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Hello! Here's a general layout of what I'm willing/unwilling to do in regards to art.

-I am NOT open for requests.
-I may do trades if I know and like the artist's work.
-I'm not interested in doing collabs
-I never take commissions

What I'm NOT willing to do:
-Male preds
-furry/scaly (partial stuff like monster girls from Monster Girl Encyclopedia/Monster Girl Quest, some Animal Crossing characters like Ankha, or stuff like the original Elora from Spyro get a pass)
-hard vore
-drawn out sexual scenarios (I just prefer to skip right to the vore)
-long comics
-graphic digestion
-underage preds/prey (This is a case by case basis, but do know if its an underage/teen/ambiguously aged character I particularly like, they will be aged up to at least 18 and have their appearance altered slightly to reflect this appropriately)
-Real People

The types of vore I enjoy the most are as follows: Anal, Cock (futa/herm only), Oral and Breast. (Just as a note, I typically only do futa preds if CV is the primary focus) Other forms of vore are a sort of grey area.

Types of preds with the following traits I enjoy a lot: colossal asses and breasts, girls with sharp teeth, long tongues, milfs, red heads, blue skinned women, witches/sorceresses, shortstacks

How to get a hold of me: All you have to do is PM me with details and references on the character(s) (hard limit might be 2-3 at most) and I may pick it up if I like it. These requests would be more along the lines of suggestions, so if I don't respond or draw it even if it might be something up my alley, please don't take offense (I see and check all the pms I get in my inbox, so rest assured I won't miss it). Also there's no need to ask if I'm taking requests beforehand in the PM (I'll post here if I am no longer taking requests in the future), just simply post your request.

They will also be primarily vore focused, so stuff like pregnancy and the like will be passed on. There is no specific time frame in which I'll work on them and setting a time limit by confirming on something only serves to stress me out, so patience and a little luck is required. I tend to change whether I am open to requests or not on this page, so if I have it listed that I am not taking requests, consider my queue full of potential requests I may do. I would also like to note that I am still a learning artist, so quality may vary as I do this solely for fun.

I have a list of characters/series on a previous blog post that I enjoy, though feel free to request whatever as long as it doesn't fall within the stuff I'm not willing to do:

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Azuris' Blog - 300+ Watchers Posted 9 months ago

Just noticed I pushed over 300 watchers recently since I started drawing here on Ekas over a year or so now. Thank you all so much for the support! Currently working on a good amount of pictures (Arachne from Soul Eater, Angela/Hod/Malkuth from Lobotomy Corporation and Sylph from Monster Girl Quest to name a few) but may take a few suggestions for future pictures for after I'm done with them.

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Posted by Maggot742617000027 4 months ago Report

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You're welcome! Keep drawing amazing stuff if you feel motivated


Posted by ManWithNoVowels 5 months ago Report

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No problem; thanks for the great art!


Posted by LordOfGee 6 months ago Report

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No problem my dude~
And if you like that pic, you should check out my pal :iconTopmostZozzle: ! He colored it and did a slight edit to my original piece! Mainly dialogue and tummy size lol


Posted by cr055x 6 months ago Report

Just wanted to ask... will we ever see part 2 to the Sylph comic?


Posted by Badfurson 6 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch, bud.


Posted by TheAya 7 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch pally!


Posted by Creaturedude 7 months ago Report

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Of course!

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Posted by ditto 8 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch ^_^


Posted by Kibbleblade04 8 months ago Report

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You're Welcome.


Posted by MobiusTheIce 8 months ago Report

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Hey, no problems dude. Really love Spelunky 2, both as game AND vore-related. Plus, Weight gain is my favourite jam, so, if you combine those 2, sign me up! Glad you like my stuff anyway!


Posted by Iseta 8 months ago Report

Thanks a lot for the watch ^^


Posted by ssssrrrr4000 9 months ago Report

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