not, Kutone must glow.”

He was just leading Kai around in circles at this point. “I will not go back without our sacred sword.”

Oki growled. “I do not wish to harm you, Kai. But do not get in my way; this quest is mine alone.”

“We must have the sword back, Oki!”

The blue wolf tensed up further.

Kai looked away. “But I will not fight you for it.”

Oki relaxed, just a bit. “Then leave. I will not return it until my task is done.”

The brown wolf looked away, pondering her options as she contemplated taking the alternative solution to diplomacy. Oki wasn’t budging and the chances of him falling in battle and losing the sword were far too high. She’d have to deal with this through other means. Kai leapt forward and grabbed the blue wolf’s head in her jaws, using the advantage of surprise as she moved herself forward, and took a swallow at Oki’s head. The wolf howled his anger inside and attempted to rapidly backpedal out of Kai’s jaws, his claws swiping at her legs blindly as the brown wolf prepared herself for this awe-inspiring showcase of gluttony.

If Kai couldn’t get Oki to come back willingly, and return Kutone far more importantly, then she would simply devour him. Oki’s ego and pride were not worth the well-being and safety of Wep’keer. The brown wolf swiped under Oki’s forelegs and lurched forward as he fell, taking care to not let him get back out by any means. Kai’s throat stretched around Oki’s head, accepting him like it would any other morsel of food. The Oina took a more gentle swallow now, forcing her way to Oki’s neck and stopping at his shoulders. The blue wolf resisted and fought against her with every movement he made, but Kai held her footing and forced herself forward, sending them both down to the ground as she threw her forelegs around Oki’s sides and opened her jaws wider.

The blue wolf snarled and thrashed, but that only worked his forelegs long enough for Kai to lunge forward and take a hefty gulmph! Kai’s interior strained to contain the wrathful Oina, but her resolve to restore Kutone to its resting place gave her the necessary strength to continue. Oki’s forelegs couldn’t be used much, halfway trapped between Kai’s jaws and the outside. His claws were useless, only able to be moved up and down with his paws. Kai groaned as Oki’s head found its way into her stomach. The struggles became stronger, but all that the blue wolf could do other than wriggle and squirm was flail his hindlegs and tail. The brown wolf took care to, if nothing else, knock Kutone off Oki’s back with a free paw, keeping it from possibly endangering her interior or worse. Ulp!

Shlrrrk, gllp, flmph. The process became easier and easier as Kai realized her body reasonably accommodated this extreme feat. The wolf’s stomach expanded and swelled with the meat being forced inside, but aside from a consistent discomfort, it was quite manageable. Oki’s flank and hindlegs, decidedly inferior to hers, were all that remained The rest were either trapped in Kai’s throat or filling out her stomach. The brown wolf blushed as she realized that she would have to explain the massive amount of winter weight she’d be putting on. Anyone could see she had plenty already, but… Oki’s would be a different matter, and one that would have to wait. For now…

Kai embraced her animal instincts as she went for the final stretch. Oki’s flailing hindlegs were held down at the paws by Kai’s forepaws, leaving her to awkwardly push herself just that much further forward and wrap her jaws partially around that big, blue butt. Glrrrrk. Almost done. Kai released Oki’s hindlegs and watched them flail outside of her before slowly shlrrrking them into her jaws, biting his tail lightly to make it stop whipping about so much before using her tongue to pull the fluffy appendage into her mouth. Kai shut her maw tight, trapping the rest of Oki inside as she spent a few moments breathing through her nostrils, looking up towards the moon as she let out the final Ulmph.

Kai fell onto her side as her bloated stomach let out a raucous gwrrrrrrbl. Already, the organ was working on Oki as the brown wolf curled up and she held her stomach by the fire. Nights in Kamui were usually long and harsh, but this one felt like it’d be just fine. Oki’s body heat made her stomach warm on the inside, while the fire he had made earlier allowed her exterior to feel the heat too. The blue wolf squirmed and fidgeted and struggled, his words and howls lost to a chorus of stomach sounds.

“I did all I could to try and convince you otherwise, but you left me no choice,” Kai chided her gut. “Kutone will be returned to its rightful place.”

His response was drowned out by a loud gwoooorgle.

