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Stark's Snack! By ItsSongxing -- Report

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“H-How—How did I lose?!” The once proud queen of the Amazons, Penthesilea herself, lamented her humiliating defeat within the belly of Ivory Stark. “She didn’t even call her Servant!” The walls around her squeezed ever tighter, the powerful muscles enough to make even her mighty body completely, utterly powerless, unable to move more than a minor twitch. And furthermore, she could hardly even hear her own voice through the snarling walls of Ivory Stark’s belly, the one thing the stomach did not restrict by force, instead being restricted by overwhelming noise...It almost reminded her of her own rage, when Achilles had called her beautiful.

But instead, the adamant walls of Ivory’s stomach had a much more terse word for the fallen Queen:
“Meat.” She could practically hear the whispers of “Kreas, kreas!” beneath the roars of hunger. The speed with which Ivory’s stomach squeezed against her skin, massaging their enzymes into her flesh in an attempt to burn it, melt it, break it into nothing more than nourishment. She knew what happened to food. It was precisely what she had done to that catgirl Archer...

But her lamentations were interrupted by a force pulling her final prison to the side. In the world of light, Ivory Stark had taken her stomach, and, wrapping her left arm underneath it, she pulled it aside as she drew a rock-solid shaft from her pants, and started to stroke it. “D-Damn, you, Ittsu...” She muttered, biting her lip as her prick already began to drool with precum. “You and Koko both conditioned me like this. L-Leaking precum just from the feeling of being full...I’m sorry, Saber, b-but I can’t wait~!”

Penthesilea didn’t understand what was going on. She could faintly hear Ivory’s voice, but it wasn’t long before the rhythmic pumping of that shaft traveled to the stomach, shaking her prison. It did nothing to loosen the grip that gut had on her; if anything, whatever Ivory happened to be doing was making it tighter. But the Queen didn’t understand it; how could a novice Magus have beaten her in single combat?! And how was her stomach so strong?!


As if hearing her racing mind, the stomach gave a low growl, as if telling even her thoughts to be silent. Or, perhaps, it was her own mad paranoia...

In reality, it was because Ivory’s pace in her masturbation had quickened. Rubbing her hand over the tip of her shaft, she got it nice and slick with her pre-ejaculate, and tightened her grip on it. Even she, as a woman nearly seven feet high, couldn’t quite wrap one hand around the whole thing – but with the feeling of a whole person melting away inside of her, the weight putting pressure on her guts – and, indeed, even her prostate, all the way down where it would always be – was more than enough to make up for it.

She felt the pleasure building. Penthesilea felt the stomach growing tighter. “Ow, ow...!” At last, the Amazon Queen was brought to the pain. The squeezing, crushing tightness strained her bones.

Ivory kept stroking. She bit her lip; she could feel her cock pulsing, her balls and prostate working up another fat load. The tightening stomach only made the level of acids and enzymes rise higher, until at last it was level with Penthesilea’s mouth...

A splat. A snap. With a final, gargling scream sealed away by a hungry roar, Penthesilea met her end in Ivory Stark’s stomach, dealt with like a somewhat stubborn piece of meat. Ivory, meanwhile, reached her climax; the ground before her painted with white ropes, the seed of life wasted as a life brought back perished. A breath, and another, in the afterglow.

Then, Ivory pulled her pants back up, and released her sloshing gut. She was no less erect, but at least the immediate need had been eased. She just hoped it would last long enough for her to get back to Saber. She teased poor Ivory with those denim shorts one too many a time~

And so, as the black belt made her way back to her familiar home, her belly got rounder, softer; and just above her navel began to form the lines and colors of a tattoo in the form of the Amazon Queen, a final seal, which declared that for such a humiliating death, the Throne of Heroes would be forever more closed to her~


Hey hey! Sorry it's been taking me so long to get these write-ups done. They're still not all done, but this one has been sitting around for a while and I figured I've gotta throw at least something at y'all when you're expecting.

So, yeah! We've got Ivory pred, at long last! And in this installment, I decided she should gobble up a fellow muscular lass, which happened to be Fate's own Penthesilea. Not out of any particular spite towards her, I just figured I've gotta bully people besides Mordred in that verse.

As usual, this was done by the talented  Ecchipandaa! I like the idea of Ivory getting all riled up and horny after eating someone, corrupted over time by Ittsu's lewd shenanigans~ Not much else to say beyond that! Ecchi did a good job with the first vore image out there of this lovely intersex woman!

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Posted by linthia 3 weeks ago Report

Good story for a good drawing with a handsome pred, wouldn't mind ending up in her belly too~

[ Reply ]


Posted by ItsSongxing 3 weeks ago Report

Glad you like her~ Just be warned, those muscles kept a Servant from moving around, so...You'll probably not get to get off in there~

[ Reply ]


Posted by Smasherfan69 3 weeks ago Report

RIP Amazones CEO

[ Reply ]


Posted by ItsSongxing 3 weeks ago Report

Too tasty for this world

[ Reply ]


Posted by boomerangfish 2 weeks ago Report

The final line really gets me, holy shit. I wanna see that.

[ Reply ]


Posted by ItsSongxing 2 weeks ago Report

The tattooification, the locking out from the Throne of Heroes, or both~?

[ Reply ]


Posted by boomerangfish 2 weeks ago Report

The tattoo mostly!!

[ Reply ]