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Disclaimer: Contains anthro vore, digestion, weight gain, thiccness, slight lewdness, facesitting, belching, and implied reformation.
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(Heaven's Ring is a bustling trade route connecting countless cities and villages, far cut off from the rest of the world. Its people survive by subsisting at high altitudes, thousands of feet above sea level; for the world below is blanketed with a deep ocean of opaque, toxic smog, a single whiff of which is enough to steal the air from your lungs and drag you, coughing and gasping, into oblivion. Fearing the many pirates and Heavenly Beasts that soar through the skies, most people rarely if ever venture from their hometowns; those who are brave enough to regularly travel along the Ring do so in powerful airships, and are commonly referred to as Voyagers...)
The Unforgiven
Once, the city of Jadeite was terrorized by a pirate captain known as the Ravager of Homesweald.
When she was finally brought to justice, the people of Jadeite called for her head. After all the Ravager had taken from them, surely she deserved to lose her own life, right? Yet one of the foremost criminologists of Jadeite — a woman known as the Redeemer — had proposed a different approach. Indeed, she had developed a new, more humane form of execution, which ‘killed’ the criminal element of the mind, while allowing the convict to be reborn as a new person entirely…
And years later, in a quaint little village along the Highlands, there lived a humble bat girl with a much simpler name; Riley.
Every morning at exactly the same hour, she’d be roused by the sunlight beaming down through her windows, and rise to greet the day with a stretch of her wings and the cutest possible yawn. From then on, most of her morning routine went right towards taking care of her teeth — as there was nothing a bat valued more than their pristine, pearly white fangs — before throwing on a velvety little shirt that only reached her midriff; and only a shirt, for ‘pants’ or ‘skirts’ were a concept unfamiliar to the peoples of the Ring.
Who knew that a bat could be such a morning person? After all, her brother, Markus, certainly wasn’t; every morning, she walked out to find him with an exhausted, disheveled air about him, hunched gloomily over a cup of coffee. This morning, he raised a brow the moment he saw her. “What are you wearing?”
She giggled at his familiar, grumpy early-morning tone, just sashaying up to give him a big, cheerful hug from behind! “Well, good morning to you too, Mister Sourpuss!” She trotted in front of him to give a little whirl, proudly showing off her cute shirt. “What’s got you so interested in my outfit, huh? Jealous of just how stylish I am?”
“I thought I told you,” he huffed, “this village specifically forbids the color red, on any garment. If the chieftess saw you, she’d have us cast out!”
She paused at that. Seriously? The color red? She knew this place was dumb, but all these rules were going to drive her crazy. “Well, sorry if I can’t remember this place’s arbitrary rules.” She shrugged. “Seriously, who cares what color of outfit I’m wearing? It’s like they just made these laws up by throwing darts at a dartboard. Seriously, a militiaman gave me an ‘official warning’ last week for saying the word ‘moist!’”
He had to admit that she had a point there, but he remained resolute. “Doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make any sense! A lot of these customs are so old, nobody even remembers why they do them,” he insisted, “but you know how stringent the villagers around here are. I’d really rather not get kicked out of another town. We just have to put up with villages like this if we’re going to lay low.”
Riley sighed, relenting. She knew how much effort Markus had gone into, getting them a house in a village as isolated as this; she might as well try to not mess things up for him. Hoping to take her mind off things, she trotted towards the kitchen to make herself breakfast. “By the way, I noticed that some aprana fruits were being sold down at the market, so I got you a dozen or so,” Markus called over his shoulder. “They’re in the pantry.”
“What?” She paused, confused by this. “Thanks, but… I hate apranas.”
“Huh?” He glanced over at her, seeing she was serious. She watched as the greatest expression of confusion dawned on his face, his eyes narrowing as it seemed like he was trying to sort through all kinds of conflicting memories. “But I thought they were, like… your favorite food…”
She chuckled awkwardly as she realized the mistake he’d made. “Ooooh, you’ve gotten me mixed up with the old Riley again, haven’t you?” she asked. Immediately as she said that, he realized his mistake, and glanced back down at the table with the deepest expression of… sadness? Suddenly, Riley was starting to feel a little… guilty, for some reason. Hesitantly, she moved over to gently place a hand on his shoulder, trying to soothe him. “You… must really miss her, huh?”