The brown wolf weakly reached out with her forepaws and inspected the sacred blade. It was as inanimate as ever, but it seemed to have suffered no damage as it laid there in the snow. Kai nodded to herself; it would be safe until morning. The demons were all far away and even all this commotion failed to alert them. Kai had never been through a food coma before. Before the Oina could realize how pleasant it was to feel stuffed silly like this, her head fell down into the snow near the fire and her eyes closed to sleep. The wolf was unable to feel Oki pushing outwards, causing bulges to form and disappear with his last few struggles. Glut, glrssh, gworsh. The stomach tightened as the night wore on, squeezing its prey inside as the digestive juices made the distinctive bulges that formed inside soften and form more of a round, cushiony mass. Eventually, any organized shape inside broke down amongst churns and gurgles, nothing more than a lump of soon to be digested meat and fat.

Perfect for the winter.


Kai awoke to a deep grumble from inside her. The brown wolf scrambled up and looked around, her eyes darting to and fro in search of a demonic attacker. There were none to be found, all remained distant, but something was causing her quite a noticeable amount of discomfort.

The brown wolf got up and closed her eyes as her stomach grumbled louder, soon quietly burping out wet strands of blue and black fur. It took far more before the next piece came out: Oki’s mask. The wooden trinket had most of its design surprisingly intact as it lay covered in bile on the icy ground. Finally, a rumble in her stomach alerted her to the final prize lurking within, an epic braaaauuuup! causing the scabbard to Kutone, completely undamaged, to fly out along with more of Oki’s fur.

Kai inspected herself as she calmed down. Her belly sagged and sloshed as she got up to stretch. Every little movement jostled and shook the distended gut, but the real interest was in her own rear! The tiniest motions caused pure Oki flab to swish and shake about. Getting into a proper position required a full minute of overcoming and controlling the sheer fat gains! Kai had to lay on her back and really stretch, but she managed to get a paw to feel at the expansive rump. It squished heavily. Bent to her will without question. To call it a pillow would be an insult to how soft and squishy it felt. Rather, the only comparable blessing would require a local deity, so perfect was this comfort. Or would it be a curse, given she could hardly use it on herself.

Oh well, there were plenty of others who could enjoy that kind of comfort.

Including someone she wanted to get to know far better, a white wolf…



When the sun wolf returned from Wawku Shrine, Kai was eager to show off, in more ways than one.

The Oina had offered Amaterasu a chance to race before she had to leave for new lands. Nothing filled her heart with more glee than seeing Ammy arrive at the entrance to the Forest Of Yoshpet. The white wolf took immediate notice and interest of Kai’s padded butt, much to Kai’s utter delight.

“The glaive you carry looks quite powerful…” the brown wolf smiled as she walked over to Ammy and not so subtly threw her own weight around until the their hips were within comparing distance. “Did you get it from the last one you devoured?”

Amaterasu was surprised Kai had identified it, but responded with a nod. They quickly engaged in a bout of purely primal antics, a competition to see who best developed from their recent adventures. Kai nudged Ammy out, completely denying her the knowledge of what creature had to be sacrificed to the cult of assfat, to create that impeccably doughy softness.

Amaterasu, however, countered by reminding Kai of their original goal: a race.

Kai nodded… but not before clamping her massive rump against the white wolf one last time and winking.

The sun goddess, not to be outdone so, countered this display by letting Kai nearly fall over before leaping behind the brown wolf and hoisting her own rump against the confident Oina for a comparison. The plush cheeks molded against each other, though Kai’s prevailed by a landslide.

“I still win either way, you know.”


Story written by  tavinforchune and proofread by  poncocykes! Thanks so much!

If you've beaten Okami you'll know who this Oina wolfess is. Most folk haven't. Surprisingly, there's a good bit more to work with from the game than just Amaterassu and Ninetails. And hey, if she had a jiggly rump it'd make Kai's racing sidequest a whole lot more fun.

WIPs, with a maskless edit:

Kai, Oki, Amaterasu © Capcom

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Hrm… I still need to finish Okami...

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Your stories and art always come out pristine. I don't know how else to call it.

Always loved ferals the most.

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Truly a place to be so proud of calling home <3

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