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"I think you should test it."
Ami's eyes widened; her jaw dropping in shock at her mother's declaration.
"Mom?" the blue haired girl asked, looking back at her equally blue-haired mother in shock.
"You heard me dear," Ami's mother chided. "These people have given us such a lovely tour of their new facilities. I think you should return the favor and help them test their new machine," Ami's mother explained with a level tone that expected obedience.
"But... It's an automatic girl-slaughtering machine," Ami protested. "I'll die if I test it."
"Only if it's working correctly," Ami's mother corrected her school aged daughter. "And it's not just a butchering machine. If you were listening properly you'd remember that it also packages the girl for sale after parting her out. That's the part I want to see the most. Your filet would look so cute shrink wrapped up for shipping, and it would be just the right size as a meal for dinner tonight!"
Ami trembled as she realized that her mother was serious; she really did want to see her test the girlmeat facility's new machine.
"I... you want to eat me?" Ami asked in a small, uncertain voice; hoping that she had heard wrong but knowing that she hadn't.
"Not all of you," Ami's mother corrected. "Just that cute little pussy of yours. I saw the perfect recipe the other day. I was going to go to the store to buy a filet to make it for us for your birthday next week, but this is much better," the older woman explained. "You never really can tell how fresh a store bought filet is, but with yours I'll know for sure!" Ami's mother smiled. "Now, get undressed and test the machine."
It was an order, more than a request and despite wanting to live, Ami found herself obeying it as she unbuttoned her school blouse and untied the ascot collar to reveal a soft white bra covering a pair of cantaloupe sized tits.
Ami's mother looked on happily as her daughter undressed, watching as the honor student stepped out of her shoes and socks and shimmied out of her navy blue pleated skirt, leaving her clad in just her underwear; her bra and a matching set of panties.
"Take the rest off dear, you heard our guide, the next generation machines will be able to strip the girl completely, but for now the girl being butchered still needs to be naked."
Ami blushed, her cheeks on fire. "Do I really have to, mother?" she pleaded, already unhappy about being snuffed and now practically mortified by having to strip in front of the slaughterhouse's workers.
"You don't have anything they haven't seen before in hundreds of other meatgirls, Ami," her mother chided. "I'm not about to have you ruin my dinner by leaving fabric covering the main course."
Ami nodded. Her mother was crystal clear. She wanted her snuffed for dinner and there was nothing Ami could say to convince her otherwise.
"Okay, mother," Ami agreed, unhooking her bra and letting it fall to the floor as her pale mounds and perky pink nipples were unveiled for the entire factory floor to see.
"Now your panties," Ami's mother prompted, and her daughter reached down in response sliding her panties over the curve of her hip to reveal the meaty cameltoe of her cunt to her mother's prying eyes.
"Excellent!" Ami's mother praised as she stared at Ami's sex. "There's more than enough meat down there to make for a lovely dinner tonight! I was worried that your pussy might not be enough and I'd need to take a breast or a slice of thigh steak to supplement it," Ami's mother confessed.
While Ami wanted to please her mother, this was not what she wanted! Still, since her mom wanted to eat her, she had little choice in the matter. The machine was primed to take a test subject, and at her mother's insistence, Ami had been volunteered.
Ami stared nervously at the initial loading station. It looked deceptively simple. Just a thick metal hook as wide around as her arm in the shape of an upside down candy cane that was rounded at the tip, and along the shaft of the hook a few metal clasps that would snap shut and lock automatically once they felt enough pressure on them. The hook was attached to a metal rail near the ceiling and there were warning signs all around the loading station saying things like: "Warning! Don't talk to the meat!" and  "Caution! Machine will start automatically once clamps are locked!" and "Danger! For meatgirl use only! Machine is fatal once started!"
Her pulse was pounding in her ears. Ami didn't want to die, but... this was what her mother had asked for, and Ami couldn't disobey her.
The blue haired girl snuck a look back at her parent. Saeko Mizuno was smiling, her hands in the pockets of her white lab coat, her heavy green sweater hiding her own set of generous tits even as her black mini skirt hid precisely none of her equally stunning legs. Ami's mom nodded encouragingly, motioning towards the device. From their earlier inspection, Ami knew that a meatgirl could activate it on her own without any help.
Her path was clear, Ami walked towards the meatgirl loading station.
Saeko meanwhile was almost giddy with anticipation. She'd always been interested in tryong girlmeat, and the inspection of this new girlmeat facility brought that to the forefront. She wasn't willing to wait any more. It was just lucky that she happened to have a girl on hand to provide the meat. Saeko was sure that Ami would be delicious! After all, her daughter excelled at everything she pit her mind to, how could she expect any less?
The hook was almost ice cold as far as Ami was concerned as she touched it. The metal was chilled by the overpowered air conditioning on the factory floor, but she would have to grin and bear it. Her mother wanted her snuffed and that meant getting on the hook.