With a frown, he gently shifted his shoulder, moving her hand away. “I really don’t want to talk about that right now.” He shook his head, keeping his face aimed downward with a subtle, pained expression. “Just… please, change into something else. We have to be ready for that initiation speech!”
Riley sighed, the memory suddenly flashing back to her. It was one of those weird buffet festivals today; one of those events where everyone hangs out and gives each other gifts. Well, all the villagers, at least. ‘Newbies’ like her and Markus would just have to awkwardly wait by the sidelines all evening, staring longingly at the buffet table. Needless to say, she wasn’t looking forward to it. Nevertheless, she readied herself for the event, knowing how much fitting in here mattered to her brother.
After all, he was right; they did have to lay low. Due to Riley’s, ahem… poor reputation, a small, obscure little village like this really is the safest place for them. Even if it didn’t feel very safe; the way that the villagers went silent and just stared at them as they passed just made her feel so unwelcome! “Do these villagers have to be so… creepy?” Riley shivered.
Markus shrugged, glancing over at her as they walked. “Give them a break. It’s probably been ages since anybody last moved into this village! They probably-” All of a sudden, the distracted bat boy clumsily stumbled right into somebody! Markus let out a little yelp as he was knocked down onto his butt by the impact; but the person he had bumped into was much bigger than himself, and hardly even seemed to notice. Horror washed over his face as he realized just who that person was.
The village chieftess! She was an absolutely massive ring-tailed lemur woman; not just in height (she was a full foot taller than the two bats) but also in sheer thickness! Her huge, pillowy breasts were each twice as big as Riley’s head, clearly straining against the front of the ornate ceremonial robe the busty primate was donning. Her hips were incredibly wide, but those powerful thick legs did well to hold up her massive, fluffy belly, big enough to peek out beneath her robe; and evidently bulging with the desperate struggles of someone within!
Riley blushed at the sight of hand and foot prints, creating clear bulges in the lemur’s gut as the chieftess gently rubbed it with a hand, seemingly apathetic to the wriggling of her prisoner, if not enjoying it. “Oh! M-my dearest apologies, chieftess!” Markus sheepishly greeted her, lifting himself up onto one knee! “Au pricanum! It is always an honor to stand in your presence!”
Riley awkwardly tried to imitate Markus’ pose. “Umm… aw precanium…?”
The chieftess chuckled, gesturing for the two to stand. “At ease, you two. Those formal greetings are only for certain special circumstances, remember. I’m not that strict,” she reassured them. “I appreciate you two trying to acclimate yourself to our traditional customs, though. The same couldn’t be said for this vagrant.” She scowled down at her belly, holding it up a bit with both hands, further accentuating how huge and round it was.
Riley couldn’t help but be a little fascinated with that gut! Especially when it was gurgling and churning with a digestive cacophony loud enough to almost drown out her voice. “What’d he do?”
The chieftess shrugged. “Oh, just demonstrated a flagrant lack of respect for our way of life. He was loitering around town, openly drinking and flirting so luridly with local women, and laughed off our warnings,” she said. “Of course, over the next few hours, my stomach will teach him some ‘proper respect.’ And after he’s reformed, he’s being booted out of this village; never to return, if he’s wise.”
Suddenly, the chieftess paused… before letting out a booming uuUUURRRppp of a belch after her stomach prisoner let out a particularly powerful kick, letting the meaty, warm air blow past the two bats! The duo was left stunned as the chieftess continued speaking, without skipping a beat. “Speaking of which…” Her eyes narrowed as she loomed over Riley. “You. Sister of Markus. If my eyes do not deceive me, I see you are wearing a strange garment upon your head.”
“... you mean a hat?” Riley glanced up at her simple little hat, double-checking that it was, indeed, not red. “What’s it to you?”
The lemur leaned in closer, until it felt like those two big, yellow, glowing eyes were taking up Riley’s entire vision! “Need I remind you that such a choice in fashion defies our customs?”
Riley shuddered, being intimidated (and slightly turned on) by the knowledge that the huge woman could just swallow her up right then and there! She quickly reached up to snatch her hat off her head. “Jeez! Okay, okay, sorry, I’ll take it off-“
The chieftess leaned back, although she still seemed unimpressed. “In fact, such a thing is a pattern of behavior with you, or so I’ve noticed,” she said, before turning to Markus. “Make sure that strict adherence to our customs is observed tonight, alright? It is a very sacred night for us. And I’m speaking to the both of you; your sister is your responsibility, Markus. You brought her here.”
