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James and his brother kyle weren’t exactly the best Pokemon trainers. They did their best, and caught a surprisingly decent team for trainers as inexperienced as they were, but their passion and love for the Pokemon shined through their lack of know how.
“Did you see that Butterfree?” Kyle laughed as he dragged the long stick he had found at their last stopping place, letting kick up dirt and clack against the rocks in the path.
“Yeah, I wish I could have caught it…” James said, a slightly defeated look on his face. It wasn’t that James didn’t love his team of Pokemon, it was more so that he just wanted to do what every trainer did, that being catch them all.
“Aw don’t worry! We will always get another chance to!” Kyle said back, now swerving his stick from left to right. James sighed, then smiled to his brother, before nodding in agreement. The day was beautiful, with just the right amount of cool breeze kissing the back of the boy’s necks to combat the heat radiating from the cloudless sky.
“I wonder what will be at the next town we come across!” James pondered, as he had chosen to ignore the map for their entirely independent trip. Honestly, for the first time in both of the boys lives, they felt independent. No parents telling them what to do, complete freedom of their days.
As both the boys and the sun moved along their chosen path, the day started to get later and later, the twins started to get bored and slow down, their attention drifting over every little thing.
“I’m boooooored…” Kyle complained, his stick long gone now after a splinter had come out and stabbed his hand. James nodded, and the both of them decided that it was time to rest for the day, read some comics, and enjoy some of the sweets they packed from the last town. By the time they got the fire started, the Pidgey’s started to chirp softly, the heat source was crackling away.
“I wonder what we Pokemon we will find tomorrow!” Exclaimed James, scanning the pages of his action filled comic, while Kyle was taking bites of a chocolate bar he had tried to keep from melting.
“Gosh, what could we find out here?” Kyle asked, swallowing the lump of chocolate and staring around the dark, yet somehow welcoming woods. If only the two boys know of what soon awaited them, the soft coiling scales of hunger curled around a tree up above. Waiting and watching the two laughing and joking brothers.
James was the first one to wake up, feeling the chill morning breeze nip at his skin. He had kicked all his blankets off in the middle of the night, so he was clad only in his Pokeball colored underwear. The rest of his clothes were sitting in a crumpled pile on top of his travel back.
Kyle had a slight smile on his still sleeping face while James got dressed and restarted the fire from the night before. As the fire slowly grew to a comfortable size, Kyle started to stir awake, especially at the smell of bacon James had cooking.
“Ah, you’re finally awake!” James chuckled, taking a particularly fatty piece of bacon from the cooker in the middle of the fire.
“Yeah, that smells really good bro!” Kyle beamed, sitting up and slipping on his shirt that was draped over the log next to him. After another minute of cooking some eggs and a potato up, the twins ate the hearty meal, while joking around and discussing the plan for the day events.
“Oh! I have an idea!” James smiled, reaching into his bag and grabbing out Great ball.
“Instead of us having to map our way out to the next town, I can send Swellow out to go check the area out for us!” James said, excitement at the idea of having his Pokemon, and by extension, himself, explore so easily. With a quick click, the beam of light caused Swellow to appear, the proud bird giving an admiring face up at its young trainer.
James gave the bird the command, and it took off, soaring over the tall grass near the campsite, James watching his Pokemon sore awesomely through the sky… Before James blinked, and Swellow disappeared.
Now usually, this would have been okay, especially if Swellow was flying into a forest, but he wasn’t. James stood up, Kyle following seconds after as they gave a worried look out over the grassy fields.
“Swellow!” James said, his voice a bit raspy from the sudden stress.
“Come on, we need to go find him!” Kyle starting to panic as he jumped in place, his fearful energy starting to take over his movements. Both of the boys rushed off to the tall grass, it swaying and being pressed down with absolutely no care as they rushed through it, trying to find their beloved Pokemon.
“Can you see Swellow?” James asked, the sound of the grass being pushed aside almost muting his question to Kyle, who was a good few feet away from him. James thought he heard a response, but then he head his brothers footsteps stop brushing through his path.
“Kyle?” James asked out, his body paused as well, trying to listen to hear if he could at all hear Kyle. Then, he heard his name being called, a shaky, worrying voice. James decided that it would be best to go see if he really did hear anything.
“What happens if Swellow is hurt?” James asked himself, his face starting to sweat bullets now as he sped his pace up as fast as he could push himself. Finally, he heard a heavy, panicked breathing and knew that Kyle was just a few feet away. James was not prepared for what he would come to see next.
“Ky-” James began, but then, just like his brother, his face contorted into a horrified look of fear and disgust, and was frozen solid, his body refusing to move. Kyle had found Swellow alright, along with a gigantic Superior who had its body coiled tightly around the bird Pokemon, Swellows eyes filled with fear, begging for James to help stop the Superior.
The Swellow’s eyes were filled with primal terror, that of an animal that knows its place on the food change, but does not want to consent to the brutal end that is soon to come. Just as James was about to throw Swellow’s Pokeball in the hope to return him to his home, a loud snap filled everyone's ears, as the Superior engulfed Swellow’s head quickly, James having no way to save his pet now.