Ami carefully climbed onto the hook, shivering as her butt brushed against the cool metal. She wasn't looking forward to this, neither the cold steel she was about to mount, nor the inevitable end to her actions, but she couldn't think of any way to talk her mother out of it. Her mother had raised her by herself after her father left and Ami didn't want to disappoint her, but more to the point, once the woman's mind was made up, there was no chance of changing it. If Ami's mother wanted Ami snuffed, that was what would happen.
With a grimace Ami reached down and spread her lower lips as she maneuvered her body so that her bare and vulnerable cunt was above the rounded end of the hook. 'There was no real sense waiting, was there?' Ami decided.
With that, she lowered herself onto the hook.
Ami shivered as her young sex engulfed the cold steel of the hook. It slid inside her slowly, her body struggling to accommodate the hook's girth, even greased as it was by the Machine's automation processes. Ami felt like she was going to burst, like the mass of the hook was going to tear her in two as it continued into her body, centimeter by aching centimeter until suddenly she could feel it pressing against the opening to her womb; her cute ass pressed against the rest of the hook as it curved out and up behind her.
"Great job, Ami! Just wait a second," her mother urged. "We should do this right," she declared picking up a paintbrush and a small tin of machine washable paint.
Ami couldn't exactly struggle or flinch away. She was trapped in place by the sheer girth of the hook that had been wedged inside her teenaged cunt. In fact, Ami could barely move at all! She was pinned in place like a bug in an entomologist's collection as her mother advanced on her with the red paint.
Ami couldn't see what her mother was writing, but she could feel the brush tickling against her body as her mother wrote what she felt were the finishing touches on her daughter.
The blue-haired honor student looked down as soon as her mother pulled away. "Test Subject." that was what her mother had written on her in bright red letters, period and all.
"Alright Ami, you are ready to go! Clamp yourself in!"
Trapped, naked in the middle of the factory floor, clearly labeled as a test subject, and pinned in place by the metal wnd of the rounded hook in her cunt, what else could Ami do but obey?
Ami reached behind her and pressed her forearms into the clamps attached to the hook behind her back. They swung shut and locked with an ominous click as soon as Ami pressed hard enough, and they wouldn't open up again until the machine was done cycling. It was official. Ami Mizuno would not be leaving this machine alive.
It was inevitable now. Anything more was just pointless delaying. The Blue haired girl bent her legs so that her heels were practically digging into her butt as she secured them in the clamps. The locked with a click, and with its meatgirl test subject totally secured, the machine whirred to life.
"Thank You Ami!" her mother shouted with a wide smile as Ami's hook slid down the track with her daughter firmly attached to it. "You've been a great daughter and I'm sure your pussy will make an even better dinner!"
Ami cringed, but she couldn't be rude to her mother, even when she had given her such a compliment. She smiled back and replied. "I hope you like it!" And she did. At least, if she tasted good then being snuffed like this wouldn't be a total waste.
Saeko smiled happily, glad that things had worked out. According to their earlier tour It was going to take a half an hour until the machine was finished butchering her daughter. That left plenty of time to wander around and inspect the rest of the factory while she waited!
Ami's hook slid down the track over her head toward the machine. She knew what was coming. The device had been a huge part of their inspection tour; and while there weren't any girls using it as they walked through, they'd seen all the parts through the large plate glass windows; so Ami knew what awaited her.
She slowed almost to a stop just outside the entrance to the machine. This was the inspection station, it was manned by a guy not much older than she was. This was meant to stop the machine if it activated on accident before the wrong girl got processed.
"Huh?" The man behind the station spoke up. "The machine isn't supposed to be running yet. What's going on?" He asked, pressing a button to stop the hook she was suspended on in it's tracks before walking over to where Ami hung, helpless.
"Oh man, you're a pretty one!" The man commented as he stared at Ami's ass, slowly circling around her. Ami blushed, not used to getting compliments from guys.
"Ah! A test subject!" The man grinned as he figured out wha twas going on. "I didn't know we were testing the machine on live girls already?" The man remarked in surprise.  "That's fine then. I hope no one else has called dibs on that ass of yours. I'll pick it up if it's still there after my shift ends," the man confided. "My girlfriend's coming over and your rump would be a great surprise for her for dinner."
Ami didn't know what to say, so she nodded, blushing almost the same shade as thr paint on her belly in the process.
"You definitely have a date with the machine that you don't want to be late for, so let's just get you going again..." The man reached over and pushed a button on his station. "And there!" He announced as Ami started sliding down the track once more. "You're good to go!"
The Machine loomed in front of her, long rubber flaps hanging down almost like a beaded curtain to keep the water and the mess inside.
The thick rubber flaps parted as they brushed against her skin, no so much gliding across it as being pushed and pulled out of the way as she slid forward, helpless on the machine.
Ice Cold water squirted out drenching her body; but before Ami could even start to shiver rough brushes attached to motors and servos and covered in suds swung down and scrubbed her clean. She struggled to hold her breath as the rough bristles skated across her flesh, cleaning her arms, her legs, her ass, and of course her breasts. She could feel them scrubbing her nipples, hard, the soapy brushes cleaning her in a way she'd never been cleaned before.