He nodded eagerly, obviously trying as hard as he could not to offend the chieftess. “Of course, chieftess! We wouldn’t dream of doing anything that would tarnish this important night!” Markus insisted. “My sister here will be on her absolute best behavior. Isn’t that right, Riley?”
“Mmm.” Riley just shrugged. “I guess.”
Markus glared at her for her curt response, but luckily, the chieftess didn’t seem to mind. “Wonderful. Glad to know you have everything in hand,” she said. “I shall see you at the village plaza for the initiation speech, hmm?” With that, the chieftess walked off… leaving Riley to gaze at the gentle wobbling, back and forth, of the chieftess’ massive rump as she trotted away. Good thing it’s not illegal for your cheeks to be red, because Riley was blushing up a storm by now!
Thankful to have defused that situation without the two of them ending up digesting in that lemur’s gut right alongside that vagrant, the duo continued along; but not before Riley ditched her hat in a garbage bin, figuring she wouldn’t need it anymore. Soon, they made it to the plaza, where the villagers were all loitering around a stage that had been set up there. The chieftess was still preparing the grandiose speech that would signal the beginning of a day full of feasting, gift-giving, and festivities.
Scanning over the crowd, Riley realized they weren’t the only outsider in attendance. Mixed in with the audience was a strange fossa woman, her face concealed with a thick hood, with an all-around tense posture. Even the other villagers seemed confused about what the fossa was doing here. Honestly, it made Riley a little nervous… but she tried to brush it off. There’s no way somebody would come all the way out here just to mess with her… right?
“You!” Just as she was starting to calm down and relax, she heard that piercing voice ring out!
“Hm?” She turned again, to see that fossa woman stomping towards her, with a glint of sunlight against something steel in her hands. It took a moment for her mind to register what it was; a knife! “Oh, shit! What the-” Riley’s heart skipped a beat, as she fumbled backwards, bumping into people as adrenaline compelled her to stumble clumsily away from the knife-wielding assailant! And she probably would’ve been killed right then and there… if it wasn’t for one of the militiamen grabbing the woman from behind!
There was a murmur of shock through the crowd, as all eyes were locked on the spectacle! The fossa let out a frantic scream as the knife was knocked from her hand, as the militiamen all rushed forward to help restrain her! “No! Let go of me!” She cried out as she was dragged away, her hood falling down to reveal her furious face! “That bitch… do you know who she is? She’s the beast who devoured the- mph!” Her protests were interrupted as she was suddenly shoved up against something soft and squishy.
She looked up… only to realize she had been shoved up against the belly of the chieftess herself! The absolutely huge woman left the fossa frozen with fear, as those big, glowing eyes glared down judgingly at her. “Hmm. So you believe you can enter into my village and attack my people on a whim?” The chieftess casually grabbed the fossa by her sides, licking her lips. “Think again.”
With a single, easy motion, the lemur shoved the smaller fossa woman’s head between her jaws with practiced ease! “Mpph! Mpppphhhh!” The fossa let out more muffled cries as she struggled with all of her might, leaving everybody gawking in awe as she thrashed against the might of the chieftess! However, the lemur was more than experienced at swallowing down rebellious meals like her, and kept an expression of dedication locked on her face as she shoved the girl deeper and deeper…
The lemur didn’t even stop to undress or taste her meal, just shoving her in with machine-like precision; obviously, for her, the real fun part began when she had her prey imprisoned within her stomach, and got to enjoy their struggles as they gurgled. So, with much haste, she worked to force the fossa in deeper and deeper, with the woman’s chest soon disappearing before her jaws… then her midriff… then her waist… until all that was left was to lean her head back, and let gravity guide the woman’s legs down her gullet, and into that waiting acidic cauldron of a stomach.
A momentary look of relief and bliss flashed across the usually stoic chieftess’ face for a moment, as her belly bulged outwards even further with the struggling form of the fossa… until, all of a sudden, the crowd was treated to the deafening sound of a bbbRRRUUURRRuuupp! A massive belch forced its way free from the lemur’s lips, from all the gas her newfound prey had kicked up. “Oh! Excuse me!” She chuckled, clasping a hand over her mouth as she gave her new prisoner some time to settle in. “Well, thanks to the efforts of our militiamen, that threat was dealt with quickly and efficiently. Just a testament to the might of our village! Now, let us begin...”
