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Cheat Day - Part 1 - Breakfast Binge
By ChubbySong321
Katie beamed as she sat at the kitchen table, waiting patiently for her mother to bring her breakfast. She happily kicked her legs in excitement. It couldn't be helped. After all, she actually got to pig out today. The plump, little, girl couldn't wait to dig into her favorite breakfast: pancakes, bacon, sausages, eggs and hash browns
It was a meal fit for a king, especially the way her mother prepared it, which was what was taking the woman so long. Cooking so many dishes wasn't an easy task. Besides, Katie's mother was cooking quite a lot of each tasty breakfast dish. She planned on eating along with her daughter, after all
Finally, the moment had arrived. With one last flip of the pancakes, their massive meal was ready to eat. It took a bit of time for Katie's mother to place everything on their proper serving dishes. Again, this was no ordinary breakfast. This was a cheat day breakfast
Katie beamed as she watched her mother getting everything ready for her. The chubby child might have been waiting patiently before, but she just couldn't any longer. She was about to let her mother know it in a fairly unusual way
"Hurry up mommy an' come and feed me!
Hurry up mommy an' come and feed me!
My tummy's all empty and it needs some filling
I just wanna gobble up everything I can see!
I've been on this diet for way too long
Holding back and losing weight cause of you mom
So, please, mommy, listen to my song
Cause I can finally pig out and it's not wrong!
So hurry up and bring me plate after plate
Cause this little girl wants to stuff her face!
And for my breakfast it's okay,
because today is my cheat day"
With plates in hand, Katie's mother turned and gave her daughter a little sigh. She wasn't fazed by the fact Katie was singing. Her daughter often came up with little songs like this. The lithe woman found that incredibly sweet and cute, despite the contents of this particular tune
"Katie, you have to wait your turn. Your momma can only move so fast." She replied to her daughter as she brought the food over
For her part, Katie did blush a bit cutely, but still held her smile and quickly said,
"But I'm hungry! It's my cheat day and I wanna eat mommy"
Her mother sighed again and said nothing. She simply brought the hungry 7 year old her food, setting her heaping plate down. Yes, she had given Katie a bit more than normal. After all, the woman saw no reason to disallow her loving, little, girl to indulge for a single meal
Katie soon gave her one. The starving, chubby, child quickly dug into her food like a ravenous beast. She had been dieting for so long. Restricted from truly feeding her appetite, she wasn't going to hold back now
Her plate had been over flowing, and weighed down, when her mother had given it to her. However, after half a minute, her food was half gone. Worse yet, Katie wasn't slowing down. If anything, the portly, little, kid was only picking up steam
Her mother actually gasped as she noticed this. It was hard to even see her, fork and knife grasping, hands. They were almost a blur! The only clear thing she could make out was the sounds of chewing and munching that came from her daughter
After only 2 minutes, Katie had eaten a plate big enough to feed 2 grown adults. She had licked it completely clean, literally! The chubby child grinned ear to ear from this and let out a cute burp before she began eying her mother's plate
"Katie! W-what do we say after we burp?" He mother asked, still quite in shock from daughter's gorging
Katie was known for many things, but manners werent one of them. Being only 7, she could get away with it, but her mother always tried to get her practice them. Even for someone her age, Katie never seemed to be one to hold back a burp. Her mom might have minded this behavior, but Katie didnt
She completely ignored her mom's quip. She was far too focused on the, still untouched, plate of food that sat in front of her mother. The plump child wasn't even close to being full and her breakfast feast before was just what she needed to help, maybe, satisfy a small portion of her appetite
Im waiting Katie Her mother said, before noticing her daughters line of sight on her plate
Before either of them could say another word, her mother could see Katie was up and out of her seat, heading for her plate. The shocked woman tried to grab her food away from the starving 2nd grader, but Katie was far too fast. Yes, even at her size, the chubby child could move quite quickly, at least where food was concerned
Katie! Stop that! Thats my breakfastgive it back young lady! Her mother, still shocked, yelled as she reached for the plate
However, by the time she got her hand on it, and was able to yank it back to her, the plate had been licked clean. Her mother just growled at her daughter. Needless to say, she was NOT happy with her childs piggish display
Fortunately, Katie didnt seem all that upset by any of this. She just let out a happy moan of delight as she rubbed over her, now bigger, tummy and licked the last strands of excess syrup off her face. Of course, she had to top it all off with a nice, big, but still cute, burp
Her mother could only growl again. Somehow remaining fairly calm, she quickly began,
Katie look what you did! I made a VERY large breakfast, and even made sure to give you the biggest plate because today is special. And look! You ate EVERYTHING! I know we said todays a cheat day, but
The poor woman was cut off by the horn of the bus outside
Oh no! The bus is here already!?! Her mother cried, looking up at the kitchen clock to see that it was, indeed, time for Katie to go to school
Both girls had completely forgotten about school. The hungry mother sighed and knew theyd have to continue this conversation when Katie got back home. She quickly handed Katie her book bag and her lunch box, before she rushed the bloated 7 year old to the door
Hurry up. You dont want to miss the bus! She said as she Katie slowly put on her jean jacket and slung her bag on her back
With a bit of panted running, the growing little girl managed to make it to the bus, albeit fairly slowly. After all, and unbeknownst to her mother, Katie had managed to grab a box of pop tarts on the way out the door. Of course, she was currently munching on them as she waddled onto the bus, looking rounder than she had been
Her mom sighed again. Shed DEFINITELY be talking to her daughter about her excessive eating once she got back home. Little did the stressed-out mother know that this would only be the beginning of her plump daughters gorging for the day
To be continued...
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This is the tale of young Katie finally getting to take a “cheat day” from her diet. It won’t take long for her mom, and everyone else, to see just how BIG this chunky, little, girl’s appetite truly is

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