This wasn't a private event. Even as the brushes scrubbed against her steel-filled cunt, Ami could feel the stares of various workers and visitors to the plant as they stared at her naked body from the window in the side of the machine. A flash of Blue revealed Ami's mom staring at her, licking her lips with anticipation as the brushes found Ami's clit, stirring her body into shuddering spasms.
Ami's budding pleasure was drenched in a deluge of cold water as the machine rinsed her off.
With a jerking, halting motion the brushes pulled away and Ami was carried on, helplessly to the next station. She was scrubbed completely clean; washed from head to toe. Now it was time to harvest her.
A gleaming steel buzz saw loomed at the next station as she approached against her will. Trapped as she was in her metal frame, Ami couldn't resist, nor could she escape. This machine was going to butcher her and there was nothing she could do to stop that.
The Blue-haired girl could see the servo-controlled vacuum off to the side of the saw. She knew what was coming. It was pointless to resist. Even so Ami felt herself tensing up as the blade drew near.
The whir of the blade as it spun up was deafening. Its edge was a blur as it approached her stomach. Ami wanted to flee, but there was no escape.
"Aaaah!" She cried out as the blade bit into her body between her breasts, but lower, just beneath the junction of her ribs. It didn't last long; a few seconds at most, just a quick cut from up to down, ending just above her pubic mound.
It felt like forever. Ami could feel the blade as it bit in and tore her body apart. She could feel it sever her skin, her flesh, and even destroy the organs beneath.
She couldn't survive this, not that there was any doubt going into the machine, But Ami had quietly hoped for a miracle. That miracle had never come.
As the blade withdrew, the vacuum quietly pushed its way into the opening that had been left behind.
Ami shuddered at the feel of it. The lukewarm plastic moving about inside her was strange and discomforting.
It was almost a relief when the Vacuum started up again, yanking out the organs that the saw had destroyed. Her stomach, her intestines, her liver, her spleen; the vacuum emptied her out almost completely, leaving only her heart and lungs behind. No. That wasn't right! There was one more set of organs still inside her, wasn't there? Her "select cuts," her ovaries and womb. That's what the plant manager had said, wasn't it? The programming on the vacuum made sure to leave such delicacies 'untouched'.
Ami was already dead, she realized. The numbness overtaking her was shock. She wouldn't, couldn't, survive this. Her body just hadn't realized that yet.
The machine clanked as it brought her to the next station. Cleaning again.
The high pressure hoses washed over her, rinsing off the blood and any bits the vacuum didn't get. Ami's strength had left her. She couldn't even muster enough to flinch as the final hose reached inside her to wash out anything that had accidentally been left behind.
Once the hoses retracted it was over. Ami could see the final station in front of her; butchering. It would take her head first, then the rest of her would be cut up automatically and packaged as parts on the automatic sorting belt.
Ami knew exactly what was about to happen to her. The manager had expounded at length upon the revolutionary technology that made the plant so unique. She knew how cameras would identify her parts, how the belt would weigh them, how the machine would shunt each off to the side to be priced and labeled before being placed back on the belt to be delivered for shipping. Her head would be pushed to the side, her neck placed on a hook and delivered to another station to be preserved and sold to whoever wished for it. At the time Ami had thought the machine, distasteful as it was, to be a marvel of engineering. Now she just looked at it with fear.
the spring-loaded blade removed the schoolgirl's head before she even realized it was there. Her blue-haired face fell, tumbling onto the belt. Her last view was her own half-butchered body. Her last thought? 'I hope they don't waste me.'
With Ami's headless body above the belt the saws went to work. First one arm, then another, then her breasts, her torso, her legs, and finally as the saw separated her cunt from her her 'select cuts'? The last usable pieces of Ami Mizuno fell lifelessly onto the belt.
The machine worked beautifully. Each separate piece was wrapped and packaged properly, labled with Ami's name, a meat grade, the name of the cut and the price. They traveled down the belt in a perfect line once packaged, exiting the machine to meet their hungry mother once more.
"Your pussy really is adorable, Ami!" Ami's mother announced as she examined the cut. "Another A+!" She rejoiced as she caught site of the grade Ami's sex had been given. "My perfect daughter has become the perfect dinner!"
The End
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When Ami's Mother asks her to test an automatic butchering machine in a meatgirl factory, she can't refuse. Illustrated as part of a trade with Boeser-Wolf.
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Posted by M0dern1zedEl1za 5 months ago Report

How could she, that bitch!
Is that excuse of a mother that controlling?
A snuff of a life for just ONE dinner night?
How can she be soo stupid?
Just wait until I put HER through the machine!
And feed her to the animals to insult her >:(


Posted by 21Olya21 5 months ago Report

If she needs another girl for the test, then I can go.


Posted by Benoven 5 months ago Report

Great. If they made a Machine for boys i want to test it


Posted by Werewolf-Hero 5 months ago Report

To bad the outer scouts were not there.