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Dismissed Pet By Asaneman -- Report

Farasa; Hunter, Vulpera and new member of the Horde, had been informed of how to tame a beast she had heard was impressive and a challenge; an avatar of the Vryukul’s legendary wolf demigod Fenryr. The small anthro fox, wearing simple clothes and wielding a comparatively large rifle she had scavenged from The Alliance during one of their attacks on her people’s caravans, looked over the wolf that was easily large enough for her to use as a mount. She tapped her foot and studied his glowing yellow scars and the runes carved into his shoulders and hips. Even before joining the Horde, she felt she had a knack for taming the beasts of the desert of Vol’dun, the shared home of her people and the serpentine Sethrak.

“You were a lot of effort to get to, you know! And you are pretty impressive to look at…” she said, walking around the beast and patting him down as he sat there snarling at her. “Most of it was figuring out those portals that the Horde and Zandalari set up. Then finding this Stormheim place and the entrance to these ‘Halls of Valor.’” She didn’t even bother mentioning how the land itself was plagued by steep and sudden cliffs that made traversal difficult, especially for a vertically challenged vulpine like herself.

Fenryr didn’t seem very impressed, in fact he seemed fairly annoyed to be bossed around by something small enough to be a bite-sized snack for his true self… it baffled him how something so small and frail-looking dispatched his true body with relative ease. Not only that, she ordered him around, telling him how to fight and what to slay in his own territory (as they had yet to leave the Eternal Hunting Grounds) while judging his performance. He sat there grumbling, remaining obedient for now, yet another avatar of himself becoming a mere pet for some upstart mortal who passed one of Odyn’s many challenges.

“But unfortunately, I have much higher standards for a beast companion then simple impressive aesthetic,” Farasa said as she stood in front of the now confused wolf, who seemed to be wondering if that meant she’d leave and not take the avatar with her. She got to her tip-toes and grinned as she gave his snout a brief nip and lick. “Just stay nice and still, big boy… I know a way you’ll be much more useful to me.” With that, she gave another lick against the wolf’s face, who growled in irritation but was unable to do anything as this version of himself was given out to be an obedient prize. “Be as angry as you want, but... I worked up an appetite and I’ve always wanted to try this,” she said before opening her mouth and putting the wolf’s snout inside with a coy grin.

The wolf growled and squirmed at the sensation, had this mortal gone mad?! He once more tried to resist, but was unable to thanks to the magical restraints of his servitude. She suckled on his snout until her nose was pressed against his forehead, his muzzle now bulging out the bottom of her neck. The wolf was struck with the thought of how such a small creature could possibly hope to devour him, wishing he had the free will to resist her advances.

“Mhm…” Farasa attempted to vocalize, but couldn’t thanks to her full mouth. She may have started regularly drinking elixirs based on the Sethrak’s curious ability to swallow larger creatures whole in order to prime her vulpine anatomy for just such a situation as this. This was probably a stretch for her first time, but she wanted to see just how far she could go. She swallowed the wolf’s head without much difficulty, the canine hearing a wet ‘gllk’ with each undulation of her jaws pulling him deeper into her gullet. Soon his head was fully encased in her throat, forming a massive bulge on the underside, and Farasa tried to relax as she now had the thickest part of the wolf to swallow down at his shoulders. She put both her hands on his sides, pulling him in with the strength of her swallowing and the pull of her arms. It took some time, thanks to his lack of compliance and her smaller stature, but she eventually got her jaws around his shoulders, his nose getting a sniff of the inside of her stomach as a warm feeling of pride came over her.

Another set of swallows came, his front legs pinned to his sides. Farasa’s belly swelled with the incoming wolf, forcing the flexible fabric of her shirt to slide up and reveal her fuzzy orange flesh. The wolf kicked and snarled, trying to escape as he now realized this tiny creature might actually swallow him whole. Despite his efforts, his ribs were brought in with another slurping sound, and his hips would be a much easier thing for this gluttonous vixen to swallow thanks to the front heavy build he possessed. He let out a confused and angry yelp as he felt the fox’s tongue between his legs as she swallowed down his rump and tore the strapped work-shirt she was wearing wide open.