“L-Let Swellow go right now!” James choked out, Kyle shouting in agreement, but the Superior’s eyes looked into James with a soft look, that made James turn away. He hadn’t felt a look like that since he left home, it reminded him of his mom, he couldn’t be reminded of his loving mother while his Pokemon was in danger.
The coils on Superior were quite obviously getting tighter, the feather covered wings of the Swellow were bending in ways there were quite obviously not supposed to, with the bones clearly bending the wrong way. Swellow was trying to cry out to its trainer, but the cawing simply came out as a pained wheeze, the lack of airflow obvious.
The first crack was combined with the soft sound of flesh tearing, with a wet pop of bone shredding somewhere on the Swellows body. All the two boys could do is fall to their knees and cry, with Kyle covering his sobbing eyes. James was simply frozen as, in slow motion, he watched Swallows head jutt up, then fall backwards limply.
“S-Swellow…” James sobbed as he watched the Superior’s jaw extend and engulf all of Swellow’s now broken, nearly lifeless body. Swellow’s head was forced all the way back with a morbid tearing sound as Swellow’s neck was twisted as it went into Superior’s throat.
Superior took in more and more of her prey, the limp wings getting snapped like twigs as they were folded into Superiors mouth, along with the rest of the bird-like creature. Swellow’s form was visibly traceable down the scaley outsides of Superior, before the lump vanished completely.
“W-We got to get him back!” James shouted, grabbing out one of his Pokeballs as and summoning a Pokemon with a bright flash, Kyle doing the same hurriedly. The ensuing battle wasn’t a battle at all, the only appropriate thing to refer to it as was a slaughter.
Pokemon left and right were quickly, and brutally snapped up into Superiors constricting grasp, before their life was quickly squeezed out of them with sickening speed and strength. The two twins didn’t even stop to run, simply hoping that at least one of their team would be able to put a stop to the feast: none of them were.
“What do we do?” Kyle sobbed over at his brother, his face full of tears and snot, as he looked away from the final Pokemon, the horrifyingly frozen face of a Charmander, get swallowed down, the Superiors tongue silently running over her lips.
  Kyle looked back over to James, who was standing there, staring at Superior with a blind face, before Kyle noticed that Superior was… Smiling at James, with a warm, almost caring look.
  “James, we have to go!” Kyle said, rushing and tugging at James sleeve, pleading with his brother to snap out of his trance. James looked at kyle, his face blank, almost completely uncaring for his brothers safety or health.
  “Jaaaameesssss~ Sweetie, bring me your brother please~” Kyle heard Superior hiss, a combination of lust and genuine affection in her voice.
  “O-Of course…” James said, nodding as Kyle simply looked at his brother in horror.
  “Please Kyle, don’t fight me, she’s hungry, I really don’t want her to go hungry…” James said as Kyle tried backing away, only to trip on something squishy and scalie. Kyle looked down away from James for a moment to see the different shades of green from Superiors tale.
  “See how mommy is helping? I love you James~” Superior said, her face now near James face, trailing the young boys face with her tongue.
  Kyle tried to get up, but felt a tight pain around his leg, a pitiful, high pitched scream left his mouth as he felt the pressure tighten as he kept fighting it. Unbeknownst to James, Superiors face was scowling, her tongue flicking in an upset manner.
  James grabbed Kyles shoulders, as Superior let her tail fall from his leg, kyle trying to fight, but some sort of unnatural strength was in James’s grip.
  “P-Please James, please let me go, we can both run, I-I really don’t want to die!” Kyle wheeped, thinking about all the Pokemon he had just sacrificed to the horrible beast that was ready to consume him.
  “M-Mommy! Please! Save me!” Kyle screamed, his voice was starting to sound animalistic. Kyle he cried for his mother, his face burning with various liquids dripping from his face.
  “Don’t worry, mommy will take good care of you~” Superior said, trying to hush Kyle, but truthfully, she was hoping for the opposite effect. She wanted to see Kyle beg, it gave her a thrill she couldn’t feel any other way.
  All kyle could do was simply struggle, but a whip from Superior’s tale right into his gut caused him to wheeze, and cough, his eyes now bloodshot as tears stained his bright red cheeks.
  “Good boy James~ Now bring him closer please~” Superior hummed, her face and voice returning to the maternal sweetness it had once exhibited. James dragged his sputtering brother right next to Superior’s stomach, the sounds of gurgling bubbles and soft crumbling bone caused Kyle to scream.
  Superior leaned down and gave James cheek a soft, tender, kiss, before bending down to Kyle.
  “I would tell you to shut your disgusting mouth up, but really, I love the sounds you make human~ If you were alone, I might just have taken advantage of you before making you into my meal~” Superior whispered into his ear, causing Kyle to simply sniff at the implications the muscular being was making.
  “Now James, my sweet boy, please, feed your worthless piece of meat brother to mommy~ You don’t want me to go hungry do you?” Superior asked, frowning at James, who shook his head.
  “N-No mommy! Not at all! Please, I don’t want you to be hungry!” James said, his eyes started to tear up as he imagined his poor mommy’s tummy grumbling for food.
