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Helpful By Kiyoa -- Report

Commissioned by totally Random; thier OC Verlie (I think) has managed to help a bunch of lost travelers find a nice warm place they can stay while they recover. And she's so nice, for sure she'll let them stick around as long as they'd like to!

What a helpful deer <3

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Posted by Elle 8 months ago Report

Or perhaps she'll just let them stick around as long as SHE wants them to! =P


Posted by Kiyoa 8 months ago Report

heh, indeed.


Posted by threk 8 months ago Report

Verlie the cervine centaur has managed to help a bunch of lost travellers find a nice warm place they can stay while they recover. She'd found the delici- uh, dear morsels huddled together in a clearing with no clothes on, obviously a couple in dire straits, and with hypothermia being a real risk she stealthily drew closer until in a swift gulp, one had been swiftly gulped down and lodged in her humanoid stomach.

When she looked down again, the other two were making a hasty retreat, but didn't have nearly the speed that Verlie did; the second girl re-joined her companion before her weight forced the first girl deeper into the quadruped's gut, before the third unfortunate snack did the same to her, leaving two of them hanging pendulously in the second stomach.

Emma, Grace and Vivian weren't exactly thankful for this "rescue". They'd been out camping and in the privacy of the woods on honestly quite a warm day, they'd got a bit frisky, and Viv had been so close that her head was almost buzzing when a moist darkness had descended. Now stewing in the confines of the centaur's lower half and pinned against her lover, regaining the ability to string two coherent thoughts together was a lost cause as the walls firmly wadded the pair into a ball like a legion of trained masseurs, and questing fingers slid between her legs to work on finishing what Emma had started. Grace’s perfect rear slid into view in the red-tinted gloom and the smell of arousal penetrated her sex-clouded brain. Grace’s face was pressing out through the side of the stomach and she yelped as she felt fingers enter her, but struggled to get a word out through the smothering flesh before a tongue made her close her eyes and stop trying.

"Don't worry girls," said the quadruped with a hint of humour in her voice, "I can't imagine how you three ended up stripped naked in the wild like that, but I'll keep you nice and cosy so you don't die of cold."
"Cold?!" Emma exclaimed from just beneath Verlie's bosom, "it's not even slightly cold! And we have clothes!" Trotting back through the clearing, none of the girls saw the deer’s hind-leg absent-mindedly kick a pile of fabric into the undergrowth.
"Hmm, can't say I caught that dear, but don't worry, I'll find somewhere safe to drop you off," she smirked, walking deeper into the forest, away from both their phones and civilisation in general, "and then once you've warmed up I'll let you out,"
"No! Let us out, NOW! Where are you taking u-HEEK!" Emma's protests ended with a shriek as strong hands groped her breasts and bore down on her pussy,
"Now now, calm down, you should really take a page out of your friends’ book and enjoy this, you know; I’ve been told my insides are VERY comfortable,”
Emma tried to squirm away from Verlie’s molestations, but she was held fast beneath the muscles, and was defenceless before the talented fingers. Truth to be told, she had been enjoying herself with her girlfriends too before being swallowed. The adrenaline had done nothing to dampen that fire, and soon her complaints were interrupted by whimpers and strained curses to match the lewd moans coming from below her.

“Told you,” said Verlie. She's so nice! Of course she’d let them out if they asked, but she couldn’t hear the girls very well through the layers of flesh and if there was a loud slosh or gurgle that blocked out other sounds for a moment, she could hardly be blamed. These gut-sluts must be loving it for now though, and she'll let them stick around as long as they'd like!

What a helpful deer <3


Posted by Kiyoa 8 months ago Report

Very nicely done =D


Posted by ifdre 5 months ago Report

Is this official story for this picture?