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Soul Snatcher By doomfister -- Report

Brownie had groggily awoken from a food coma bound and gagged. The chocolate-coated mare’s plump body immediately shivering to the caress of medical steel as she sat suspend in some sort of Frankenstein operating theatre. The mare confused as she took in her jarring surroundings as she had expected to awaken in her warm and secure bed, albeit a bit hungover from her fulfilling feast. The earth pony’s belly still gurgling over her pony-sized indulgence, though indigestion was still the least of the mares concerns as she heard the unnerving sounds of gyros shuddering to life as her presence woke some mechanical beast from its slumbering stasis.

From there the mare’s perception of time seemed to slow, her iris trembling to piercing lights of vivid blue that flicker on in seemingly random sequences. The glow of their cyan rays breath-taking as if raw lightning itself was being channelled by some cruel tech god to punish the portly pony for her gluttony. The room growing cold, as if all the embers of life were sucked from the world leaving Brownie to look on in terror as a funnel slowly slipped from the ceiling until it sat but a short distance from her flaring muzzle.

A soft hiss ringing from the copper coil, as if gas was slowly escaping a bottle of cola, as something deep in the infernal machine began to stir. A slow suction dancing over Brownie’s muzzle as a current began to drag towards the peculiar piping as the mare’s fearful eyes focused on the wobbling cone. The mare’s full attention on the erratic movement, as the light show was doing wonders to detract from the alien object crassly clamped to her crotch boobs as if she were a pudgy cow for milking. Brownie trying to cross her legs as muscles tensed to the tune of adrenalin as it urged her to flee, even well the fetters kept her but a captive audience for whatever this machine had in mind for her. the filled-out mare’s thighs clenching, compressing her breasts to the slight spurt of white waters as if the teats had sneezed.

The crackle of electricity filling the room soon, thereafter, drowning the mares impeded breathing as she bordered on hyperventilating, as she choked on a series of stuttering nasal snorts. The mare’s barrel trying to contract, but such efforts were hampered by the partially liquidated remains of her digesting dinner date, leaving just sloshes and crunches of failing bones to join the orchestra of distress filling the dim room. A quiver quaking up Brownie’s back as the situation inside her shifted, and she began to feel floaty, as if there was not enough blood reaching her mile a minute mind. her body going slack, the taste of hot metal in her mouth, the winds of magic shifting around her as she could do nothing but flick her frogs in response.

Unable to feel her back legs, Brownie began to send signals to try and tense unresponsive muscles as a deadening dimness began to cloud her motor functions as if she was suffering a second wind inebriation. The motions doing little but rustling her undercarriage to leak more lactate into the collection jars beneath as if her secretions were nothing more than planned side effect of this exotic bondage. the jiggling mare trying to think of some safe word, as if she was forgetting a vital step of this unexpected BDSM, but none came as a blue aura began to dance from her quavering lips.

The dancing of phantasms coming from her maw like mists over some morbid marsh, as the shimmering steam began to take a faded form of the mare now convulsing on the restraint riddled rack. Milk spurting in geysers from betwixt her legs as the malleable melons shuddered as if they intended to turn their contents into creamy butter, as the flow of chalky fluid sprang from the tantalizing teats. Soft skin flinching Brownie could only look on as the nozzle grew closer, and she felt herself moving forward as her body stayed still in a queer inertia.

The cold pipe meeting her snout, as Brownie began to slide into the rattling ductwork, before she entered a clear cylinder of whining glass. the vessel resonating with a note that caused the teeth to rattle, before the earth pony went wide-eyed as she suffered an out of body experience. Her mind unable to comprehend what she was seeing, as she laid eyes on her own body spasming, as spiritual smog rose from a gaging mouth. The sight reminiscent to a fish slowly suffocating on the shoreline, as the fallible mess that was her failing frame was on full display.

Brownies eyes glazing over as they rolled back in her skull as if the mare was about to faint, as she literally gave up the ghost. Her sphincters loosening as her faculties shut up shop, as her udder gave its last cloudy drizzle as the mares bucking diminished to but a few twitches. Her mascara running Brownie had but a few more seconds to watch her body go into a series of sporadic spasms, before converting fully into a cadaver, before she was whisked off further into the machine.

The mare getting one last look at her body, her belly still bloated with the mare she had savoured the night prior. A skull peeking through her paunchy potbelly, with eyeless sockets looking straight at her as the mare meatball withing was constricted by her devours now convulsing core. It was almost if the cranium was laughing at her, as it peaked through the bulging belly, gormless grin plastered upon the fleshless face. The fermenting female flesh gurgling its last as the stomach shut down and the curdling chyme settled as Brownie unwillingly checked out of her body. The ballgag lodged in Brownie's maw stiffling her death rattle as her body tensed up one last time before falling slack as she had been juiced of all her ectoplasm. The mare’s soul glowing in its new home for a few seconds longer before with the sound of a cistern filling, she was dragged deeper into the piping to leave her husk of a corpse to cool…...


Sometimes Bug needs a power source for one of her little jobs that is off the grid. the way she harnesses such electrical requirements is definitely what most would define as unethical as she finds a soul furnace to be the ideal source for her needs without racking up a painful utility bill.

In this case, Brownie was selected to serve as a short term battery, and after having her life force topped off by a mare-sized meal, she was strapped down and drained like a large lemon. Hopefully, her ectoplasmic essence is sufficient for Bug's needs otherwise another mare or two might go on the rack before the night is up. On the plus side after draining the soul Brownie has left a large stuffed snack for Bug or one of her pets to enjoy once the fireworks are over, though I think the portly earthpony would have prefered to not have her life force ripped from her flailing frame.

A slightly more exotic collab between me and Crazy Water ( ). I hope you guys enjoy it :)

On a side note, say hello to Butter Brownie, another mare in Crazys stable of ocs ;)

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 2 months ago Report

Well I'm sure she didn't need that soul right? She probably didn't enjoy existing anyways


Posted by doomfister 2 months ago Report

She will be fine, a week or two powering Bug's house and the mardy mare might let them reform.


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 2 months ago Report

And I'm sure the experience won't leave her with lasting trauma at all! :)


Posted by doomfister 2 months ago Report

Depends how hard Bug applies the memory eraser XD


Posted by Combat 2 months ago Report



Posted by doomfister 2 months ago Report

Aye look at that light show


Posted by GrimDarkMaresOfPrey 2 months ago Report

Soul vore has too be one of the worst ways of being fired X3 it's perfect~ and I wish we could hear more of this see what happens too the souls.

As for your writing it's very good some of the best and I can't wait too read more of your writings keep em coming :3.


Posted by doomfister 2 months ago Report

Glad you enjoy the lemons, and aye soul vore is definatly exotic, though i have more in the works that will materialize with time, both with this machine and a few stand alone pieces :)