Riley was stunned as the chieftess just went right on along with her initiation speech. How was everyone else so calm? She was still shaking and shivering, adrenaline rushing through her veins! “Riley? Are you alright?” Markus rushed up to her! “She didn’t hurt you, did he?”
“N-no… just…” She whimpered as she collapsed into his arms, hugging him. “I… think I wanna go home now…”
He sighed, hugging her for a while, before letting her lean against his side as they walked. “Alright, Riley. Alright.” He did his best to soothe her, thinking she was merely shook up by the near-death experience… but her shock went much deeper than that. Was that someone that the ‘old Riley’ had victimized somehow? What could she have possibly done to that Fossa in her past life, that would make her hate her so much that she tracked her all the way here?
The moment they were back in the privacy of their home, Riley immediately collapsed onto the couch, and openly cried. “By the Dreamers, Markus! Like… what the fuck!” she vented, her voice shivering. “Do you think that was one of the family members of one of the people I… I…”
Markus shuddered, realizing what was on her mind. With a frown, she gently set a hand on her shoulder as she laid there. “Riley, we’ve been over this. The Ravager… that wasn’t you, okay?” He reassured her. “The old you died on the operating table. Don’t you remember? They rewrote your personality, wiped most of your memories… all so you could be reborn as a new person.”
“But it was still… it was still me, wasn’t it?” she retorted, crying into a pillow. “Maybe my mind got a restart, but… it’s still the same body. The same body that did all those things. Honestly, sometimes I dream about taking a knife and chopping it to-“
He shuddered. “Riley, I don’t want to hear you talk like that. Ever,” he said, knocking the wind from her sails with just how suddenly assertive his voice sounded. “Everything about you is different, now, except one thing; you’re still my sister. And that’ll always be the case. I’ll always care about you, Riley, and I don’t want to see you… you… lose hope.”
She was quiet for a while, the tears slowly beginning to slow. Those words… they did make her feel a little better. “Can I… can I at least go and apologize to her?” She sniffled, looking up at him. “For what the… ‘old’ me did?”
“If you think it’ll make you feel better, then that’s for the best.” He nodded gently. “And when you get home, I’ll have a nice aprana soup waiting to help cheer you up. Alright?”
Riley huffed a bit, realizing he had already forgotten again… but this time, she didn’t correct him. “Thank you…!” She smiled, pulling him into the tightest hug so far, before rushing off on her own.
After her filling meal that started off her speech, the chieftess just wanted to sit down in her quarters, relax, and enjoy digesting her two squirming prisoners. Unfortunately for her, before she could doze off, she was interrupted by a knock at the door. She grumbled, walking over and pulling it open… only to see that bat woman from before! “Ah. It’s you again.” The chieftess nodded. “Good to see you are okay. Though if you want to thank me for devouring your assailant, you will have to make it quick. I am quite busy today.”
“Oh! Ummm… actually…” Riley sheepishly wrung her hands together as she stepped in. “I was wondering if I could… speak to her? You know, that fossa girl you devoured.”
“Aaah. You want to gloat about your victory over her? Or perhaps interrogate her about her crime?” The chieftess nodded, patting her belly. “Whichever the reason, I may grant your request. Would you rather me bring her up, or send you down?”
Riley blushed, considering it for a moment. “Just bring her up just enough that I can talk to her. If you send me in there, she’d probably clobber me,” she chuckled. “Besides, you probably wouldn’t spit me up anytime soon, would you?”
“Hah. You’ve got me there; if ever anyone ends up in my belly, regardless of the circumstances, I find it much more pleasurable to let my stomach do what it does best, and then reform them afterwards. Spitting them out is just so… unsatisfying,” the chieftess cooed. “Regardless, I will agree to let you speak to my prisoner… in exchange for a full-body massage. I have some tensions that need relieving; setting up for this ceremony is such an anxiety-inducing labor.”
Riley was some parts annoyed by the request, and some parts excited. Either way, it was clear there’d be no persuading the lemur out of it; in fact, she was already undressing! Riley’s cheeks flushed red as the lemur slipped out of that robe, letting her massive, perfect breasts bounce free; both of them impossibly perky considering their sheer size, obviously padded and softened by countless prey. With a relaxed sigh, the lemur laid down on the couch, revealing something similarly impressive; her massive rump! “Start with my back, would you, dear?”
