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Gone Fishing By doomfister -- Report

“Bug, I don’t like this…” stammered Line, her voice low as she swang suspended from a length of cord, that her malicious boss had ensnared her with and festooned to a short stick to make a rudimentary fishing rod. The mares portly barrel heaving as her breath grew quicker as she had been part of enough of the slate mares’ schemes to know where this was going.

“You’re not supposed to Line,” said Bug casually as the slate mare perched upon the edge of the dock like a cormorant. Bug slowly lowering Line down to the water level, so her limp hooves disturbed the glass-like surface of the fetid swamp at the bottom of Bug’s overgrown garden.

“I would be more comfortable if you hadn’t shrunk me,” said Line meekly, the rope holding her creaking slightly, adding an edge to her already perilous predicament. A light mist crawling over the still water giving another omen of dread, that almost climaxed when an unseen frog started croaking causing Line to lock up.

“Well I needed you as bait, so try your best to look juicy, so I can catch the thing raiding the gerrothorax nests,” replied Bug, not seeming to care for the considerations of her apprentice. Bug shaking her pole in a dipping motion to try and make the plump pony on her rod more appealing for whatever garden predator had been raiding her spawning pit. The inconsiderate robbing creature had put her amphibian army on edge, and it had ended caustically during a particularly aggressive feeding that the mare did not care to repeat.

“How do you know this will wor….” Line began to question before Bug jolted the rod, so her substitute worm submerged under the water for a moment and rose gasping for breath from the unexpected frigid plunge. This repeated for a few more dunks, as Bug cemented that she was in control before she pulled Line up shivering to tell her a sound recommendation.

“Line I am going to give you some advice, don’t question me when you’re the ideal size to shove up my arse,” said Bug in her normal mardy tones as she had had enough of Line’s gurning for now. Bug having devised this punishment for Line after her suggestion regarding the Gollox had made the earthpony feel the fool, and it was only fitting that for revenge Bug had Line around her hooves on a string.

“Okay…..” capitulated Line without a fight, as this was more preferable than spending the evening exploring Bug’s lower bowel. The more colourful mare knowing it was not a threat but a promise, as Bug was well versed in the sensation of her fur tickling her pert ponut.

“Good, Now shake your flanks most predators are attracted by motion, and your plump plot will jiggle like fireworks for their picky sight,” said Bug giving some tips on how Line could make herself more appealing to the primal horrors that lurked in her pandora's box of a back yard. Bug seeming quite driven that she would catch this unknown marauder, though she had her suspicions it was a Manglefish, the natural enemy of the gerrothorax, like earth ponies and any task that required more than minimal dexterity.

After a few more dabs with Line dancing away in twerking motions, the water finally erupted in a spray of white foam something exploded from the silver surface. Bug pulling the rod back just in time to stop Line being devoured by the emerging monstrosity, as she screamed shrilly as she expected a tour of some beastie’s guts in her imminent future. Before the water had even settled Bug saw the interloper and let out a sigh as she recognized the orange Pegasus mare intruding upon her domain.

“Essex, you’re not a manglefish!?” blurted Bug sounding a little dissatisfied as she had wanted to add the bull-headed lungfish to her menagerie.

“You sound disappointed to see me Bug, I thought I would pop by and well I saw you tempting me with that grade A mare meat and decided to paddle over” replied Essex as she submerged up to her eyes before resurfacing and blowing a spurt of water like an archerfish, dowsing Line in the emerald water.

“You should be careful, I wouldn’t want to come out and see one of my pets lounging with a bulge shaped like my best customer,” replied Bug snidely as she hated people trespassing in her territory, and gave the mare the normal warning that was best to follow if one wished to avoid spending some time simmering.

“You worry too much, now hold Line still I am going to jump for her,” said Essex, prompting Bug to partake in a little game before business. Being as blunt as a shovel this escaped Bug for but a moment, before her harsh gaze shifted to a nasal snort of amusement, and she decided to play along. Line on the other hoof was not the best bit amused, and she yelped for a time before she was plucked from the thread, which was cut by pearly teeth. This nip concluding Line’s day as a gulp and a burp ended her mewling as she was tucked away in the stomach to stew…….


Another gift from  Naarkerotics who got this for me from  Bizarrvore A.K.A Swift Sketch who has a sketch tier on their patreon. So if your a fan of the art go over there and give them some attention.

In this adventure Bug and Line go fishing, only to be interrupted by a citrus coloured pegamare.

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