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30 - Palutena: Powerless By ZeldaNoVorsu -- Report

Oops, sorry about that Palutena... Even you, a Goddess cannot resist the power of Nightmare! In fact, it seems in these dreams you have no power at all.

It must be frightening to feel like a normal mortal, no magic powers or immortality to save you. You can't even stand against your own angel anymore or his surprising appetite.

Worse, you can't defend yourself against your former fellow Goddess. In fact, you can't even defend other goddesses from her hunger. It's terrifying to be like us, isn't it? Eh hm hm hmmm...

The final nightmare story emerges! Palutena is the last on the docket before this story reaches its conclusion tomorrow. I don't really have anything else to say, I guess. Maybe there was an inspiration or something at some point, but I forgot it. Well, the final story of this series tomorrow!

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Posted by techtician 9 months ago Report

And soon it ends, and PN emerges in a new timeline