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Cheat Day - Prologue
By ChubbySong321
"I hate this!" Little Katie grumbled at her mother as she approached the scale
The 7 year old wasn't lying. This new morning ritual was something she really did hate. She didn't like having to be weighed by her mother, or seeing just how much she lost. However, there was no getting out of it. Her mother always made sure she kept progress on her daughter's weight loss
"Now, now Katie. You know I have to see how you're doing." Her mother said as Katie, reluctantly, hopped onto the scale
Katie had always been a chubby child. A, thicker than usual, layer of baby fat covered her body. Her arms, legs and even her face were pleasantly plump. However, most of her weight had gone straight to her big, round, tummy. It was this part of her that had given her mother the most concern. With the right view young Katie looked almost pregnant. Her mother thought no child should have a belly that big
Of course, her mom had also been worried over her daughter's massive appetite. No matter how much she fed Katie, the pudgy preteen always wanted more. She'd practically eaten her mom out of house and home!
Given all of this, Katie's mother had placed her daughter on a strict diet. It happened after her recent checkup. Thankfully, despite her weight and eating habits, the 7 year old was in good health. However, like her mother, the doctor did say the portly, little, girl could stand to cut back on her eating, and that's just what her mom made her do
Needless to say, Katie wasn't happy about her diet one bit. No more cookies, cake, ice cream, etc. Only a single serving at meal times and no snaking in between. It was madness! Could she be blamed because she liked eating? Was it her fault if she was a bit hungrier than everyone else? She was a growing girl. She needed to eat!
Besides, as far she was concerned, the extra pounds on her frame just made her look all the more cute. In fact, as strange as it might have seemed, the 7 year old even liked her big tummy. It was soft and warm and fun to play with...or at least it had been
Her diet was working and working quite nicely. She had lost a considerable amount of weight over the last month, or so. Even her stomach had shrunk down from bulging to just roundt, much to her mother's joy
"See? You're down a whole pound today. That makes 3 this week." Her mom said proudly
Katie just sighed and stepped off the scale. Looking down with her blue eyes, she could see the results herself. Even through her pink sweater and blue jeans, Katie could see just how small her middle was now. This drew another sigh from the blond girl, who currently had hair done up in cute, twin, pigtails
"I'm still so hungry though." Katie muttered under her breath
Her mother, who sported a, dark blue, dress and shared her daughter's blue eyes and blond hair, sighed as well. She may have been happy with the weight loss, but she didn't like how much Katie hated her diet. She brushed a strand of her long hair out of her eyes and thought for a moment
"Well Kate, maybe you can have a cheat day today." She replied to her daughter's grumble
She got down on 1 knee, so she was eye level with Katie, and quickly placed a hand on her shoulder
"A cheat day? What's that?" Katie asked
"Well that's where you get to cheat on your diet. You can eat all you want and have whatever you like." Her mom answered, knowing Katie would like this idea
She was right. The chubby child lit up at the suggestion and she almost bounced with joy, causing her remaining blubber to jiggle slightly
"So I don't hafta diet anymore and can have as much as I want?" Katie asked excitedly
Her mother nodded and replied,
"Yes sweetie, but just for today. So what do you think? Should we make today a cheat day?" The older woman asked
Katie nodded happily before she quickly wrapped her arms around her mother. Her mom hugged her back and replied,
"Oh, you're welcome Katie. Now how about I go make up your favorite breakfast?"
Katie beamed and nodded, loving the sound of that very much. The 7 year old took her mother's hand cutely and led them both into the kitchen. She was more than ready to be able to finally pig out again!
Her mother only smiled at Katie's adorable display and was all the more happy to indulge her daughter's appetite, at least for breakfast, and maybe even supper. That was as far as she planned on taking it. Little Kate deserved it, especially with how well she was doing
However, her mother had no idea just how much Katie wanted to eat today, or just how truly massive her appetite was. The little girl couldn't help but lick her lips at all the tasty possibilities that flashed through her mind. As if sensing this, her roundt tummy now peaked out from between her pants and sweater ever so slightly, began rumbling ever so quietly. The plump little girl was ready to eat!
To be continued...
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I know it’s been a while since I posted a new story, but I hope this new series helps make up for it ^^

Anyways, this is the tale of young Katie finally getting to take a “cheat day” from her diet. It won’t take long for her mom, and everyone else, to see just how BIG this chunky, little, girl’s appetite truly is

Fair warning, this story will eventually feature vore and giantess stuff in it. I’ll be sure to leave a note on the chapter that happens in so those of you who aren’t into either of those don’t have to read it ^_-

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