Riley shivered a bit as she took a seat beside the lemur, getting to glance at that booty in all its glory! Both of those incredibly shiny cheeks were over half as big and heavy as Riley’s entire body, both of those mountains of fluffy fat resting on either side on that cavernous abyss of a crack. “Impressive, isn’t it?” The Chieftess smiled over her shoulder at Riley. “No need to be shy; it’s only customary to admire all aspects of your chieftess, after all.”
The bat shivered at the tease, especially when the chieftess started wriggling to and fro slightly, letting her rump wobble and sway back and forth. Hesitantly, Riley brought her hands to those massive buns, seeing just how small her hands were in comparison, feeling the body heat pouring off that rump as she let her hands sink into the softness of those cheeks.
It felt like she could press quite a few inches into that squishiness before she felt the firmness beneath, rolling the malleable cheeks around like dough.“Call it a guilty pleasure, but… on occasion, I like to slip vagrants entirely up that big, plump derriere of mine.” The chieftess cooed at the memory. “Oooh, they just squirm so nicely in there! Even a refined woman like me can’t resist her special indulgences, you know.”
That definitely brought Riley’s attention to that crack! She couldn’t even see the pucker buried deep within that darkness, but she couldn’t help but be curious… even sliding her hands slightly into that crack, rubbing at the sides of the chieftess’ cheeks from in between, feeling just how warm it was with those pillowy mounds on either side of her palms. She just wanted to rest her hands in that warm crack all day long… but before long, the chieftess was rolling over. “Now, for the other side.”
Riley’s eyes were brought to that massive prison of a gut, its captives kept sealed away beneath inches of pudgy softness, although that round gut noticeably bulged with the struggles of those locked inside. Riley shuddered as she started to rub her hands against it, thoroughly soaking the captives in the chieftess’ gastric juices to help with that noisy, bubbly digestion process. “Mmm… they’re really wriggling in there...” The chieftess bit her lip at the feeling. “Mmf… like a massage from inside and out…!”
Eventually, Riley pressed down into that squishy gut a bit… only to force out a RruuuuRRRRRppp from between the chieftess’ lips, the sloppy, warm belch blowing Riley’s fur back slightly, giving her a preview of the gastric stench that pervaded the lemur’s stomach. “Heh! Excuse me,” she said, nodding at the bat. “Now, move up and work on my breasts. While you do that, I’ll bring up that ‘little friend’ of yours, okay?” The chirftessdidn’t have to ask twice; Riley’s hands were on those massive, pillowy breasts in instants, massaging and kneading them, rubbing her thumbs in gentle circles over her areolas, just wishing she could shove her face between them.
As she did that, a bulge travelled up the chieftess’ throat… but the face that emerged from between those lips was not the fossa. It was that drunken vagrant from before; a wide-eyed weasel with a big, bushy beard! “Ye… ye spunk-coated chucklechods! Ah’ll have ev’ry single one o’ yer turkey-fried nipples shown as fireplace ornaments in th’ infernal bowels o’ tartarus!” He immediately started shouting in the thickest accent Riley had ever heard. “Spit me up right this bat-wink, ye fire-tootin’ fanny-face, or ah swear on me mother’s left bollock ah’ll-MPH!”
Before he could rant any further, the chieftess swallowed, forcing him back down her throat and into her stomach. “Whoops. My apologies. Wrong person,” she chuckled, sheepishly, before lying back, closing her eyes, and focusing on bringing up the right person this time. “Okay, she’s coming up. Make it quick, though. We wouldn’t want to interrupt her private time with my stomach, would we?”
… soon, a face slid back up between the lemur’s lips. The fossa’s fur was now incredibly soaked with various gastric juices, to the point that she couldn’t even open her eyes, but Riley could at least recognize her. “H-hello?”
The fossa was silent for a moment, before, “... you…”
Riley shivered at the low, truly hate-filled tone of that word. “H-hi…!” She awkwardly rubbed her arm. “I just wanted to say I’m… horribly sorry about what-“
“Apologize… all you want…” The fossa said, her voice low and raspy. “It won’t bring… Cecile back…”
Riley paused, confused. “Cecile?”
