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V2C5 - Snippet By Pharo -- Report

This was snipped section from chapter five of volume two. I didn't like the way it was going and cut it from the chapter. I did add a bit to give it some closure and have it read better, as well as some basic editing. However, this is technically a rough draft. Perhaps even less, so, don't expect the greatest of literary prowess.

These are also going to be something that I plan on making a Patreon exclusive when I get it set up.

Anyway, here we find Madeline, Adeline's massive, MILF-ish aunt, as she ushers Thomas away from the group for a bit of bedroom fun. However, as their sexy-funtime progresses, things get rather dangerous as she decides to satisfy another hunger of hers.

A rather painful digestion ensues...


Only a mere 3,000 Words!

As always, if you find my work moderately acceptable, you can give me a coffee...

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