  “Oh, James, shhhshhhhshhh~” Superior hissed, as she gently curled her body around the softly crying boy, who rubbed his eyes with his shirt sleeve, sniffing as he looked into Superiors eyes.
  “Don’t worry, mommy is okay, you have food for her after all, remember?” She said, kissing the boys forehead as she motioned over to Kyle who was still clutching his stomach, grimacing.
  James started to smile and laughing, Superior giving him a soft squeeze before uncoiling from around him. James grabbed Kyle by his clothes, and Superior shook her head with a small tsking sound.
  “James, I can’t eat him wrapped up in that clothing, you wouldn’t want mommy to choke would you? And besides, I want to enjoy his, flavor~” Superior hissed, imagining how delicious the young humans natural flavor would be.
  James slightly trembled, not exactly wanting to see his brother naked, but he also didn’t want to upset Superior.
  “J-James, what are you doing?” Kyle asked, starting to have tones of anger in his scared voice.
  “Mommy says to!” James persisted as he tried to yank off Kyle’s shirt.
  “No!” Kyle yelled, curling his hands into a fist, and whirling around with all his might at James with, his face red with anger and fear.
  The snapping sound was horrifyingly loud, as Superior immediately lurched forward, crashing her jaws around Kyle’s upper half, tightening her jaw like a steel trap around the boys chest. Kyle’s legs thrashed as they were ever so slightly lifted off the ground.
  Inside of Superiors horrible smelling mouth, Kyle choked and sputtere as he could feel his ribcage implode due to the force. He also felt punctured holes in his chest, as Superior’s fangs snapped the bone they hit.
  James stood up, shaking as he walked over to Superior, whose rage filled face softened as she motioned for James to come over to her. James followed her commands, and placed his hand on the bulged out upper parts of her throat.
  Kyle was screaming and crying as much as he could, his breath felt as if he was stuck underwater, and his lungs were filling. Which was partly true, as his body started to flood with both spit and internal fluids.
  Kyle’s back wasn’t spared either, as the top pair of fangs tore right through, thankfully avoiding his spine. The poor broken boy just wanted to go home to his mommy, his real mommy. Superior opened up her mouth again to take in more of Kyle’s almost completely limp body.
  As Kyle's body slowly slid down Superiors neck, his feet vanished with a flick of the snakes tongue, a wet puckering sound signified his disappearance.
  “Ahhhh, James my son~ That tasted delicious~ Thank you~” Superior hissed in pleasure as she slowly started to wrap around James’s body, getting into a comfortable position to sleep her meals off with her boy.
  “I-I love you mommy…” James said, his face blushing with warmth as he could hear the dying sounds of Kyle slowly fade away, as his grotesque form slid further down into Superiors form.
  “I love you too baby~ Now mommy needs some sleep~” Superior hissed right into James ear, licking it and his neck. James wrapped his arms around Superior’s body, giving it a soft kiss goodnight.
  James’s dreams were pleasant, extremely pleasant for someone who had just sacrificed so many lives to his new mother. He dreamed about all the adventures he would go on with Superior, knowing nothing bad would happen to either of them. James was at peace.
  Superior’s dreams were different. Very different. Her body twitched as she dreamed about the boy. Not James, but the other, the other boy she loved, and had consumed.
“Danny…” Superior mumbled, hissing as she ended the name, her wet, long tongue tasting the flavor of her lips.
“M-Mommy!? Wha-What are you-” James choked out as he was rudely awoken from his pleasant dreams, a tight force coiling around his skinny body.
“Danny… It’s been so long Danny… Mommy missed you~” Superior moaned in a ghastly voice, James looking up at her face, which stared blankly back at him before curling into a smile. James shuddered as he looked deeply into her eyes.
“M-Mommy, I love you, it’s me, James!” James tried to plead, but Superior just leaned foreward and licked his face.
“Danny, baby, I’m so happy you’re back~... I need you… I want you again~ Mommy wants you~”
James let out a scream as Superior tightened her thick sides around him, but his scream was muffled out by a sickening pop which turned into an echoing crack. James’s brain felt like it was going to pop the moment his spine snapped cleanely in two.
He couldn’t feel his body, his limbs simply went limp, all he could do was sutter out drooled babble.
“M-M-Mommy… D-Don’t you l-love me?” James tried to get out, drool pooling in his mouth before leaking.
“I love you Danny~ I love you so much~ Come back to mommy~” Was all James got in response before his entire body was engulfed painfully inside of Superiors mouth.
Superior’s body continued to break James’s poor body as he was swallowed down, his nose, ribs, and other various bones crushing under the pressure as he entered into her warm stomach.
The moment he did, he was greeted with a splash of warm, copper smelling sludge. Kyle and his brother were reunited once again.
As James body started to break down into nothing more than soup, Superior just smiled and wrapped her body back into a comfortable position.
“I love you Danny~” Superior murmured, and had pleasant dreams of the next day.
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Brotherly Bonds Broken By radmann -- Report

A continuation of Best Friends Hurt The Most. This time two twin brothers come across a very motherly Superior, and pay the heaviest price.

Another WONDERFULLY fun commision for  MistressMorgan :D Had a super fun time writing this!

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