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Mountains, Hills, & Vanity (+Story) By Zagine -- Report

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After getting this through Saburox's Patreon, I just had to add a story to go along with all her glory. I hope you enjoy.

“This is it, the end of my hero life is over!” Yu Takeyama, the hero known to the world as Mt. Lady, cried while looking down at her enormous round bump. Her suit was custom made to stretch to adhere to her quirk of gigantification, however when she tried it on in her apartment, she feared it was already at its limit.

She didn’t regret a lot of her choices in life, but she was very much regretting a night six months ago. She and her band of heroes from the agency had taken down a fledgling villain organization, it was an epic battle filled with bloodshed, explosions, heartbreak, and the power of teamwork...and naturally they partied like crazy afterwards. Mt. Lady was already the impulsive type, but just enough alcohol and she was on a whole other level.

“Come on Kamui, come back to my place! It’ll be fun and nobody will ever know!” Yu sarcastically repeating what she said that night. “Yeah, look how well that turned out.” She said rubbing her enormous belly, her boiling blood causing a stir in her overpacked womb. “Now I can’t do any hero work! Even rescue work is impossible, this dumb belly gets wedged between skyscrappers! How am I gonna support myself and all these mouths!?” She felt herself on the verge of tears.

Suddenly her phone rang, quickly composing herself, Yu picked it up. “Hello?...yes this is she.” On the other end was the Alderaan Ad Agency, they apparently became aware of Mt. Lady’s condition when a video titled ‘Preggo Hero Eats Entire Takoyaki Cart’ went viral. “What’s that? Star in a commercial? For Super Stretch Mark Cream? NATION WIDE!?” Her eyes went wide and her mouth pulled into a great big smile. “Of course I’ll come in to audition. I’ll be there as fast as I can, but I may be a little slow. I’m soooo huge.” She said, playing up the size to keep them interested.

Soon as she hung up she gave her belly a hug...or rather stretch her hands around it as far as they could go. “Ooooh! I love you guys, best decision I ever made.” Seems even heroes are not immune to vanity.

Art commissioned from SaburoX
Story by me.

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Posted by NicoleSosa 1 year ago Report

good drawing, you have one related to Boku No Hero Academia, more specific Momo Yaoyorozu