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November's Challenge 2 (Post-Vore CV) By Amotiger -- Report

Here's a link to the first:

Here's a sequel to last month's story, featuring Amber's journey to get through No Nut November. Funnily enough, I was doing NNN myself as I was writing this... Writing it was HARD (hehe) due to that fact (I managed to win though)! Also hey I finally managed to actually release a story on the day I said I would (and let's hope it stays that way). Hope you all enjoy it, and now I'm off to write next month's story, it's gonna be a big one!

Also I own a Discord server dedicated to cock vore/cock transformation, it has 400+ members! Feel free to join here:

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Posted by SaoYuuki 4 days ago Report

fue >w<


Posted by Ihatehater1994 2 days ago Report

Can you do an alternate story where the girl's friend helps relive the pressure, and accidentally drinks down the boyfriend.


Posted by Amotiger 1 day ago Report

I don't intend on making any variations of this story, though I may explore such a concept in the future.


Posted by Ihatehater1994 2 days ago Report

I did enjoy the sequel though.