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I will say this here. You are all free to do whatever you want with the art I upload here.
You can write stories with them, RP using the art and draw your own characters with them without even asking beforehand.

The only thing I'd like you do is to send me a PM or something so that I know you've used them and then just link my profile in your submission.

As for the stuff I can't upload here, I've made a mega gallery.!3zZRSaRB!SY2ZXnGy89-V-GbnutjaVw

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SpaceHump's Blog - Shota preds. Posted 4 months ago

When looking at my gallery, there is one character I'd absolutely love to get some vore art for. And I think you can guess by looking at the title of this blog: Billy.
But artists for underaged characters is already hard, ad vore to that and the pool of artists shrinks exponentially.

Then we have the artists who draw underaged vore stuff, but they have certain rules or they only draw lolis.

I guess I'm just looking for someone who might want to draw my Billy with a filled gut.

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Posted by Attckheat 4 months ago Report



Posted by Reactorgirl 4 months ago Report

Thank you very much for watching me, SpaceHump (⌒‿‿⌒)ノ━★☆゚✿.♡*・。゚✧❀


Posted by lXlNeMiSiSlXl 4 months ago Report

Thanks for the Watch!~


Posted by Neptune99 4 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch

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Posted by ThatVorreGrill 1 year ago Report

Hi! thanks for the watch :D I'm a big fan of your stuff too!


Posted by TheClockworkBiscuit 1 year ago Report

heya! thanks for watching!!


Posted by dragonjerky 1 year ago Report

Thank you very much for the watch! I really appreciate it!

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Posted by Oligan 1 year ago Report

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You seem like a friendly person ! I wish the same !
Your Laura is adorable, she could get along with my Louka well ~

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Posted by Oligan 1 year ago Report

Thanks you for the watch ! ^-^

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Posted by FallenArt 1 year ago Report

thanks for watch

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Posted by Firstfate 1 year ago Report

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if I only I were rich, with a mansion and a yacht, I would gladly give my support to being the provider for this website and would tell anyone who whined about there being certain content allowed on here to just DEAL WITH IT (put on sunglasses) because while I do not "prefer" to see hard vore, gore, or blood, I don't go on a crusade to have it removed or banned from anywhere... (I just don't look at pictures with gore warnings like a smart person) -_^


Posted by Firstfate 1 year ago Report

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yeah, well I am hoping this gets fixed soon... the ban on underage content has messed up a bunch of my stories... :(

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