Farasa was in bliss, her ears folded back and her eyes rolling up in pleasure as she drooled into the thick fur of the wolf. She paid little mind to the impressive sheath and sac that slid across her tongue, overcome by the sensation of asserting herself in such a way, reducing such a large and ferocious creature into nothing but a meal for her. She lifted her head up, his legs and tail now all that remained out as his nethers slid down her throat. She closed her eyes, smiling and giving a few heavy swallows, feeling the legs and tail sliding into her slick gullet. Once his paws made it past her throat, she let out a startling “Bwwwooooorrrrrpp” and fatigued laugh. “O-oh yes…definitely better now,” she said, leaning against her enormous mound of a stomach and thanking the miracles that alchemists could concoct a mixture potent enough for such an exchange. “Don’t need to move… thankfully, before your pack decides it wants to get some revenge…” she muttered, pulling out a stone with a blue, glowing swirl carved into it that began to glow brighter as she focused. After a minute of channeling, she was suddenly in her cozy room at an inn somewhere called ‘Stonetalon Mountains.’ She landed on her bed with a heavy creak from the woodwork, perched atop the huge bulge of the heavily muscled wolf in her stomach.

“Now… I’m going to enjoy a nice nap while you digest, wolfy… you were f-far too much effort for a basic wolf,” she said, starting to doze off against her stomach and drool. She couldn’t help but utterly enjoy this, dreaming of future hunts that could happen with the help of this elixir. The angry, squirming wolf tried to upset her stomach to force her to spit him out as he was slowly digested and turned into fat for her chest, hips and the gut that had imprisoned him.

An unknown number of hours later, the vulpera woke up, no longer feeling the solid mass of wolf in her, but something squishy beneath her. She blinked in disbelief at the size of her breasts, which now filled up the bottom of her field of vision, looking over her shoulder her ass as well. “W-Well this is a surprise, I guess you were more useful than a normal wolf after all! I’d owe you an apology if you weren’t a part of my figure.” She let out a groan, sitting upright and feeling her chest rest against her squishy bed. “Definitely going to need something to strengthen my metabolism next time.” She put a hand on her chest, giving it a firm squish. She enjoyed the size, heft and texture of her massive, foxy boobs, but it was far too impractical to go on hunting trips like this. Her hands both eventually moved down to her gut and gave it a squeeze and a jiggle, getting a glorp from the remains of the semi-melted wolf still coursing through her guts. “Whew… you’re still really heavy like this!” she said before moving her hands to the ass that had ripped open her pants, leaving her in something more akin to leggings. “This’ll pay for itself at taverns, though…” She grinned and sank her fingers into the doughy, furred flesh padding the torn pants out with a bite of her lip. “Maybe someone can help me burn off this extra weight.” She got to her feet as best she could, struggling to keep her balance with the fresh heapings of weight on her front and backside. She’d have to test how much she could drink for free and if anyone would believe this story, already thinking of what her next hunt should be. First, though, she had to wiggle into a new shirt, which barely covered her plump bosom and already threatened to burst.


Been wanting to draw Vulpera, and  thatrandomlurkingguy was happy enough to offer his Vulpera girl up for the job! He wrote the story about her as well, so thanks again!


Vulpera, Fenryr © Blizzard Entertainment
Farasa ©  thatrandomlurkingguy

Comment on Dismissed Pet


Posted by HisashiHinata 4 months ago Report

YES. There is so much yes in this picture!

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Posted by TimberWolf25 4 months ago Report

I really like the idea for the scenario. Summoning a creature/familiar, only to use it for a quick meal.
Made even better that it's a mount, yet rather than having a steed, now becomes a glorified meaty bag. The story put it well into perspective too.
Getting vibes of role reversal, also a fan of larger prey and those paws.

Perfect overall.

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Posted by Azuris 4 months ago Report

Certainly wasn't expecting World of Warcraft vore, but you do it quite nicely.

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Posted by LightSpeed 4 months ago Report

Murrrr... I LOVE small pred Large Prey! ^3^

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Posted by JamKat 4 months ago Report

God this is amazing! <3

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