“She… was the ruler of Jadeite… but you seduced her… devoured her…” the fossa growled. “Your actions caused… an entire city to fall into ruin!”
Riley took a moment to process all that! She had never really been told exactly what her old self had done… so hearing those words was truly chilling. “I… I did?” Riley shuddered, trying to maintain her composure. “W-well… it may comfort you to know that the woman who did that is… dead. Her whole personality, most of her memories, all erased… I’m someone entirely new-“
“You may have a new mind… but you still have the same soul,” the fossa retorted, sending another shiver through Riley’s form. “And for anything as evil as yourself… your soul is eternally tainted by your sins. That’s something that bleeding heart Redeemer could never understand…” Riley realized that tears were streaming down her own face by now.
Eventually, the fossa managed to open her eyes, staring Riley down with the most chillingly malicious look she’d ever seen. “And that’s why I’ll hunt you… forever and ever…” she growled. “Until I can finally destroy that tainted soul.”
That single moment, with them looking each other in the eyes, felt like it lasted for an eternity… until, all of a sudden, the fossa disappeared! “What?” Riley blinked, stunned, watching the fossa suddenly disappear right back down the lemur’s throat! “Hey! You swallowed her again!”
“She was delusional. It was clearly upsetting to you,” the chieftess explained calmly. “One should not listen to madwomen like that. It is not healthy for your mind. It might lead you to do things that are… irrational.”
“You… urgh…” Riley bit her lip, more tears streaming down her face as all sorts of conflicting emotions washed over her. Was that fossa right? Was Riley pretty much already damned… due to things that had happened before she was even really ‘born?’ Things she didn’t even remember? Shivering, she fled towards the door! “I… I gotta go…” With a huff, the chieftess’ stoic eyes watched the bat leave.
She scratched at her arm as she walked home, almost wanting to claw herself to pieces. It felt like her body… her soul… was indeed eternally tainted. Did she even deserve a second chance at life, when the people who the ‘old Riley’ devoured never got such a chance? Her psyche was screaming at her to just throw herself off the Highlands, and let herself fall into the poisonous mist below. When she got into that kind of thinking… there was only one way to deal with it.
Luckily, when she made it home, Markus was nowhere to be seen. She could easily sneak into her room and uncover a hidden crate of the only thing that can pick her up in times like these; bottles of gin. Hopefully, she can drink enough of this that all these damned thoughts will just fade away…
Meanwhile, the festivities in the village were going swimmingly. The sun had set in the distance, and the starry night gave the perfect backdrop for the many beautiful, colorful lights of the small village, as villagers chatted and traded with each other happily. Everything seemed perfect… until, all of a sudden, a drunken bat wandered into the plaza.
Soon, the melodic playing of the village’s little band was being interrupted by the heckling of the obnoxious bat, her eyes half-lidded as she’d obviously drunken herself into a deep stupor. “Boooo! Boooring!” she called out at them, ignoring the death glares she was getting from the musician as she leaned over a nearby fence, a bottle of gin sloshing haphazardly in her hand. “Hey, ye should play, uhhhh… The More I Love Ya, by, err… that meerkat guy! He’s a hotty…”
Eventually, the band was given some reprieve when the bat laid eyes on a passing wolf man, instead. “Oooh, speakin’ o’ hotties!” she swooned, her voice slurring as she pestered the frustrated wolf. “Hey there, stuud. Why don’ we skip all o’ this junk and go somewhere a lil’ more private, huh, big boy?”
And such was the general state of chaos that followed the bat wherever she went. It was stunning what an uproar a single person could make, especially when the villagers were all too polite to speak up against her! Luckily, a militiaman soon noticed the scene. “You! You there!” The bat was approached by a jackal, in that familiar armor. “You are acting completely out of line! I need you to-”
But to the bat girl’s drunken mind, this was the perfect opportunity to finally buck all of this village’s annoying rules, after months of trying and failing to keep track of em. “I dun gotta do whatchya wan’ anymore, old man!” she chortled, giving him lewd gestures. “I’m a free woman!”
The jackal snarled. “Alright, that’s it,” he huffed, stomping forward. What he definitely didn’t expect was for the bat to have such strange prowess with combat; she agilely ducked right beneath his attempt to grab him, instead sliding around by his side! All it took was one shove from behind to land the man on his back on the ground, before using her wings to propel herself up into the air above him! “Wha- MPH!?”
