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Story Commissions Closed Posted 6 months ago
Due to recent events that I'm sure everyone else around the world is aware of; I am currently suspended from my job until all this blows over. So I thought I might put my free time to good use and open up story commissions for anyone that would be interested. Five slots this time, so if interested please read the rules below and send me your idea in a note!

Slot 1: Qwerty2999 *COMPLETE*
Slot 2:  firered2*COMPLETE*
Slot 3: Regan700 *COMPLETE*
Slot 4: DreamB4 *COMPLETE*
Slot 5: GnarlyOtaku


Commissions will be $1 every 100 words, so have a general idea of how long you want the story to be. Now with stories sometimes words need to be added or I may just get a bit overly descriptive, so any overage...
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Other Sites Posted 11 months ago
So I have both a Twitter and now an Instagram. They'll still have kinky art stuff from time to time, but also more of my thoughts and feelings...but mostly my dogs or my nerdy collection.
Setting the Record Straight Posted 1 year ago
So this morning I was alerted by several followers (whom I thank very much) about an art thief, who had been posting my content and content belonging to friends of mine. They gave no credit, claiming that they had created it themselves. I told them to take it all down, and they made a big deal that none of the art I post is mine, so they're fine to do so.

Here is the deal; everything I post here is a commission, meaning it was an idea that I had and payed an artist (either through their profiles or Patreon) to have drawn. Now while it *is* still that person's art, what people need to understand about commissions are (and i'm sure most artists will agree) if you pay for a piece of art, then that art is YOUR property. Your commission is as much yours as it is the artist you...
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Twitter Posted 1 year ago
So...I have a Twitter, where I tweet things; mostly pics and entries I like, but also just random shit that I can't help but share. You can give me a follow here if ya want
We're Back!!! Posted 1 year ago
:D :D :D :D

Man I missed this place, I know it was just two weeks but it still sucked to be away from the community. I attempted uploading stuff to Deviantart and while they do have some nice stuff, it's just a shame that there is so much less feedback than there is here.
Happy New Year!!! Posted 1 year ago
Writing my way in to 2018 Posted 2 years ago
So with the submission of my Persona 5 fanfic "House Always Wins" I plan to make this year one where I start writing more full stories. As much as I love sharing my art commissions, I feel it's also time to start sharing work of my own. So expect more to come.

I look forward to any feedback from readers.
Yay I'm old~ Posted 3 years ago
So today's my birthday, yay for me.

But ya know every year around this time I always catch myself watching this video and getting sort of introspective. I guess you can still try to figure yourself out in your 20s huh?
Underated pred potential. Posted 3 years ago
I'm always so tired of seeing polls by artists asking "Who do you want to see from this popular series?"and it's usually the character that's already been done to death that gets the most votes. I mean sure people want to see that artist's take on that popular character, but I can't help but feel bad for the one character at the bottom that has almost no votes.

So I'm wondering what characters in media do you think deserve a big belly but have almost no art?
After nearly ten years i'm free...of being lazy. Posted 3 years ago
I've had a profile here for almost a decade, so it's about time I started contributing to the portal. So expect some collection of art I've requested or bought personally, and maybe some work of my own...maybe.