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Basic introduction:
Yo! I'm Yuya Sakaki Kin so everyone calls me Yuya! I am a Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V artist and writer who also dabbles in a few other talents such as cosplay and AMV making. I'm also admittedly an Obsessive Counterpartshipper (The ship name for Yuya Sakaki X Yuto From Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-v) You might end up seeing a lot of tomato and eggplants because they are fandom wide reference to the hair color of Yuya and Yuto. I also have an Au from my fanfiction "forced fusion" where Yuya and Yuto have Demon like features(wings, tail and horns. also if you are even slightly interested in my fanfiction, I will provide a link below)
I also have two Oc's Matthew Takahara and Kiseki (I need to draw them more often oops)

Pronouns, sexuality:
This is a bit complex here so hear me out. I am FTM (Female to male) Transgender. I go by He/Him pronouns. I have not had any surgeries done yet, but I am planning to if I can swing it. It is currently impossible for me to pass due to my chest size, so I have not made any true efforts trying to pass until I can get my breast reduction. As far as my sexuality, It narrows down to this really. On a fictional level, I am gay as fucking hell for male characters. (Gay as in, because I identify as male, and I like male characters I am gay for fictional characters, Not as in I am lesbian) But on a real level, I am asexual and Aromantic. there is a term to describe me specifically (Autochorissexual) but it basically narrows down to "If you ain't 2-D, I don't want any D" Lmao

Husbando: Yuya sakaki From Yugioh arc v
Fave ship: Counterpartshipping (Yuya sakaki X yuto from yugioh arc v)
Fave artist(s): My favorite artist is Senmu And I am a huge fan of their Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-Vdoujinshis, My second favorite is Yokai_okiseru.
fave Animal: Frogs
Fave pokemon: Mudkip and swampert (yes i Do leik mudkipz)
Fave meme: Nyan cat
Fave mythical creatures: Ghost and Demons
aesthetic: goth, Creepy, cute, Rainbow, Black , trippy,
specific interests Soul sharing, Secret identity, multiple personality, Selfcest, phantom theifs, dark alter egos, darkness to light,
non vore kinks: Spectrophila, hyper (cock), penises, Mpreg/oviposition, Yaoi, gore, Docking, tail fucking,

Vore preferences/mpreg preferences:
Pred: Forced fusion! yuya sakaki
Prey: Forced fusion!: yuto

NOn fatal/shippy vore (gurgling can be involved (even perfered) as long as non fatal)
Oral vore, navel vore and cock vore my favorite, Also like tail vore, and soul vore, and object vore. and Am very okay with two types of vore at once
Hyper cock
I like willing vore normally, with outlined buldge , i see the vore as some sorta sexual relationship committment where they become part of the other one by living inside of the other for the rest of their lives. some sorta magic protection preventing them from getting digested
i usually perfer nudity when it comes to vore. I do prefer M/M yaoi (not bara)
I perfer Demons/ghosts or demi humans/human But i love me a good monster every once in a while.
Not A fan of hard vore/digestion/non fatal/scat/watersports (any fatal endings)

My ocs:
Matthew takahara:
MY yugioh arc v AU of my otp from the show:
yuya sakaki (forced fusion au)
Yuto (forced fusion au)
(Yuya sakaki and yuto belong to yugioh arc v, i only own the Au and the art)
forced fusion mpreg/spectrophila ref:

Art status:
YOU MAY DRAW MY OCS/AU's, please give credit however, but you dont need to ask me, (i like random gifts/suprises)

I do have commissions (altough im more of a hobby artist)
I dont do requests
i dont RP

twitter [Vore/heavy fetish]:
deviant art:
Ekas portal
heres a link to my fic where my au based off(forced fusion)

HERE IS A GALLERY FULL OF ALL ART I HAVE received FROM people: IF you drew something from me, and something is missing please message me :3

Here is a gallery full of all my edits, videos, and gifs i have done

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