With a loud laugh, she slammed onto the jackal butt-first, and in an instant, he found his face aggressively jammed in between the bat’s firm cheeks, completely enveloping his snout in her tush’s softness! “Hah! Yer comfy, ye know! Ye make a betta seat cushion than a guard!” She laughed, wriggling her hips, grinding his face up into her crack. Sitting on someone like this was such a wonderful feeling for her, and one she had so rarely gotten to enjoy in this damn prudish village...
Of course, Markus had just walked over in time to witness this whole thing… and he was horrified! “Riley! Riley!” Her brother immediately sprinted up, grabbing her by the arm and trying to tug her off the jackal! “What the hell are you doing!? Have you lost your mind!?”
She pouted, though, keeping her little booty prisoner’s face firmly wedged between her cheeks, refusing to get up off of him. “C’moooon, maan… live a lil!” she complained, absent-mindendly. “Are ye really gunna let sum stupid villagers tell ye how to live yer life?”
He grit his teeth, realizing just how wasted she was. He leaned back, gripping the fur atop his head so hard it looked like he was going to rip it out! “You — you drunk fucking — do you have any idea what you’re doing!?” he hissed through his teeth. “If the chieftess sees you like this, she’ll—”
“Ahem.” Suddenly, that massive woman cleared her throat behind him, eliciting a startled yelp from Markus! He turned, shivering, to see the massive lemur looming over him; looking even bigger and fatter than before, after having digested those two prisoners into naught but pudge and chyme, and looking very unimpressed. “Markus, I am disappointed in you. Letting your sister drink — a transgression that, I presume you know, is most dire in our culture. And tonight, of all nights!”
“I… I…” he stuttered, his lip quivering and his eyes wide.
“No more excuses, Markus. I had hoped to extend an olive branch to some promising outsiders… but the events of today have shown that you’re more trouble than your worth,” the chieftess asserted. “Strip down and brace yourself. You know what’s about to happen.” Markus wanted to argue, but… he knew from her tone that the lemur couldn’t possibly be convinced at this point. So, with a sad sigh, he started to slide off his tunic, tossing it to the side as he hesitantly approached the lemur.
It was taking Riley’s wasted mind some time to process all this… but it all clicked into place the moment the lemur lifted Markus up and shoved his head into her jaws just like she had with the fossa! Watching your brother get devoured was quite the sobering experience; immediately, the alcoholic haze left her mind, as clarity washed over her! “W-wait! No! Don’t eat hi- eek!” She rushed forward to try to stop the lemur, only for the chieftess to casually hip check her to the ground. Once down, Riley only had a moment to look up at the massive ass looming over her… before it came crashing down! “Mph!”
Riley’s entire body was hidden away between those huge, fat cheeks as the chieftess enjoyed her meal, taking a bit more time to lap over Markus, savoring his bare figure. Regardless, he was quickly shoved into her gullet, meter by meter, all the same, leaving the cool outside world behind in favor of the warm, dark, cramped world that was the chieftess’ body. He didn’t even bother to resist, just letting those throat muscles take him, although he did shiver a bit as her lips travelled over his waist and groin. Eventually, though, with one last, big gulp… he was gone!
Of course, she capped her victory off with another big, powerful belch as the bat boy settled in her stomach. With a pleasured huff, the chieftess soon brought herself to her feet… to reveal that Riley was now buried halfway up that fat ass, only her kicking legs dangling out between those fat cheeks! The lemur looked back at those legs, unimpressed, giving herself a slap on the ass to let those doughy mounds wobble around Riley. “Mmm. You should be ashamed of yourself. Your impotence has ensured that not only you, but your brother, will no longer be welcomed in our village,” the chieftess said. “I will give you two some time together to… reflect on what you’ve done.”
Riley — at least, new Riley — had never experienced being devoured herself before. She had no idea just how swelteringly warm it would be inside of the lemur’s bowels, nor how suffocatingly tight the walls of her rectum would squeeze down around her, squishing every single inch of the bat’s body. It was pitch black, too, with only the sounds of the lemur’s body to keep her grounded. No matter how much she squirmed, her legs were slurped up into that powerful ass with each clench; the chieftess obviously had quite a bit of experience completely devouring hapless prey with that massive rump. Riley didn’t stand a chance.
Poor Riley would spend the next hour or two sobering up inside of those bowels, being squeezed and squished all the while as her body was slowly pressed through those winding tunnels, being pressed into all kinds of uncomfortable angles. Eventually, she finally made it to the chieftess’ stomach; a sac that would probably be roomier, if it wasn’t for the fact that she was mashed into this cramped space with Markus! They were both curled up tightly together in that sweltering gut, feeling the gastric acids bubbling all around them like a tingly hot tub! “Uurgh… Riley?” Markus’ voice, weak and quiet as it was, was clearly audible in the small space. “Damn it, Riley!? What were you thinking!?”
She stuttered. That time in the lemur’s bowels left her plenty of time to contemplate her actions, and she knew very well that they were indefensible. “I…”
“Do you know how hard it was for me to even get us into this village!?” he growled, immediately launching into the tirade he’d been planning. “How much I’ve sacrificed just to take care of you? To protect you through all this? To give you this second chance at life?”
Every word he said was like a dagger through her heart, and all because she knew it was 100% true. What a selfless brother she had… and what a selfish, ungrateful fool she was. “You… you shouldn’t have, Markus…” she finally whimpered, wishing she had never been given this ‘second chance.’ “You should’ve just let them… let them…”
Markus paused at that, the wind knocked from his sails. “Riley, what… what are you talking about?”
Tears were streaming down her cheeks again, but they were invisible with the dark, and blended in quickly with the gastric juices that were already coating the rest of her entire body. “Why do I deserve a second chance!?” she cried. “Even if you changed my psyche… I’ll always have the same soul. Deep down, I’ll always be… murderous, good-for-nothing scum who doesn’t deserve the air she-”
Markus frowned, his heart skipping a beat just hearing the words coming out of his beloved sister’s mouth. “Riley, please, don’t say things like that,” he practically begged, shifting a bit just to lay a hand on her shoulder, trying his best to calm her down. “Whatever happened in the past, the only thing I know is this; I can’t… lose you. Not again.” Even through the darkness… they could see each other’s eyes.
“When we were younger… I tried to raise the old you right. Tried to steer you away from the… wrong path. But… I was an idiot. I didn’t know what I was doing. I only drove you deeper,” Markus explained, finally laying his feelings bare. “As you got deeper and deeper into it, it was like my… only sister was just vanishing right in front of me. Everything that made you you was just fading away, until you became this evil thing I didn’t even recognize.”
“And it was all my fault. When I turned you in to the authorities, I… figured that was the end of it. But when Gabriel — the Redeemer — told me that we could turn back the clock… that we could go into your brain and root out all that evil, so you had a second chance…” He grit his teeth with shame. “I… I’m selfish, I know. But I just wanted my sister back.”
“Oh, Markus…” Riley strained awkwardly to shift herself in these tight, moist confines, but eventually managed to wrap him in a tight hug. “None of this was your fault at all! You giving me that second chance… it was more than I ever deserved. I can’t even… articulate how grateful I am to have had someone like you in my life. Someone who loved me unconditionally, when nobody else would.”
Markus paused for a while at that… and eventually, Riley realized he was sniffling. Now that they’d both told each other how they really felt about the whole situation… it really did feel like a giant weight had been taken off their shoulders. “Okay. Okay. You made me tear up,” he chuckled a bit through the cheers, bringing a smile to Riley’s face, “b-but I’m still mad, you know! You’re not getting out of this that easy!”
“I know, I know!” She nodded, looking around the cramped stomach with a frown. “I… really screwed this one up, huh?”
“Yeah… this village looked really promising, too…” Markus sighed. “Well, you’re finding us the next one. Plus, you’re carrying all my stuff while we travel for the next month.”
“Yeah… yeah, that’s fair,” Riley chuckled. She’d have a lot of time to think of what to do next, in all the hours they were going to take to digest in here. “Though, I dunno… I really think we should just ditch the Highlands, at this point. This sort of lifestyle just isn’t suited for us.”
“Oh?” Markus raised a brow. “How would we even leave? I don’t know if there’s many Voyagers around we can hire…”
“Well… why don’t I just become one?” Riley smiled, seeming adorably excited by the idea! “I may have had most of my memories wiped, but… somehow, I feel like I still remember how to pilot an airship! Any test or whatever the Voyagers have, I know I can pass it!”
“Hah! You really think so?” Markus smiled. “Well… I guess it’s worth a shot.”
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